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  1. yedrow


    Cone 6 work.
  2. yedrow

    September '13

    Some work I did in September.
  3. If you don't have a reversing switch I think you can make one with a bridge rectifier. Joel.
  4. yedrow

    Teapots drying

    From what I can see of your handles, it looks like you have good control. Joel.
  5. Nice bowls. I love it when people take the motion of the wheel and incorporate it into the work. Joel.
  6. yedrow


    I dig those fish man.
  7. I was wondering that the zinc might be fluxing something when I first saw it, but I to quickly assumed the structures coming out of the trays were testing probes or something put in after the firing. Now, my guess would be that you are growing crystals. I would guess that the narrow tops are from the lower energy level of the early vapor condensation and accretion on I guess a crystal imperfection, then when the material became more energetic the diameter expanded to allow the molecules to order themselves accordingly. The structure has to be light enough to be lifted by the surface tension of the source material. But, that is a very uneducated guess. Beyond that, wow, how cool! Joel.
  8. Lily, I use a chattering tool.
  9. yedrow

    My Work 015.JPG

    Nice work. I need to do something like this. Joel.
  10. It's two pieces. I'm afraid I don't the skillzz to throw a piece that tall with a narrow neck, heh.
  11. yedrow


    Some recent and ongoing work.
  12. yedrow

    chatter 6 1.jpg

    My apologies for the late response. I chattered the bowl and the glaze is Roy/Hesselberth's, Waterfall Brown on a red Laguna clay.
  13. I do not recommend a Pacifica, we have one that is just a few months old and already we've had to replace the pedal and it feels like the bearings are going out. I don't like Brent for production use, but I think it would be a great studio wheel, and I like their kick/electrics. I know two production potters who love their VL Whispers, I personally don't like the RKs. I know one master potter who is pleased with his Bailey. I like the Soldner type of wheel, but they're a bit pricey for the average potter. Creative Industries makes cheap wheels, nuff said. I strongly recommend trying the pedal first. Lots of people talk about power, but if you have a weak pedal you are much more limited than if you can't throw a 50# block of clay. I know a 110# woman who can center a 6# chunk of clay as well as I can, and I'm a stout guy. Precision trumps power IMO. However, if you are planning on centering 15 or 20 pounds, you may want to go for a stronger wheel. If on the other hand you are planning on turning out coffee mugs and pie plates, a responsive pedal is top of the list. I can throw on anything, but a touchy pedal, well, it just makes pottery not fun.
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