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  1. Chicken Scratch

    joseph, a thousand years ago i was using a gritty clay. trying to center a huge lump, more than 12 pounds i used the top of a leather boot as a sleeve and centered with my forearm. this was back in the 1970s when everyone wore boots almost to the knee. when the sole wore out i just cut it below the ankle and it worked great. was able to make large bowls with it to start the centering.
  2. congrats, lee! wish i had the nerve and the skills to set up a website. i think i would like to go with wix like rex has done. looks good and i really would like to stop all the schlepping around heavy things for outdoor sales and stay in one place selling pots.
  3. Chicken Scratch

    do you have any skin left on your hands?
  4. Clean Footrings

    ASSUMING YOU ARE A REASONABLY CAREFUL ADULT, READ THIS WITH WITHOUT TELLING ME IT IS DANGEROUS. black dog, i also raw fire and use hot wax. i mean HOT wax, 325 degrees F. that means use a fan to blow away the stinky fumes and work quickly. i work outside in the summer and find that waxing is a job to do in a series. waxing an entire kiln load at a time makes it work like an assembly line. first step is making sure the wax is level so i set up with a 2 foot level on the pan support first and check it occasionally. i use old candles from thrift shops, people donate the oddest things! thrift shops do not want to throw them out so i offer to buy a boxfull, clay box size, for a dollar or two and they are happy to save them for me. do not use the ones with sparkles or "snow"!!! the color of the wax makes it easy to see where it goes when you apply it. naturally, it burns off in the firing. to get a nice, clean line on a foot ring, put the pot down into the wax at an angle and rotate it to cover the entire thing. if your wax is hot enough this takes a second or so. check the depth as you use it up and add another candle or part of one. THEN WAIT UNTIL IT IS HOT AGAIN! if not, the wax will act like a crawling glaze. if you remove it quickly, you will have a thickish wax covering, if you wait a little longer, the color disappears and the wax just looks dark. this is very HOT so be careful. wipe the excess on the edge of the pan so the wax runs back into the pan, then put the pot upside down on a rack to dry. even in the sun, it only takes a few minutes to dry and cool off. very rarely a little drip occurs but the wax dries so fast that it is usually on the surface and can be flicked away in a minute or so. keep a brush, a narrow 50 cent chip brush resting on the edge of the pan so it stays hot. use this if you need to make a straight line or fill in a foot ring that is shallow. the photo below shows my previous setup with the wax cooled after working. the blue tiles raise the bottom high enough so i can dip things without too much worry about hitting the sides of the VERY HOT pan. i now have a longer, shallower pan that allows me to put long trays in it. no tiles required.
  5. oh good! somehow after reading this when it came out first it got lost and i could not find it. (*&%$ DIFFICULT website!) it was too cold out here on the porch to find it but now that it is warm, here it comes again. now i can say congratulations to both mark and callie, cannot wait to get a copy to read!
  6. Artspeak

    thanks for sharing! how many did you make? these two are really special! size would be nice to know.
  7. ron, just read all this and realized you have not been advised that pottery plaster comes in 50 pound bags. and it dies after 6 months so find out the date your supplier got it and use it all up asap. there is really no way to hold onto it. make a damp box with the leftover if there is any. if someone tries to sell you a smaller amount, do not take it. no telling how long it has been around. plaster is cheap and you can always fill small styrofoam cups with any excess. they can be made into press molds with some carving into the surface. something to do inside in awful weather.
  8. thank you, sputty. alan caiger-smith is the only potter i missed when i made two trips to england in 2002 and 2003. (british airways, PLEASE bring back those $99 special fares for odd times of year flights!) have always admired the brushwork and skill shown.
  9. signed up for two classes from Score. etsy and instagram whatever they are. success will be staying for the whole class and understanding parts of it. preston, old is asking for a pint of cole slaw at the deli and being told the server did not know how much that was, what size container did i want.
  10. i gladly answer to the term "elderly", especially when it gets me a discount!
  11. Dragons think pop up shows are good!

    WOW! your community has the right idea!
  12. Carving into clay

    preeta, the REAL ball stylus design comes in many sizes. i use them all, the smallest for signing my work and the largest to make my dragonfly body. they are really inexpensive and last almost forever. if you put different colors on the wood handles, you can spot the one you want quickly. gabby, sorry, i am used to talking about "carving" when i am actually referring to your idea of a line drawing, not an actual layered removal of clay. knowing you do not want to add clay makes me unsure of your basic idea. somewhere in my gallery is a photo of a bowl with roses on it, they were added to the surface and then carved.
  13. Shipping season really?

    if there is a pet store near you, check out the styrofoam boxes that the tropical fish come in. they are free and if the store is a popular one, they get several a week. very strong and the fish come inside a plastic bag so there is no fishy smell in the styrofoam. you are saving the store money when you ask for and take their otherwise expensive trash. and do not forget the auto body shops and their sheet foam. and the bakeries with their icing buckets for glaze. they are usually grateful and will hold things for you to pick up if it is only a day or so. keep those contacts happy and you will never spend money on packing materials again.
  14. dick is right, i was taught at a workshop to run a fingernail under the edge of the clay on a glass mold to release the edge and allow shrinkage. the glass mold had WD-40 brushed all over it to prevent clay from sticking. do not use WD-40 with plaster but do release the edges. at some point you can slide the clay all over the mold and remove it once the edges stiffen enough to lift without tearing. flip the whole thing over onto a clean bat if you can handle the weight. (people wonder why i have 7 totally bitten fingernails and 3 longish ones.)
  15. Carving into clay

    preeta, if you use a ball stylus to draw with you will not get burrs. no need for plastic wrap at all.
  16. Carving into clay

    look for a 1970's book by charles counts titled pottery workshop. it shows what you want to know in simple steps. your local library can probably get a copy for you if you ask.
  17. Kick wheel of unknown origin

    just a question, why do you want to remove the head that is there? your original post does not suggest that it has a problem of wobbling or anything else so why fix what aint't broke? if you just want a flat metal head why not buy one, have a machine shop set it in place, center and attach it right on top of the one that is there? it sounds like trying to remove the one you have will cause much more trouble than it would be worth.
  18. Old Kiln/New Potter

    maybe stupid but here goes. i had a friend who had a kiln like this one, maybe not down to the exact model. she had a metal roof installed just above it about 8 feet high with a slight angle upward away from the house to direct heat away from the brick wall of her house. when she broke her arm, i loaded it for her. never had done anything with gas before but i knew the flame needed a path so i staggered the half shelves and sort of spiraled them as i stacked the pots. she said it was the best firing ever. just beginner's luck. she fired that kiln for her entire long career, her only worry that bugs could get in and make those clay nests that would block the gas lines. do not know how she prevented that from happening but she had a cover of some kind over the burners. genboomxer, do you live where those wasps make mud nests?
  19. Chicken Scratch

    gallery photos were unlimited, it was the ones included in a post that had a limit. do not know ANYTHING about this new stuff!
  20. Chicken Scratch

    joel, the website has a limit on the number of something or others that pictures eat up. that is why marcia selsor uses tiny pictures, usually smaller than a thumbnail. at some point the website will refuse to allow another picture. i found this out last year and discovered that the limit is for a calendar year. so, if you reach that limit and wait a few days, you can post another one. OR, just become a new member with the same name and the number 2. that way you get a whole new clean slate.
  21. Audrey porcelain

    nicky, i think the teacher was trying to explain more than you were ready for. if you can contact that teacher and ask if you got it wrong, perhaps you will find out more. do not stop asking questions until you are sure you understand the process and the reason. if it doesn't sound logical keep asking "why?".
  22. roberta, that is where i got mine. there are 5 shown in the ad but you only get the one size, 00. the auto parts store is a dollar less and they have a choice of sizes. edit.. i took back the small one i bought at the parts store and ordered the biggest one they have, about 3/4 inch wide. it was $2 more and well worth it.
  23. ron, well, my package arrived and you are right, i got one tiny 00 brush, the exact kind i got at the local retail auto parts store. so, i will return the unused one to the auto parts store and ask for a larger one so i have 2 sizes. bad ad for the online brush. BTW it took all day for me to find this post. HATE this people directed website. had to find it by going to joseph f and searching his entries back to this topic. searching "fine line" did not work and i could not remember who else had a comment.
  24. Audrey porcelain

    nicky, you have been taught something i have never heard of. my immediate response is "why do i do this?". three questions, what is the "rough" side of a sponge, what is the reason for wiping with water and vinegar mixed and when are you supposed to do this wiping? there are times to do something similar but not at the stage you are talking about. if the firing is to a low bisque temperature, why would you not stack items? assuming the lower item can bear the weight of the top one(s).
  25. ah................ shared studios present their own problems. are you able to talk to the person who loads and fires the kilns? if you discuss your needs with him/her and offer to make small test items, you can try lots of things. the things you make are tests so will be small to fit in the corners of the kilns. if you make the same shape repeatedly and label each one with a number, you can keep records of what exactly you have done and your expectations. yes, it is a nuisance to write everything down but if you are interested in learning more each time you make something it is the only way. bumbling along making the same simple item you have done over and over will not satisfy you in the long run. the field is so large, the ocean, in effect, that you can only get your toes wet unless you learn to swim.

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