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  1. ha ha, yep need to figure that out I posted here a few months ago the day I was going to put wooden shelves up on the wall and you guys convinced me it needed to be a metal rack because it would be within 2 feet of the top and been meaning to pick one up. If I get this little one up on wheels then it is a lot easier to get back in that area and will prob put it against that wall in the pic. At this point we have 100's of those and prob the 50ish we mostly use that sit under/around the kilns they come out of. Thanks for the prompt, I will buy one when I go get the backer board.
  2. perfect! Yeah been buying lots of casters lately. Putting benches and almost all equipment on wheels. Yeah the dolly was trying to toss something together in 5 minutes with that and scrapes, never a smart move. Your suggestion is dead on, thanks. Hey I dont know if they sell them every where but I found the greatest heavy duty plastic 360 degree rolling planter stands years ago at lowes for I think around $10 that fit 5 Gallon buckets perfectly. Bought about 30 of them and use them for glaze buckets and scrap and water buckets. really saves the back.
  3. I am trying to condense space and have 2 med size electric kilns and a small test kiln in between them. My problem is that the small kiln in order to be far enough away from the other 2 sticks out into the room. I want to put it up on wheels so I can push it between the two and then just one side or another when one of the others are firing. The little kiln has the standard metal stand and what I was thinking of doing is just grabbing one of those piano mover carts and put a piece of plywood to make it solid and then metal sheet over the top of that and then the kiln stand and kiln. Will this
  4. Ya know if you like dealing with the 3rd shop then all you have to do is key on finding however many of the amazing ones you need to hit the number you want for cosignment. This group was 1 out of 3 but the next group might be 2 out of three. Also it will prob get easir to identify situations that dont work and as you get used to it less stressful. Mark C has had some great shops for decades and he has mentioned some go south. Nature of the beast. edit: It can be really hard to make a bad situation better and often not worth the effort. Maybe you are not dropping a bad consignment quickl
  5. harsh... ha ha, ya know I have lived in the Bay Area, LA, Seattle, Austin/Houston/Dallas/San Antonio and I can honestly say that the big/small thinkers are everywhere. Sometimes you get 55/45 so one dominates for a while but for all practical purposes I think this country is pretty evenly split with just a 5% swing back and forth. Now notice I stayed away from politics because I didn't say who was big and who was small
  6. nah the wheel is not in storage, The new work table over it is open on both sides and has locking wheels so it just slides out of the way with one hand in either direction. Shouldn't hold anything up at all. We do everything in batches so essentially I setup wood tools to do a few dozen of something. Throw a few dozen, trim a few dozen, glaze a few dozen etc so trying to maximize the amount of work surface for whatever project. The benches are all 2 feet deep and this new one is 4x4 so a nice big surface for setting drying boards coming off the wheel before going into rack/cart and also I exp
  7. also if they had done rolling closures in places that had cases instead of shutting down everything then they could shut down areas that have lots of cases. As it is there is just no will to shut any area back down no matter how bad it is or gets. The national approach might have worked if kept inplace for really long time but they should have known that was not going to be paractical. I think now its going to just revert to hurd immunity. Yeah it affects us all regardless of politics.
  8. I'm in Texas and everyone is certainly acting like nothing ever happened. No one, well almost no one, around here is wearing any face coverings at all and no distancing to speak of other than maybe the check out lines having spaced x's to stand at. My family is having big get together's (without me) and my niece's 3 year old's dance studio had a big outdoor recital (pictures showed like one person with a mask). Local monthly, juried, art show is happening. I went to Lowes and me and a couple of really old employees were the only people I saw wearing anything and the store was packed. Eve
  9. I thought I would post in case anyone else might find the idea useful. Trying to adjust to working out of a 2 1/2 car garage, space is a premium. With weather bad and no place to work while I was trying to put together a new table saw I grabbed some scrap and built a work table over one of the wheels (quick one hour build and see from pic I need to fasten that top corner down better). But worked out pretty nice, I have been eyeballing that wasted space above the wheel for a while. It has locking wheels on it so it can just be slid out of the way when throwing and adds another surface for
  10. Maybe cutting the barrel will help, but might not matter at all. The steel barrel if not fully covered everywhere in insulation will absorb way to much heat and the lack of a lid (with hole) will keep heat from building up properly and the overpowered burners are going to choke it. Unless I am missing something you haven't corrected any of that so cutting the barrel or any other changes seems premature . I think you are going to have to get the kiln right or its just going to keep doing what its doing and stalling out and if you keep trying more stuff without getting the basic setup right it w
  11. Hey way to go, glad you got an electrician out. Burning wires are not good! You do know that the glazed pots can not touch each other at all right?
  12. whoops. That's a wood fire kiln. ignore most of my post but I will leave it up in case you guys consider an old electric one to go inside. I do think though that you guys might want to spend some time working through what kind of pottery b4 you commit.
  13. Why is it so rusted. If the rust is from the moisture coming out of peep holes when firing that's common but if it was left outside in the rain then it might be junk. Old kilns that need a lot of work might not be hard to bring back to life but the cost can add up. I totally get why folks buy old kilns in good shape. The savings is huge and it might last as long as you do but I wouldn't let a kiln pick me I would choose it and me, I'd get one in decent shape if I couldn't afford new. The kiln new or refurbished will last a long time and define how you work and to a certain extent what you make
  14. Can't imagine it's worth messing with. The lid is not attached and the floor is clearly cracked all the way through, doesn't have a kiln sitter and the wiring is wrong. If I wanted a used kiln to mess with I would find one that is better off than this one. You can get decent, larger used kilns with sitters for a few hundred bucks. When is the new one coming?
  15. whoa I didn't realize how attached so many were to their GG. I hope the company doesn't see this thread because those suckers already cost a couple hundred bucks.
  16. Hey good luck! Ya know from everything I read the mask will/may make all the difference. Even if one of your students becomes infected you and everyone else may escape getting it. It's that couple of days that people have it before they get sick that is the problem because they have no idea. Is it possible for you to go to a testing place and get one of the fast test should one of your students get it and avoid the two week closure if you get exposed?
  17. yeah the younger crowd is out in force around here. We ventured out to diner on Wednesday but lack of mask is concerning. In the place we went the server and other people in place didn't have any on. It was slow but the server was chatty and if he had I'm sure we do now. Chance of getting it from someone with a mask on is apparently 3% but goes to 70% without one. We've decided to call ahead from here on out and make sure servers have mask. They seem to be the highest risk. No its not the canton one but I think all/most of these around Texas are going to mostly do the rest of their sched
  18. I hardly ever use it anymore. I like using a foam bat so much more. With sharpie rings at almost every conceivable size it seems so much more convenient but I prob don't make near the number of different forms that need trimming that many of you guys make (A lot of mugs and cups) and trimming is really just a minute or two hit and the GG also seemed to be more likely to cause slight warping for me (my error I am sure) and take more time than it was worth to setup. Ditto with wads of clay. The foam with a light hand to steady just seems to work really well.
  19. Sounds bad. There might be a flip side to this though you didn't hear, or not. Thanks for the rant. I think that every business needs to have clear policies and routines for how a damaged item is dealt with and follow that routine. Etsy requires it and they tilt to customers over vendors and too many complaints will get you thrown off the platform. We sell mostly in person but have shipped from time to time and have never had a problem. Everything is double boxed and heavily wrapped. That seems like the way to go with pottery. Seems like pictures can suffice instead of returns if you can
  20. Hope the shot buys you some time, good luck! Maybe layoff the pottery for a bit and go on some dives instead. Maybe a dive shop instead of car sales though fir that next life. You don't strike me as the new car type so it might be a tough living for you doing that. Bet you could move a new pair of tanks though.
  21. not in Texas. Texas cities and small towns have what they call trading days once a month. The practice dates back to the 1800's where once a month everyone from the countryside came into the city center or county seat from the countryside with whatever they wanted to sell or buy. It was also when the clerks made the rounds to record things sold and such. Many of them are really just big flea markets but some of the ones in areas that have lots of tourist are more upscale and run more like an art fair with a jury in process for local artist. Here where I am they had the may 3rd weekend sho
  22. ya know to us just waiting a year til this is over sounds fine but to a bunch of 20-24 year olds not so much. So many of them would just move on in life and spend the next 20 years saying they are going to go back. This is going to pass and in the mean time they can work on art history and theory.
  23. If you have the dough buy a pugmill mixer and just re-pug it when you have 20-30 pounds. I wouldn't worry too much about it all too much though. I know right now you are trashing a lot of pots but that will taper off as you get better. After about 6 months the amount of re-cycle you have I bet will taper off dramatically. I honestly think if I didn't have a pug mill I would just throw it out before I would spend a lot of time on recycle. I would rather be making stuff than messing around with clay.
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