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  1. new saggar and obvara pieces

    i phrased that badly. the poster wants to know what terra sig looks like when it is fired. does he put glaze on it? how hot and how to fire? never having done it, i am also curious about its durability. similar to raku?
  2. new saggar and obvara pieces

    lovely results! you have been busy firing so maybe you missed the question about terra sig and what results look like. are any of the pots you have posted done with terra sig and can you say how they were treated and fired?
  3. Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    it seems that you need to resolve the issue of "is it a business or a hobby?"
  4. Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    ask your wife if she were running a restaurant would she keep a chef or short order cook who burned the food? losing a little now could lead to much more in the future?
  5. Dry wood ash on glazes

    dick, do you have a photo you could post?
  6. callie, if you were telling me about the radio vs cable, i do not have cable but i know that i could get lovely classical music on the internet. i do not know how to do that without leaving my computer on all day. that said, i don't mind paying for the electricity to do so but i think i am exposing my computer to possible hacking or malware by leaving it on. am i wrong? ( you realize that i still would rather have my mother's pink radio with the on/off button and a dial to change stations that she got in 1950 or so. oooh, that's right, no FM on it.)
  7. Unusual Questions

    newbie 18, you can get some porcelain as gabby suggested and use Chinet brand paper luncheon plates to form the porcelain into plates. our member, pugaboo tells how to do that. you can use the "search" function on this forum to find out how. it would be nice to hear the results from you.
  8. it would help if you could visit several studios, private ones or school locations to see what is possible. knowing what someone else has and does makes it much easier to decide what to buy and how to equip the studio. do you already have instructors? i would ask them for their input. a city building was constructed here in florida to hold many differing activities. the architectural firm was based in a large city in the north. the pottery studio was placed on the second floor. poor choice. the windows in the studio ran from floor to ceiling facing west. classes were to be held in the evening, imagine the sun striking all that glass and blinding everyone in the space. only one sink, a kitchen model, was placed in a row of kitchen style cabinets. the sink was to be used by about 15 people who all had to clean up at the same time. it was located immediately at the doorway of the only storage space available. can you picture the traffic pattern about 10 minutes before everyone left? nobody bothered asking the instructor about anything at all before it was built. ask several potters for their advice on YOUR particular situation. most potters are generous when it comes to helping out.
  9. Unusual Questions

    the sea urchin shell mold is one that is available in the US. i saw that very thing in a local Paint Your Own Pottery shop up the road last week. of course, it is done in cone 06 earthenware clay. since you insist on porcelain, you might not want that at all but it is only a salt and pepper set. i would think there is very little "danger" in having that in your RV.
  10. laura, neil is our kiln guru. believe him. sorry if i somehow insulted you. a model number is the actual number on the electrical information label usually embossed in metal that identifies the actual technical information, not an advertising term. go ahead and buy the kiln if you like, my suggestion was apparently useless to you.
  11. Glaze or clay effect?!

    Isy, i have been thinking about your asking about a hair dryer and realized i should have included some more info re: heat guns. recently visited some friends at a rec center studio. picked up a Plasti-bat, a plastic batt brand name that was warped so badly that it would not fit on a wheelhead . when i asked about it, several people said that it was warped by using a heat gun on the clay item while it was attached to the bat. a propane torch which has a real flame might cause a problem for a batt as well.
  12. not much info here. would help to have the model number and serial number so someone who DOES know about them would have enough to make a stab at it. photos would help, too. is it on craigslist or something like that? that is a lot of money for something you know nothing about.
  13. Glaze or clay effect?!

    isy, a hair dryer works just fine, just a little more slowly.
  14. oly, if you fire in oxidation to cone 6 and if you really want a burgundy, maroon, raspberry-ish glaze recipe, i have one. it uses Mason stain 6006, deep crimson. don't know if you can get it over there.
  15. today i had things on my workbench i would be happy to let anyone see. hope they all make it through the next steps to finished product. i would be happy if i could capture in the final firing that soft color of the slip. who knows how it will look when it is finished?
  16. lee, i have not really copied your work but it did make me think about going outside the lines again. my trinket tray.
  17. this house in florida is strange. i can get a classical music station from sarasota in the car even when it is parked in front of the house. cannot get it in the house or studio. i could not get it even before i baptized it with blue slip. i listen to weta npr music from DC when i am in west va. i live at the very edge of the listening area and if you TOUCH my radio i will break your finger because i cannot get it back without lots of trouble. late in the day there is a church sponsored station that overwhelms it and requires a lot of adjustment. mostly i like the birds, there is a mockingbird here who is trying out for the opera and doing very well.
  18. Dry wood ash on glazes

    sorry, i met her at a show in the 1980s in new jersey. i think she lived there and her name began with an "M". i think she fired in a tunnel kiln. the pots were beautiful, i remember pots, not so much people.
  19. Judge my pots - 3rd batch

    agree with mark. good luck trying to get more than a few dollars for each planter. there are big ones in the dollar store. try a different shape if you want to sell them.
  20. Centering 50lbs on a VL Whisper?

    pardon me for the interruption. i just cannot imagine needing to throw 50 pounds of clay and firing it in a normal kiln more than once in a career. why the emphasis on size in your decision? maybe you have a business that sells huge planters like the guys in england on youtube. if so, you would also have the space and means to store huge amounts of clay, move wet pots and store them while drying, plus load a huge kiln on a regular basis. if that is your aim, great. otherwise, it seems pointless. am i missing something?
  21. Dry wood ash on glazes

    just a story about ashes. i met a woman who had a number of very different pots with beautiful surfaces. we talked and she explained that they were done with specific ash from specific trees. each one did something in combination with the base glaze that made that pot different from its neighbors on the shelf. she had access to a woodworker who gave her the large sawdust from his workshop and identified it for her. she burned the sawdust and kept the ashes separately. they really were lovely pots. that is dedication to ash glazes.
  22. 1st pots in 30 years

    if you are serious about becoming a full time potter, take some time to read mea rhee's website. she has very valuable information posted there. look for the member GEP on the forum.
  23. florida leaf pots, bowls 024.JPG

    thanks, the actual flowerbed must be 50 feet round. it is on a corner lot and the flowers have spread 6 feet onto the pavement. spectacular when i saw it. cannot remember exactly where it was, by now it must have taken over the whole block.
  24. florida leaf pots, bowls 024.JPG

    From the album 2018 winter work in progress

    while driving through a residential area, i was stopped by the colorful beauty of the overflowing bed of nasturtiums. had to limit the number of leaves since the stem i used was so full of leaves and flowers. too much for clarity.
  25. Graphite drawing on clay

    is there a reason for using graphite instead of underglaze pencils?

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