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  1. Put a glaze test in a friend's gas kiln on Friday. I am loading my kiln on Tues.Her kiln unloads on Thurs. I see a problem.

  2. Took the hammer to a bunch of runny glazed mugs. Felt great!

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Now the shards are for a beautiful mosaic!

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Omg I LOVE doing that! It's such great therapy. :D

    3. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      I just gave away some shards for a gardener who wanted to try discouraging moles by mixing them into the soil near his roses.

  3. Currently glazing 83 mugs. BORING!

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    2. Babs


      put on your music! May change your onglaze patterns!

    3. Pres


      Cut the tape in different widths and lengths and dip away!

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      You should try it barefooted-less boring with cold toes

  4. Back from NCECA.Some great people,great memories.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      thanks again for your help in packing up the juried show. Wish we had had some more time to visit.


  5. But from NCECA. Back teaching. Some great memories.

  6. But from NCECA. Back teaching. Some great memories.

  7. On my way to NCECA,baby.Look for a guy with a big smile on his face!

    1. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      We want reports and pictures of all your fun!

    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      I met with the big smile!

    3. Pres


      Hung out with the big smile most of the week, and I have one now also!

  8. Off the blog for two weeks. I sent my Mac to the Mechanic. Then forgot my password.

    1. alabama


      Hint: It's "password".

    2. Denice


      Oh No! A dreaded senior moment. I can say this since were the same age.

    3. Babs


      its ceramicartsdaily!

      What a sick MAc??

  9. Dumped an entire 5 gallon pail of glaze on the floor. Scraping glaze today. Whoo hoo!

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    2. Crusty


      Well you help me with my 30 mug handles and ill help you Scrape up the mess you have. Deal?

    3. Denice


      This would be one of the few times I would use a curse word. You know which one I'm talking about.

    4. anthony


      I drooped a jar of the deepest and darkest glaze all over the carpet in my friend's retail shop. Scraped and cleaned like crazy with limited success. She took it in stride, but i felt horrible.

  10. Back from Cuba! Brrrr. I'm cold!

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    2. Babs


      Gotta change outta the shorts!

    3. Joseph Fireborn
    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Hope you took some great pics of local ceramics!

  11. Gone to Cuba for a week.

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    2. Babs


      Soak in the warmth!

      Drink some MArgueritas

    3. ChenowethArts
    4. Dale pots

      Dale pots

      Did you box up some of that warm weather to bring home with you? Seriously thou do they have any clay deposits on the island? Hope you had a great trip.

  12. Moving back towards the dark, after the start of fall..

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    2. Min


      You have to be a brave soul to live in Winnipeg!

    3. Pres


      Brrrrrr! keep the back door in Canada closed!

    4. Benzine


      Days are noticeably shorter, here in the Midwest. The sun burns a hole in my head, driving to work, this time of year. Just not up far enough to use my sun visor...

  13. Moving back towards the light.

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Light is always better than darkness. Welcome back....

    2. TJR


      Dec.21 shortest day of the year. I always feel better moving away from the darkness, even though we put up lots of Christmas lights.


  14. I like your colours. Put some more images up in the gallery. Nice work.


  15. TJR


    I'll be thinking about you during this tornado season.Good luck and take care.


  16. TJR

    If you are spelling colour with a "u", you have to be either a Brit or a Canadian.Where are you from? Welcome to the forum.


  17. TJR


    I'd like to see some images of your new Majolica when it comes out. Any chance?


  18. TJR


    The only way I can get those emoticons to work, is to drag and drop them.


  19. TJR


    You were born a year and a day after me! July 13,1953.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Tom Roberts[TJR.]

  20. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself-where you teach, what grades,etc.What part of the country.


  21. Welcome to the forum. I an NOT from Texas!


  22. Diana; Interesting work. Great colours. I am always drawn to work that I would never be able to do.


  23. Love the colours! Keep at it!


  24. Benzine;

    I'm going to put you in as my friend, since we have so much in common as to high school arts education. Tom Roberts, high school art teacher.

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