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  1. Diana Ferreira

    not my work!

    I am trying to upload an image to a thread ...
  2. Thank you Chris. Working out the sizes, figuring the thickness of each piece, so that they all end up being the same height when stacked and cutting those lids were a real learning curve. While working with glass I had to learn how to take good pictures and edit them. These images were all submitted for a juried exhibition, and I needed to grab the attention of the selector. (I have been shortlisted, so one last hurdle to cross!)
  3. Diana; Interesting work. Great colours. I am always drawn to work that I would never be able to do.


  4. Diana Ferreira

    January 2013

    These are all images of work submitted for a competition. Our brief was to create something with a Memphis/South African feel to it.
  5. I high fire an earthenware clay (slipcasted). I open my top bung at 428F(220C), Front bung open at 392F (200C) and open door at 356F (180C). If I need to inspect a new piece, and I can get to it, I will remove it then. My friend works with porcelain. she opens her top bung at 572F (300C) No issues. Food safe , etc. Oh, and my friend can fire her kiln every 24 hours, should she want ... Quick ramp-up and down.
  6. It is an awesome piece worth exhibiting.
  7. Icar, I really like this. The work, the composition, and even the photo :-)
  8. I really love this one! Will drink tea to use it :-)
  9. Oh I love how it pulls my eyes into believing the squares goes round in the centre. Love it!
  10. Ok, just to confuse you guys :-) I am going to use Celcius as measurement of temperature ... I leave my top bung hole open for a bisque firing till my kiln reaches 600C. this allows all moisture to evaporate, and make sure no damage to my elements. For a glaze firing, I keep it open to about 200C. If I am desperate to unpack a kiln, I will open the top bung at about 220C. And the door bung at about 180C.
  11. Matt, all I can say is WOW. I normally work with a black clay body, but that is awesome. (and I have to build props for some of my work for glaze firings too)
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