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  1. Plaster moulds can be very detailed, you might just have to replace moulds more regularly to keep those details sharp. The shape of the house will probably have to be tweaked to make it easier to take out of the mould. Did you want the mould for the outside shape and texture or inside AND outside? I wonder if is might be easier to cast a textured rectangular shape and then add the windows and frames made in separate moulds?
  2. Judith B


    Nice clay, what is it?
  3. Agreed, I feel at loss when joining a new studio trying to figure out how things work and where things go without disrupting anything! Of the studio I have been so far, only the privately owned would take me through a thorough tour. Community centres and associations have let me use facilities with a very brief welcome session only. I find it quite interesting knowing how much safety hazards there are in pottery studios!
  4. thank you so much for your contribution! I didn't think about having people sign a document but it seems to be a great way to officially acknowledge they have been talked through the rules. There has been some debate amongst our circle of volunteers to recognise prior experience and not put those experienced member through the induction session but I feel like everyone should know how our studio functions. Our studio is pretty much the only one in the city and is really cheap so I think we get lots of people who are "curious" and have no clue you can't just do whatever with clay an
  5. Hi everyone, I recently joined the volunteer circle at my pottery club and there is a need to put in place an "induction" process for new members. The idea is to run them through the safety rules and basic Do's and Don'ts. At the moment, it's pretty crazy what people do, like glazing a bowl and dumping the excess glaze in the sink, pouring wax in the sink, etc. So I was wondering, if you have been member at a pottery club and used their facilities, did you get any kind of crash course when you joined? If not, how did you navigate the different spaces and rules? Tha
  6. Sad to hear that the world of ceramics is not exempt from it predators :(. Have a look at @softearth.ceramics on instagram to read about her tragic experience being a potter's apprentice in Copenhagen

    1. Benzine


      The world has its share of bad, or even terrible people and events.  It can be overwhelming,  and discouraging, when we are hearing stories about nothing but.

      However, I believe that there is just as much good, if not more so.  The reason, we don't hear about these kinds of (good) people or events as much, is because they are the norm.  It is expected that people will do the right thing.  It is expected that things will work out for the best.  These things are not news, because they are the everyday. 

      Stories about terrible people and events become news, because they are so different and shocking.  But we need not dwell on them any longer than necessary.  Otherwise we can lose hope, and start to see those terrible things as the new norm, and that is a path we don't want to go down, as a society.

    2. Judith B

      Judith B

      That is very true. I think it is important to be aware those people exist though. But yes, there are thankfully a lot of other awesome people in the community!

  7. Updated my website, and will try to take photos of my new pieces soon :) 

  8. Moving from a country to another quite often, I never really considered starting a collection. When I was in Japan and visited some pottery centres there, I found 2 pieces that I decided I would keep with me. If they ever break I will replace them with some other handmade pieces. It makes me incredibly happy to use unique and beautiful pieces but I don't feel the need to have more than what I have now.
  9. Do you think so? A potter I was assisting was spraying her glazes on greenware it was pretty thing but we never had any issues. Did you run into any troubles?
  10. Yes, it was a collaboration between Chojiro and Sen No Rikyu
  11. I don't know much about the details but when you single fire, you need to fire up to your clay's vitrification temperature. If you throw porcelain, your firing will need to be around 1250°C (or whatever you usually fire at). So earthenware glazes would finitely not withstand such temperature. If you underfire, I guess your glazes might vitrify but the clay won't mature leaving you with a very fragile pieces (especially if the bottom is unglazed and water gets in there as you use your pot) I also wonder if there would me some mismatch in terms of shrinkage rate between your clay and
  12. 1 - 2 2 - 2 3 - 4 4 - 3 (In Tokyo this year, we had an exhibition on the Tea Ceremony and another one on the Raku family, it was so inspiring and beautiful!)
  13. @Achilles, thank you for sharing your knowledge. What is the difference between Ru ware and Ju ware?
  14. wow that's pretty cool! may I ask how you did that double wall? Did you make the inner and outer pieces separately?
  15. 1 - 3 2 - ? 3 - 4 (If I may say, the spell in french is Ramequin) 4 - 2
  16. I'm not sure it'd fly so well ^^ event though I imagine it is quite light
  17. Need to check it out on my computer. On my phone, the front page is a bit strange, lots of empty space and misalignments. Looks really nice though, good job!
  18. I personally don't weigh my pots, I just trim them until they feel light enough. I do agree that some people will not buy pots that feel too thin and fragile in fear of breaking them so that's a delicate balance. I would stick to what works for you and just listen to your customer's feedback
  19. ah yes sorry that was the wrong one, apologies! I meant to post the video Hantremmer did, I will edit my post
  20. Hello everyone, The other day at a stunning exhibition in Tokyo I came across the technique of washizome and nunozome, which is painting ceramics using paper or fabric as a medium to transfer the colour onto clay. You can see the process in this video: [Edit, wrong video, see Hantremmer's post below] I have been trying to find the name of this technique in English to no avail. Would any one know how this transfer technique is called?
  21. I am personally a huge fan of people staying curious and keeping this ability to marvel at things. While sometimes it may feel like too much, as long as the compliments come from a sincere amazement, accepting it without judgement and then trying to share knowledge with them is the most important for me. So many people are jaded or have been shut down in the past, I want to give a space for people to express their admiration.
  22. We've had this happen a lot of times at the Paint Your Own ceramics studio I used to work at. We usually would repaint the area and reglaze it and most of the time it was fine. Like Neil said, this shivering is quite common in low-fire. I don't know why it does this but for us, it usually happened when the pieces were quite dirty to start with (people eating chips while painting their pieces ). So maybe making sure your piece is really clean before painting and glazing could help?
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