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  1. Hi Chilly Sorry for slow response Thanks for that though all advice greatfully received. I have used some Nichrom ? Bead hanging rod material and as people say it does bend quite a lot Will probably go down the gluing line of thought Cheers
  2. Hi Guys Thank you all for you responses - yes I guess glueing them in after is probably the safest bet but I will explore the nicrhrome wire and look for red poppy items Cheers all very helpful
  3. Hi I am in England and want to make some ceramic roses on metal stalks for mothers day. Can someone tell me what type of metal rods I need and maybe where to get them from ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for that Neil - I am shocked that it is so few firings - elements are pretty expensive aren't they would it be likely that they would have to be all be replaced at once? I think we would probably try to keep the higher firing to a minimum but it still sounds like it might get costly. Cheers
  5. Hi Chilly thanks for that I am looking to switching to the white earthenware that Cromartie sell as it seems to be a better bet for low fire work that we do mostly but wanting to throw a few mugs and bowls (when I can get a little more competent) and not wanting to have the confusion of different clays to reclaim etc. I think it is likely to be similar to the Paint a pot bisque ware we buy from them so should be okay for most of what we want to do but I will look up the Valentines Special fleck too. Thxs
  6. Hi Min thankyou for your reply I think I am understanding it a little better now - so basically if I want to make functional items like mugs or bowls I should bisque fire to 04 as usual but then glaze fire to cone 5 so my glazes would need to be cone 5 glazes. My concerns on firing to cone 5 are simple the wear and tear on the elements as we run a Paint a Pot Studio and only glaze fire the bisque we buy to cone 06 so the kiln has never been taken to the higher temp ranges - it does have a top temp of 1300 ( cone 10 I believe) but everyone I talk to says that higher cone temps hammer the elements. I am assuming that s thin wafer cookie is a small thin disc of clay that has been bisque fired Thanks again for you help
  7. Hi Min thank you for you reply the clay we use is a School buff which is listed at Potclays as a stoneware clay that fires between 1100 and 1200 but we have only ever bisque fired it at cone 04 and then painted with Duncan underglazes and dipped in clear glaze and fired at cone 06 - the people at potclays seemed shocked that we had not had a problem with the glaze not slipping off so I am confused because I thought the school buff was an earthen ware clay in the first place and so am obviously totally muddled. Would like to know if I could still bisque fire it at 04 and then fire to 02 to give it more strength or whether that would be a problem and as it seems to be a stoneware clay anyway is it okay to use it as I have been.
  8. Hi I am a newbie to the community and novice when it comes to ceramics too. So on this topic can I ask what difference it would make to my pots if I bisqued to 03 and then used 06 glazes and tried to fire them to say cone 2 - will this improve the strength of the pot and what effect would it have on the glazes - would they melt off? because they are too hot?
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