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  1. Hi Erik,

    Is your business still for sale? 

  2. I couldn't have said it better! I believe that's the most important part to be successful.
  3. I wish you much success! Many people here seem to have a grasp on what it takes to succeed with clay. Pick their brains for as much info as they are willing to give. I don't know about small business loans, but you might approach your bank for a line of credit now while you still make good money and then use it as needed to help your pottery business? Just a thought...
  4. I can relate to this sentiment. I still enjoy clay, but it is a job and I no longer seek it out as a creative outlet anymore. I find other ways to satisfy my creative needs now. I have been blessed to make a decent living off of clay but I no longer do it for pleasure, it is the way I make a living now. The best things are the hours worked and being your own boss. After 25 years I've got it down to a well oiled machine leaving my afternoons free to do as I please. I'm trying to find someone to take over for me now but it will hard to transition to a real job or just retirement after what I'm
  5. Hi Liambesaw, In my case I am speaking of industry specific trade shows. My business is in the pet industry and there are a few large trade shows each year. I Have done the NYC gift show as well. They are basically a place that retailers go to find new products and where manufacturers go to find new stores to sell in. It is strictly a wholesale thing. You do not sell pots at these shows, you take orders to ship out when you return home.
  6. Hi Tumbleweed, i wish you good luck in your endeavor! It is rewarding to run your own business but can be scary at first as you learn and make mistakes that we all inevitably did at the beginning. I'll relate my experiences through the years as I remember them. I've been at this for 25 years. I'm not an authority, just my opinions on what has worked for me . Clay has not made me wealthy, but it has paid for my house, my college and retirement... First and foremost find a design/product that people will buy! It sounds simple but is the most important aspect of your business. T
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