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  1. Union pipefitter here _35years X-Ray welder bio Tec hi purity piping and nuclear power plants love working with dirt I also farm 2 3rds of an acre and put out a donation vegetable stand for the community I grow all heirloom tomatoes and vegetables this is where I sell my pottery and concrete leaves I also grow an sell Brugmansia giant Angles Trumpet Flowers Bob
  2. After glazing the greenware should I bisque fire then fire to cone 6? Bob
  3. Brush on greenweare? Apply one leather hard ? Bob
  4. I have about 30 gallons of iron saturate and I am not quite sure how to use it This was given to me by an old potter who retired and I've been trying to dip some pots with it Once it dries it seems to crack and peel off the pots it seems to fall off onto the kiln shelf I've tried going over the pot with a damp sponge then dipping Even if there's a very thin coat it seems to fall off What am I doing wrong I have a lot of this glaze Bob
  5. Here's a little background back in 1992 I took some pottery classes during the wintertime on Saturdays at Rhode Island school of design providence RI for pottery during that time I bought out a pottery studio that's when I got my first kiln brand-name Gare and a Brent pottery whee I played around doing a little bit of pottery for about a year and then I stored everything in my basement and figured when I retired I would get back into it five years ago I retired and I decided to get my hand back in it and I took some lesson after that I had the opportunity to buy a Econo kiln and another wheel made by Laguna My neighbor across the street from me is a retired potter which I did not know until last November end I was able to acquire all this extra equipment from her I also was given 280 gallons of glaze along with 500 pounds of cone 6 clay Bob
  6. Hi everyone I'm a new member on the site and I just wanted to say hello I have been doing pottery for about three years now I have my own studio 2 electric kilns and A pottery wheel Bob
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