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  1. I knew a potter who would mop the studio everyone she glazed, which was one or twice a week since she was spraying the glazes. Also the had a home studio so it just made sense to keep it super clean. The studio I go to here in Tokyo is always super clean, people use slippers or are sometimes barefoot and I like that, even though it means a lot of cleaning everyday. Better not to let anything accumulate too much. That article is so interesting, thank you John!
  2. Wow I a so impressed, I could never do such a thing myself. Congrats on making it work!
  3. Found out about this pottery studio in Wellington NZ with a 24 hours access membership. Can't wait to move there in December and get all geeky about ceramics everyday :D

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      How do you get to travel to all these pottery studios all over the world. Must be amazing! Congrats! Have fun in NZ. I have a good friend who lives there. It's an amazing place he says.

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      That's what is amazing with ceramics, you can do it anywhere, so it works really well with me wanting to explore the world :) Thank you I'm really looking forward to that!

  4. I really like the colours and the softness on this one
  5. @Joseph F, can you sign using a pencil? I mean one with oxides, or something that will resist the firing? That way you don't have to leave a mark on the clay, it's only on the surface
  6. Judith B

    2016 - 2017

    All those pieces are handbuilt, either through coiling or pinching, no wheel was used
  7. Judith B


    From the album: 2016 - 2017

    © © Judith B

  8. Finally took the time to take photos of my new pieces and upload them on my website. Yay for productive mornings!

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      which were the new pics? I like your cover photo pieces and the spoon design.

    2. Joseph Fireborn
    3. Judith B

      Judith B

      Thank you Marcia! There are 4 new photos at the top of the Ceramics gallery on my website.

      Joseph, here it is judith-b.com :)

  9. Yes, that is a wonderful idea! Like Karenkstudio said, if someone has the knowledge of something and can share it, it helps everyone. I can also think of Lucy Rie.
  10. I personally don't have a major in ceramics but I had to google who were Beatrice Woods and Otto Heino But I don't think that not knowing the major potters makes her a less skilled ceramist. Maybe she is super talented in hand-building?
  11. AH thank you so much Sean and Nerd to share such interesting perspectives! I really like your idea of viewing a piece as art or no depending on the maker's intent. I feel like it allows for a lot more diversity and perspectives, it just opens the field to so many things. Some people when looking at art argue that the intent or explanation sometimes takes away the first emotional encounter with a piece of art, some argue that without an explanation it is impossible to understand. In any situation, as a maker, being able to say: for me, this piece is art, I can tell you all about what i
  12. Yes S. Dean, that is a very good point! Does it mean that you should make your intent known, or should it be up to the viewer? I think with ceramics it can get very tricky to classify (which is why I think the label art/craft is irrelevant anyway) because when people collaborate say, a potter makes a piece and an illustrator paints it. Is it a beautiful functional piece? Or is the whole a unique artwork? Like Picasso did with potters in Vallauris...
  13. Wow that's very interesting. What is the difference for you when you create? Is the thinking process different? Why do you choose to engage in an "art" practice or "non-art" practice?
  14. I love how she reacts to the shapes, feelings, surfaces, colours and impressions! I can imagine how special it'd feel to receive such feedback
  15. Yes I agree and she refers to this diversity many times through her essays. I think while labels can be useful to explain techniques, when it comes to uses or meanings, they can be too confining and restrictive. I think the point she was trying to make is that some people in the ceramic community aspire to be recognised as artists (the endless artist/craftsmen debate) and along the way become snobbish towards other kinds of ceramics. She argues though that this debate is pointless since ceramic is a unique art and made on many kinds of makers and practices and that this is the core of its i
  16. Hello everyone, So I was reading The Ceramics Reader (Livingstone & Petrie) and I stumbled across a very thought-provoking essay, I thought I'd like to hear what you all think about this In the essay, Ceramics and Art Criticism, Janet Koplos makes a few very interesting points 1. The debate about whether ceramics is art is futile since: clay is already present in many museums and galleries, and art is defined by a material, format and treatment of subject so ceramics is not, by its nature, excluded. 2. Ceramics is a very diverse art since it can take any form, and the communit
  17. I'd love it if we could share our opinions on the different essays as we go through! I'm sure it will bring up interesting topics to debate
  18. I just received it, looks very dense but the topics are super interesting
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