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  1. Dipping Pots into glaze

    Some pro tips to glazing mugs are to blow the glaze with your mouth right after dipping or pouring at bottom of handle to they get thinner and do not pool (run ) at this trouble spot .
  2. I reached out about a year and half ago to get my work in a natural foods market that was going to open.They gave me an end cap at just the right height. As I found myself wanting to do less road art shows and this seemed like a good idea. That market has worked out very well for mug sales and sponge holders. Today I find myself in 3 markets.This display went up yesterday in my home town co-op.My member is #12 from the 70's so I have some history with these stores. I'm in both of their stores now . One started two weeks ago. I wanted to try some other forms as well as mugs.I make a weekly drop off to all stores (one store has a courier to their other store)so its only one drop for two stores.These are straight wholesale deals. I sent the final price and they took 35% of that. The thing with all grocery stores is all price points end with 9. No matter if its 10.99 or 24.49 its always a 9. On Thursdays I make my rounds like bread delivery truck only with pots. My distant town store shoot me a photo of the display with a whats needed list so I can have it boxed and invoiced for the courier to take to other towns store. I have experimented with pricing at my first store and found the sweet spot for steady sales.I have always offered to buy back any work and this has yet to happen but I know it will in the future when some forms will just be to slow. I then will just take them off the next bill of goods I take them the next week. The store cannot loose. This has been a NEW business for me and since I have been in this pottery business since time began its feels nice and fresh . If you can make a quality line of work and keep enough back stock ready at all times and are dependable this can work out very well in terms of steady dollars The one store sold 19 mugs last week so you can see its adds up fast. This is shift from road dogging it 2000 miles to Arizona art show to a steady stream of weekly or every other week drop offs. I'm driving the pottery van around once a week now and its been good. I thought I had saturated my local markets here but now I really have as i'm inside them now as well as the outside shops.Now lets see how long until i go nuts baking all this bread. The photo is top shelve right sponge holders and soap dishes Main Shelve is feral bowls 5 sizes of mugs-french butterfishes candle holders and salt cellars-thanks to Min.
  3. when I use wadding its always mixed up in a sealed plastic gallon bag. It firm but moldable. never wet, I use it in slat kiln and to retire salt pots in reduction kiln. I use brown shelve pieces in all dimensions to stack the shelves. I have a bunch of small 3/16 advancer pieces and some 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch mullet and carbide pieces . They are all washed and do not stick to posts. I have called them nerds for 4.5 decades and no matter what you call them they are nerds to me. I never use wadding in my weekly reduction or electric firings-I could but its no need as the stacks are solid .
  4. Big kiln firing tonight-little kiln cooling from yesterdays fire.Outlets are moving pots as the season is starting strong.

  5. For me its was my Giffen grip which was under $100 so many decades ago. My second tool is my bison custom made double end trim tool which back then was less than $100 but now its more as I have 3 of them -3 giffens as well-each is set up differently. I had 4 but gave one to an art center. an honorable mention is my mud cutter from mud tools. I use both types a lot .
  6. Bailey Electric Slab Roller

    If you need grip on the bottom board you can buy a few tubes of silicone caulk that fit a caulking gun-you could use a tile trowel which come in different teeth Heights . 3/16 or 1/4 inch apply the silicone ant trowel it with gives it a groved appearance . Make your drive board out of whatever daily uses for their drive boards.They do use mdf for the table tops on there slab rollers so that may use it as drive boards-I'm sure that will tell you.
  7. Bailey Electric Slab Roller

    I have an 30 inch electric Bailey and I never have used any type of drive board-I use slab mats only with the clay in-between them. You can also use canvas. Call Bailey on the drive board as its not something that I have seen. I bought my slab roller about 15 or so years ago -maybe longer? Its a lot newer looking than yours but it was not made to use a drive board . If I needed that I would make it from a two sided piece of hardwood plywood-you could glue a rubber Matt to backside but how about using it without a drive board.
  8. Table Top Slab Roller

    http://slabmat.com/about/ You can call them direct and buy the seconds and trim them down. I did that and have many of them. They work great. I think Bailey makes the best slab rollers but that personal bias .
  9. Help with new (old) wheel please

    I missed that point to the left-I see it now
  10. No freeze here but 6 inches of rain so far this late fall. I love visiting the tropics myself (plan on being there for a month this winter myself) but I really like where we live as does my wife. The spring summer and falls. Now getting out of part of the winter is a plan the old bones really appreciate . Missing a few feet of rain never hurt anyone. I will make a few pots as well in my tropic plan at least for a non profit. Back on topic I plan on leaching some of those built up toxins out of my body by swimming in warmr tropic water -its also good for the bones .
  11. Help with new (old) wheel please

    I can add the label says 5 hp and 240 volts.Lots of power and amp for sure.
  12. Help with new (old) wheel please

    This looks like a made in UK unit? The sign says ground the unit(earth) I'm no help as in my 45 years in clayI have never seen one of these wheels
  13. How about the tropics with an outside studio?
  14. The Starter Wheel

    The pacifica is a way better choice than your other options.