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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, no new topics for the QotW in the pool, so I will pose one once again. I have been renovating the family farmhouse with my sisters and their families. Right now I have a car full of tools that will need to be stored away, but with the rain last night and this morning I am reluctant to get started. However, it got me to thinking about the way I organize tools. I usually have boxes/bags for tools. Small electrical tools go in a red box with a latch, circular saw is in a bag with blades, wrenches, sockets screw drivers in a trifold box, drills, bits, and impact drivers in a bag and so on. This got me to thinking about how I store my ceramic tools. I have cups for brushes, my wheel has a silverware wire basket with dividers where everything is arranged from needle tools in a sponge to ribs in slot, and other tools in slots. This allows me to take all of the tools out and spray them out while still in the container. . cutting down on dust. I also have magnetic strips I use for trimming tools when trimming mounted on the side of my trim splash pan. I used to hang tools with silhouettes painted where the tool went below the hooks. Some handles had to be drilled for that, but most of the wire end tools or the ribbon end tools would just hang easily. Now I have a cabinet of multiple drawers where the ceramics tools, stamps, and others are stored until use. QotW: How do you organize/hang/store your ceramic tools in the shop when using them or storing them? best, Pres
  2. Hi folks, once again it seems the pool of questions is dried up with nothing new offered. Again, I will try to offer a question of interest: How do you prefer to organize your tools for your work areas? I have several work set ups, that I use in the studio. My wedging table does multiple duty and has a few plastic trays that are attached to the front for tools, like the wire cutters and a putty knife for scraping. I also have a shelf underneath that the banding wheel and scale store on. I have a flip down cover that fits tightly over the original surface that is made of plywood to wedge the white clay on, the darker clays on the original concrete surface. I also have two containers stored underneath of magic water. . . one lighter, one darker. I also have a tray near the wall where the table is attached with a brush, and round dowel like rib, and tooth brushes for joining handles and pieces to pots. For throwing, I have a CXC with a stand up square wooden trimming guard that stands in front of the wheel on end. This allows me to set a kitchen wire basket with partitions to hold numerous ribs, stamps and other tools. I also keep a bucket on the wheel tray, and a few most often used tools. When I start trimming, I remove the top kitchen basket, and remove the CXC splash guard to slide the trimming tray in place. On the right of the trimming tray is a magnetic strip where I hand may trimming tools not in use. I also have cabinet next to the wheel with several drawers I can open and retrieve tools or stamping materials as needed. There are many of you out there producing many more pots than I, and have excellent organization skills to set up your work areas. . pass these ideas along! So I will ask once again. . . How do you prefer to organize your tools for your work areas? best, Pres
  3. From the album: Handmade Clay Stamps

    A tails' worth of handmade clay feather stamps.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 All Rights Reserved

  4. franaldea


    From the album: Our Workshop

    my handmade tools!
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