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  1. Judith B


    Nice clay, what is it?
  2. Sad to hear that the world of ceramics is not exempt from it predators :(. Have a look at @softearth.ceramics on instagram to read about her tragic experience being a potter's apprentice in Copenhagen

    1. Benzine


      The world has its share of bad, or even terrible people and events.  It can be overwhelming,  and discouraging, when we are hearing stories about nothing but.

      However, I believe that there is just as much good, if not more so.  The reason, we don't hear about these kinds of (good) people or events as much, is because they are the norm.  It is expected that people will do the right thing.  It is expected that things will work out for the best.  These things are not news, because they are the everyday. 

      Stories about terrible people and events become news, because they are so different and shocking.  But we need not dwell on them any longer than necessary.  Otherwise we can lose hope, and start to see those terrible things as the new norm, and that is a path we don't want to go down, as a society.

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      That is very true. I think it is important to be aware those people exist though. But yes, there are thankfully a lot of other awesome people in the community!

  3. Updated my website, and will try to take photos of my new pieces soon :) 

  4. Moving from a country to another quite often, I never really considered starting a collection. When I was in Japan and visited some pottery centres there, I found 2 pieces that I decided I would keep with me. If they ever break I will replace them with some other handmade pieces. It makes me incredibly happy to use unique and beautiful pieces but I don't feel the need to have more than what I have now.
  5. I am personally a huge fan of people staying curious and keeping this ability to marvel at things. While sometimes it may feel like too much, as long as the compliments come from a sincere amazement, accepting it without judgement and then trying to share knowledge with them is the most important for me. So many people are jaded or have been shut down in the past, I want to give a space for people to express their admiration.
  6. Went to the annual Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition yesterday, I saw some amazing pieces by some of the most skilled Japanese craftsmen. It was so incredible! I even learnt about 2 new decorating techniques that I'd love to try someday: washizome and nunozome.

  7. I think people mean it as a compliment so I'd take is as it is without thinking too much about it. I guess if you feel uncomfortable you could explain that for you it's more a matter of skill and like Min said, educate them to your views on that. But I wonder if people really see a big difference in those words to start with, or if they use it interchangeably to say they think your work is impressive...
  8. I knew a potter who would mop the studio everyone she glazed, which was one or twice a week since she was spraying the glazes. Also the had a home studio so it just made sense to keep it super clean. The studio I go to here in Tokyo is always super clean, people use slippers or are sometimes barefoot and I like that, even though it means a lot of cleaning everyday. Better not to let anything accumulate too much. That article is so interesting, thank you John!
  9. Found out about this pottery studio in Wellington NZ with a 24 hours access membership. Can't wait to move there in December and get all geeky about ceramics everyday :D

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      How do you get to travel to all these pottery studios all over the world. Must be amazing! Congrats! Have fun in NZ. I have a good friend who lives there. It's an amazing place he says.

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      That's what is amazing with ceramics, you can do it anywhere, so it works really well with me wanting to explore the world :) Thank you I'm really looking forward to that!

  10. I really like the colours and the softness on this one
  11. Judith B

    2016 - 2017

    All those pieces are handbuilt, either through coiling or pinching, no wheel was used
  12. Finally took the time to take photos of my new pieces and upload them on my website. Yay for productive mornings!

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      which were the new pics? I like your cover photo pieces and the spoon design.

    2. Joseph Fireborn
    3. Judith B

      Judith B

      Thank you Marcia! There are 4 new photos at the top of the Ceramics gallery on my website.

      Joseph, here it is judith-b.com :)

  13. Wow I love the shapes and these bright colours, gorgeous! Is it glaze?
  14. Beautiful; I love this series you made, very delicate patterns
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