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  1. Updated my website, and will try to take photos of my new pieces soon :) 

    1. Tam U.

      Tam U.

      What a lovely site!

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      thank you! :)

  2. Moving from a country to another quite often, I never really considered starting a collection. When I was in Japan and visited some pottery centres there, I found 2 pieces that I decided I would keep with me. If they ever break I will replace them with some other handmade pieces. It makes me incredibly happy to use unique and beautiful pieces but I don't feel the need to have more than what I have now.
  3. Hello everyone, So I was reading The Ceramics Reader (Livingstone & Petrie) and I stumbled across a very thought-provoking essay, I thought I'd like to hear what you all think about this In the essay, Ceramics and Art Criticism, Janet Koplos makes a few very interesting points 1. The debate about whether ceramics is art is futile since: clay is already present in many museums and galleries, and art is defined by a material, format and treatment of subject so ceramics is not, by its nature, excluded. 2. Ceramics is a very diverse art since it can take any form, and the community needs to learn how to embrace this plurality. Ceramists looking up to other art such as painting or sculpture tend to lose touch with this multiplicity whereas this is a key component of its identity. She writes: "Ceramics is a visual art, although it's not painting, and it's not sculpture. It has its own identity. The position of ceramics today is not a problem. If there's a dilemma, it's that ceramists (...) lust after the perceived status of painting and sculpture." It's hard to summarise it, the essay is captivating. Unfortunately I couldn't find it online. I'd love to hear your thought on this
  4. Judith B

    single firing, cone 6 stoneware

    Do you think so? A potter I was assisting was spraying her glazes on greenware it was pretty thing but we never had any issues. Did you run into any troubles?
  5. Judith B

    PQotW: Week 33

    Yes, it was a collaboration between Chojiro and Sen No Rikyu
  6. Judith B

    single firing, cone 6 stoneware

    I don't know much about the details but when you single fire, you need to fire up to your clay's vitrification temperature. If you throw porcelain, your firing will need to be around 1250°C (or whatever you usually fire at). So earthenware glazes would finitely not withstand such temperature. If you underfire, I guess your glazes might vitrify but the clay won't mature leaving you with a very fragile pieces (especially if the bottom is unglazed and water gets in there as you use your pot) I also wonder if there would me some mismatch in terms of shrinkage rate between your clay and your glazes... But basically single-firing is skipping the bisque firing. So the firing you do should be your regular firing
  7. Judith B

    PQotW: Week 33

    1 - 2 2 - 2 3 - 4 4 - 3 (In Tokyo this year, we had an exhibition on the Tea Ceremony and another one on the Raku family, it was so inspiring and beautiful!)
  8. Hello everyone, The other day at a stunning exhibition in Tokyo I came across the technique of washizome and nunozome, which is painting ceramics using paper or fabric as a medium to transfer the colour onto clay. You can see the process in this video: [Edit, wrong video, see Hantremmer's post below] I have been trying to find the name of this technique in English to no avail. Would any one know how this transfer technique is called?
  9. @Achilles, thank you for sharing your knowledge. What is the difference between Ru ware and Ju ware?
  10. wow that's pretty cool! may I ask how you did that double wall? Did you make the inner and outer pieces separately?
  11. Judith B

    PQotW: Week 31

    1 - 3 2 - ? 3 - 4 (If I may say, the spell in french is Ramequin) 4 - 2
  12. AH sorry I had no idea about this rule but it makes sense reading all your comments. I thought it was interesting how the world of the handmade interacts with other spheres of our lives, especially through events and charities or donations that carry some special meaning. Marcia, your sculpture is very powerful!
  13. are we? I didn't know. Too bad it would have been an interesting topic
  14. I was curious to see if the topic would veer into more political commitment but I guess that was not the the point with this question. Personally, since I don't sell my work as I am still in the process of learning, I can't say I resist in any way, politically & socially speaking but it has always been in te back of my mind. As a maker, how can I make meaningful work? The work of Ayumi Horie is quite inspiring in that regards. Is anyone here trying to have a social or political stance through their work? Or is it something that is not part of the picture?
  15. I'm not sure it'd fly so well ^^ event though I imagine it is quite light
  16. aaw, the chicken cup is really cute!
  17. Judith B

    PQotW: Week 28

    Wow, I have no clue! I'll pass this week and will wait for the answers to educate myself
  18. Need to check it out on my computer. On my phone, the front page is a bit strange, lots of empty space and misalignments. Looks really nice though, good job!
  19. Judith B

    Can I save this mug?

    I think whether you want to repair them, or sell them as seconds depends on what image and reputation you want to build. Every piece you sell will be out there, contributing to your public image. If you're not 100percent satisfied with it, I'd hammer it down. I personally think in the long run, it might work out better to have very high standards, but that's only my opinion. I can't answer on the technical aspect of the refiring, sorry
  20. Judith B

    Weight/size Charts?

    I personally don't weigh my pots, I just trim them until they feel light enough. I do agree that some people will not buy pots that feel too thin and fragile in fear of breaking them so that's a delicate balance. I would stick to what works for you and just listen to your customer's feedback
  21. Yup, this is a plate of Fugu fish
  22. This is a great question, looking forward to the answers! I love reading but when it comes to pottery, I like following potters online or looking through magazine to be exposed to new content as much as possible. Especially to read about exhibition and what is happening in the contemporary world of ceramics As for techniques, I prefer to learn them first hand from someone as a book with pictures can't always convey all the subtleties. I have tried several times to read books on the history of ceramics but often found the writing style to be very academic and somewhat heavy. So I guess I can't really answer this one ^^

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