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  1. I think whether you want to repair them, or sell them as seconds depends on what image and reputation you want to build. Every piece you sell will be out there, contributing to your public image. If you're not 100percent satisfied with it, I'd hammer it down. I personally think in the long run, it might work out better to have very high standards, but that's only my opinion. I can't answer on the technical aspect of the refiring, sorry
  2. I personally don't weigh my pots, I just trim them until they feel light enough. I do agree that some people will not buy pots that feel too thin and fragile in fear of breaking them so that's a delicate balance. I would stick to what works for you and just listen to your customer's feedback
  3. This is a great question, looking forward to the answers! I love reading but when it comes to pottery, I like following potters online or looking through magazine to be exposed to new content as much as possible. Especially to read about exhibition and what is happening in the contemporary world of ceramics As for techniques, I prefer to learn them first hand from someone as a book with pictures can't always convey all the subtleties. I have tried several times to read books on the history of ceramics but often found the writing style to be very academic and somewhat heavy. So I guess I can't really answer this one ^^
  4. ah yes sorry that was the wrong one, apologies! I meant to post the video Hantremmer did, I will edit my post
  5. Hello everyone, The other day at a stunning exhibition in Tokyo I came across the technique of washizome and nunozome, which is painting ceramics using paper or fabric as a medium to transfer the colour onto clay. You can see the process in this video: [Edit, wrong video, see Hantremmer's post below] I have been trying to find the name of this technique in English to no avail. Would any one know how this transfer technique is called?
  6. Is this based on real life experience and disappointments? Donating your litter of kitten sounds like having a productive show though
  7. I am personally a huge fan of people staying curious and keeping this ability to marvel at things. While sometimes it may feel like too much, as long as the compliments come from a sincere amazement, accepting it without judgement and then trying to share knowledge with them is the most important for me. So many people are jaded or have been shut down in the past, I want to give a space for people to express their admiration.
  8. We've had this happen a lot of times at the Paint Your Own ceramics studio I used to work at. We usually would repaint the area and reglaze it and most of the time it was fine. Like Neil said, this shivering is quite common in low-fire. I don't know why it does this but for us, it usually happened when the pieces were quite dirty to start with (people eating chips while painting their pieces ). So maybe making sure your piece is really clean before painting and glazing could help?
  9. Went to the annual Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition yesterday, I saw some amazing pieces by some of the most skilled Japanese craftsmen. It was so incredible! I even learnt about 2 new decorating techniques that I'd love to try someday: washizome and nunozome.

  10. I think people mean it as a compliment so I'd take is as it is without thinking too much about it. I guess if you feel uncomfortable you could explain that for you it's more a matter of skill and like Min said, educate them to your views on that. But I wonder if people really see a big difference in those words to start with, or if they use it interchangeably to say they think your work is impressive...
  11. 1 - 2 ( I wanted to go with 4 at first, but I felt like the stains would be the pigments only, prior to any mixing...? Need to look that up) 2 - 3 3 - 3 4 - 4 (any difference between inlay and mishima? Is Mishima the technique and inlay the added material? Looking forward to the answers of the QotW)
  12. I knew a potter who would mop the studio everyone she glazed, which was one or twice a week since she was spraying the glazes. Also the had a home studio so it just made sense to keep it super clean. The studio I go to here in Tokyo is always super clean, people use slippers or are sometimes barefoot and I like that, even though it means a lot of cleaning everyday. Better not to let anything accumulate too much. That article is so interesting, thank you John!
  13. That's a difficult one this week! 1- 4 (I tried to google it but it looks like there are quite a few different elements that can be used for matte glazes, is this the most common?) 2- 3 3- 4 4- 3
  14. I'd go for the potter camp. I don't mind rain at all, have been hiking and camping under the rain it doesn't bother me. As long as there is a kind of shelter at some point. The beach is nice for sure but I'd rather geek out with clay
  15. Wow very interesting results. I like the softness of the colours on the small round vases, and the texture in the pot at the bottom and centre of the last picture. How many students did you have?
  16. I've seen it a bit too, just wipe and off and keep throwing, it doesn't affect anything really as far as I know
  17. @GEP I wanted to like your post but it looks like we can't like Staff's content. Thank you so much for all the effort the admins have all put in trying to make it work. While I understand adapting might be difficult for some people and I don't want to dismiss their struggles, I also want to take the time to thank you all and appreciate all the hard work and all the things you've been trying to deal with since that transition. Without you we wouldn' be able to connect at all. I saw that some of the complaints had been heard (for example the Like button replaced the icons that some people didn't like) and I appreciate that you try to listen to what the community has to say
  18. Wow I a so impressed, I could never do such a thing myself. Congrats on making it work!
  19. I don't think the new design has changed how people interact on the forum at all and you can see in the activity streams the new comments on posts. Check out Joseph's post he did an amazing job making it really clear
  20. Not entirely sure about the firing technique but: 1 - 3 2 - 4 3 - 2 4 - 1
  21. Ah yes, reclaiming clay. I really hope when I get my own studio I manage at some point to have a pug mill, that would make it so much easier!
  22. I join you on glazing. So many times I have been frustrated with the glazing, that's the step where I screw up most of my pieces. But it's not really because of the process, only because of my lack of skill...
  23. Found out about this pottery studio in Wellington NZ with a 24 hours access membership. Can't wait to move there in December and get all geeky about ceramics everyday :D

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      How do you get to travel to all these pottery studios all over the world. Must be amazing! Congrats! Have fun in NZ. I have a good friend who lives there. It's an amazing place he says.

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      That's what is amazing with ceramics, you can do it anywhere, so it works really well with me wanting to explore the world :) Thank you I'm really looking forward to that!

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