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  1. Going to switch it out to a 30 right now, and if i get the 818, i’ll Switch it to a 40. Thanks guys, so much!
  2. Yikes, Neil. didn’t realize I could have too large of a breaker. even though it’s not within code, can I have a serious issue if I use the 50amp?
  3. Good advice, Bill. I had them install 6-gauge wiring with the 50 amp breaker. So the issue should only be the receptacle. Hoping I can do an easy switch out myself when the time comes.
  4. Big, big question, before I forget: The Skutt 181 has a NEMA 14-30 plug and I have a 14-30 receptacle. I’m looking to eventually upgrade to a new KM-818 kiln, which has a NEMA 6-50 plug. Can I safely use an adapter to allow me to plug in a 6-50 plug to a 14-30 receptacle? It’s a 50 amp breaker, if that makes a difference.
  5. Thanks again to everyone for all of their help. Great advice from all.
  6. THanks, Mark and Steven. You’re both using great logic here, for sure. I’m super impatient, so I want my kiln to cool faster! Lol. If I get the standard Skutt 818, that fires to ^10 but is 2.5”. So i’ll Just use it to fire to ^6, 99% of the time.
  7. I love this forum. Thanks so much, guys. I had no idea that doing ^10 porcelain needed to be done in a reduction atmosphere. I currently use ^6 Coleman porcelain and love it, but I was looking to have the capacity to do ^10. Maybe one day i’ll Get a nice ^10 gas.
  8. Actually, Mark is correct. I wanted to be able to fire ^10 porcelain, but was hoping 2.5 would be enough. Thanks to both for the info!
  9. SUCH good advice from both Neil and Steven. Thank you. I love the idea of firing to ^5 and then a hold (?). And another great idea to get ^10 elements. I haven’t wired it yet, so i’m Quite flexible with the breaker/ amperage. I’m still not convinced that I just don’t pull the trigger on a new Skutt 818-3. I stumbled upon a set of valuable flatware at a thrift store. If I can sell it, I’ll get more than enough to buy that new kiln. ! ! Then I would just keep the 181 for raku. Thanks to everyone for their help! And can someone tell me if I *Have* to have 3” bricks in a ^10 kiln? Or can I get away with the 2.5” brick?
  10. Thanks so much, Arnold. I have to be honest, I saw a Paragon Dragon on Craigslist for $1000 and I almost went for it. But a 75 amp breaker with 4 gauge wire.... gasp! It’s too much for what I need. But what a kiln. And for anyone who may come across this post in the future, here is a great, great video I found that teaches you all about maintaining your kiln, along with how electricity works lol. I needed to learn both of those things. Thanks again.
  11. lol figures. Still, $125 isn’t terrible. Thanks
  12. And does this pack contain enough element to do all three sections or just one section? I can’t tell. It says one in the ad, but i’m Not sure if they consider that one entire unit or not. Thanks
  13. Thanks, Liam. I’m planning on changing out the elements...would I have any issue firing to ^6 if I change them out? Doens’t seem like too huge of a job and seems pretty affordable.. Thanks, Chilly. Yessss, too bad some of them are just straight-up bisque paints. A couple of them are ^05 and the Safari brand is ^5. So i’ll Probably just stick with those and see what happens. Too bad. Do you think a ceramic studio (you know the kind) would want them?
  14. I picked up the kiln and all of the ‘paints’ today. Kiln is so little! I love it. Perfect size for me. I’ll have to pick up some kiln furniture. But honestly not much would fit in there. Here is a pic of the label, as well as a pic of the plug and the outlet that it was attached to. Oh and a pic of about 1/18th of all of the underglazes. There has to be hundreds of them. If they are dried out, can I just use them as watercolors? They seem to all fire to ^5 at least, but I’ll be firing to ^6. Hope that doesn’t make too much of a difference.
  15. Woot woot! Thanks, Neil. You are a huge asset! Thank you. :). I’ll post more photos tomorrow.
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