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  1. Tam U.


    It's supplied as black clay so I didn't have to do anything to it. I glaze the interior and fire to maturity to make it food safe.
  2. Thank you for the welcome, Oldlady. I brush my glazes for now till I learn how to spray. I only have the commercial wax resist with no particular brand and I've only ever used it on bisque ware in the past, which worked well.
  3. Thank you Neil. Does the glaze not stick/absorb on the waxed part or is it simply easier to clean off?
  4. I do single firing for stoneware and porcelain with good results but my glazing process is a little clunky --in that I brush my glazes on because I am yet to experiment with spraying. When I'm glazing greenware I simply wipe off (with a damp sponge) any trickle on unwanted spots but this normally reveals rough surface of the clay, especially if there is grog. So can I apply wax resist or equivalent? Or glaze trickles will get absorbed regardless since the clay is still very much porous? Thank you for your help. -Tam
  5. Tam U.


    It's a black clay with 40% grog , according to my German supplier
  6. Tam U.

    Single Fire AB Porcelain

    First attempt at porcelain. Relieved that the bowl came out okay from single firing; interior glaze only.
  7. Tam U.


    Thank you. According to my supplier it's got 40% grog -- 0.5mm. It was a challenge for me throwing it the first time as I wasn't used to that much grog.
  8. Tam U.


    Pieces waiting to be glazed
  9. Stamping is so satisfying. Have a lovely Tuesday!



  10. Your music selection makes mine feel a little juvenile -- I normally listen to AC/DC and a whole bunch of other rock music. But lately, I've only been listening to a Portuguese language podcast since I'm trying to learn the language.
  11. I'm new to the community. Hello :)

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    2. glazenerd


      Welcome to the machine.

    3. JohnnyK


      Thank you, Tam, for reminding us that a newbie to the Forums is not, necessarily a newbie to the world of ceramics. I visited your website...some interesting wares.

    4. Tam U.

      Tam U.

      Oh my, such kind words! I am doing my best, thank you.

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