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  1. oldlady

    Help to identify

    It is so hard to get folks to understand that kilns are not sturdy construction type equipment or to stop them from trying to pick it up with a forklift!!
  2. oldlady

    Glaze Defect

    it looks like leather, what is the defect in your opinion, malinda?
  3. glad you are doing so well! will miss your level-headed reining in of the wildness when we get carried away. your advice is always spot on and well considered. glad you are going to still be an active member. happy counting as the $ roll in.
  4. yes, there are pitchers around the top of my kitchen cabinets, cream and sugars on the china cabinet, lots of various things in the shelves around the fireplace in the living room and a huge collection of the smaller Windy Meadows houses in two rooms. plus all the things in the kitchen cabinets, the beautiful things my daughter in law called "mismatched dishes". i am considering downsizing and selling some of the ones by potters that collectors know.
  5. oldlady

    Help to identify

    beautiful elements, looks like it has just been sitting around and never used. i would immediately vacuum the element holders and the entire inside of that kiln. it has been moved from where it was to the auction to your place. each move stressed it enough to drop bits of brick inside. take that stuff our carefully, it should never have been put inside. kiln "BRICK" is very soft, not like house builder brick, you can damage it very easily.
  6. oldlady

    Help to identify

    the sitter is only in the black part of the setup. the switches below control the elements in the kiln. the one on the top section controls the element in the top section. looks like the kiln choices are simply on or off. the sitter turns the whole thing off when the heatwork is finished.
  7. sputty, thank you for reviving isaac button! remember seeing the videos years ago and so appropriate today when "work" seems to be a word from the past. someone must have asked him to remove the pipe so we could see his face. i think the reason he kept it in his mouth is that there is nowhere to put it that it would not get covered with clay.
  8. oldlady

    Pricing for An Old Bailey Wheel

    i keep telling people to call bailey. do that when you have a photo to show them and ask about it. see if there are any manuals or other info. cannot understand why people do not ask the source.
  9. oldlady

    Dust collection in studio!

    mark cortright has the best system i have ever seen, though i have not actually been there. "pieced together" is not necessarily bad, just made by a competent individual to suit an individual need. saying custom made sounds better. that is what yours will be when it is finished.
  10. oldlady

    How hot does this kiln get?

    picture unavailable to see.
  11. oldlady

    What are the pitfalls?

    preeta, this is the tool that takes the fat out of the bottom of a thrown bowl while it is still on the wheel. USE THE BIG END.
  12. oldlady

    Not Simon Leach

    looking at where you are on a map of oregon, i have to agree that you are on the very edge of nowhere. could you manage to get away to a weeklong workshop done by one of your favorite handbuilders? oregon is full of potters, surely there is one who would allow you to share a studio for a week so you can at least watch. try putting an ad on the bulletin boards of all of the suppliers in the state.
  13. a potter i know uses a light that shines down with pinpoint accuracy so he knows when the outside edge is correct. nothing in the way of his hands.
  14. have not had to put kiln wash on shelves for so many years that i have lost my original recipe. it only had two ingredients. now that i have new shelves, i have checked my pretty extensive library of books going back to the 1970s and haven't found anything. i have tried to find something posted here but after looking for anything with the words "kiln wash" and "recipe" tons of stuff shows up, none of which are kiln wash recipes. yes, i am old and hate computers but really, it is a simple question. i just can't find a simple answer. who knows, maybe someone has developed a newer recipe that is better? any thoughts???
  15. oldlady

    Not Simon Leach

    yappy, i do not know your age so if this is totally laughable, go ahead and laugh out loud. some schools allow seniors to attend a class without being an actual student who gets a grade. maybe you can find something like this. i think it is called auditing the class, but the brain is on strike tonight. this was written on saturday but i just found it again. second one this week.
  16. oldlady

    Jenkins kilns

    maybe the name has changed. jenken being current, jenkins is old.
  17. you may be the only person to do this so you might be plowing new ground. most casting slip is used by people who want to make exact multiples for sale to the general public. it sounds as though you are making "ART".
  18. as the original poster, i recognize my duty to all of you latecomers to let you know what happened. i washed those shelves in october of 2012. i have done NOTHING with them since except load pots and remove pots. this week i had a long armed neighbor remove the shelf that has been in the bottom since i got the kiln in 2003? or so. i am going to have to raise that shelf since it is getting a little hard to reach all the way down into the kiln to place flat pots and remove them. most of my work is under an inch high so reaching is a problem now. the point is that the bottom shelf was not washed with the recipe given above (by weight) and when i turned it over huge flakes fell off the underside. very old kilnwash. USE THE CALCINED EPK AND A ROLLER. and glazes that do not run. if you glop stuff on thicker than the pot, guess what happens?
  19. you can use anything as a mold if you cover it with pantyhose to prevent sticking. the dollar store has huge sizes and you cannot go wrong getting some.
  20. oldlady

    Older Bailey Slab Roller value?

    looks like does not mean it does. that short table on the feed side tells me it will not back up. only a call to bailey will tell you what you should know. hope you don't break it.
  21. oldlady


    what happened? it isn't fair to leave us without a result.
  22. interesting . bet you cannot find anything because you may be the first to try this idea. slip casting is usually done for multiple perfect castings. sounds like you want to do something artistic. hope you find a way to do this and like the results.
  23. oldlady

    What are the pitfalls?

    could not answer because i was at the show. yes, monday is probably ok since you are west coast and that will allow me some breathing room.

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