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Shopping for My First Kiln

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Yappy, the plug/receptacle info is on pages 45-46 of the user manual. The KM818 uses a 6-50 plug and the KM818-30A uses a 6-30.  Make sure you show both of those pages to your electrician - it has other information they will need to know. I have the KM818-30A and it’s terrific! 

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Just an update: 

Ordered the kiln mentioned above, have an electrician coming out this week, told them which plug for the kiln. However, I have not discussed a quote with them yet, I have the feeling they would prefer to bypass that question, show up, install the outlet and stick me with w/e bill. Will be calling them back tomorrow and asking them about that since I should have in the first place. I was just a little too happy about getting hold of someone who wanted to do it, maybe. 

Decided yes it has to go into the metal shed for the following reasons: this allows me to not buy the optional $500 venting system, the shed has double doors and it's usually pretty windy here. No worries about the air temps overheating in there and causing it to shut down: summer temps rarely reach even 75f here, plus shade from hillside/trees, so with the double doors open it should be cool and vented adequately. A venting system would have been nice, but Skutt says it can be retrofitted, so if I find I can't work without it, I can drive the thing back to the shop to have it put on eventually. 

Taking the advice about cement board x2, I'd also like to put a layer of bricks or concrete pavers under the kiln, even for just ornamental reasons if no other. Also the shed is unbearably ugly on the inside and I'd like to dress it up, also not be standing on cement board when I load/unload.  

Welp, just waiting to chat w/ electricians tomorrow again, and 4-6 wks left before the kiln is built. Almost ready to let myself get excited about it, hard to do when vital things are still unfinished. 

Thanks again for all the advice and support. ^_^

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