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  1. I personally have always had mixed feelings about crowdfunding. Looks like some people are using it for just about anything and it sometimes look like their business plan is just too shaky for them to be able to grow, so they rely on crowdfunding. For huge investment such as starting new projects or getting new equipment, it could make sense to have people invest in your project, become your patrons. Personally, I haven't supported many people that way for a variety of reason (the main one being not having that much extra money anyway). For pottery I feel like supporting your work by buying your pieces feels more natural to me than making a donation. Then so much time and energy needs to go in advertising the fundraising event or page and getting back to people that I wonder if it's not easier to just sell work?
  2. Agreed for having i against the wall. I like them covered with wood or canvas. Wood dries faster though, Canvas tends to get saturated with water quickly
  3. The place I worked at had about 60 different shades of the Duncan underglaze and a few glazes from Amaco
  4. Welcome to the forum, I recommend you check out this thread about a very similar situation: Hope this helps
  5. Hello Lizzy, welcome to the forum I used to work at such a pottery studio. We had an electric kiln (a Skutt maybe, not entirely sure). All pieces were dipped into clear glaze before firing, then fired at cone 06 if I remember well. I don't know how "mobile" you want this to be but you will need quite a bit of space to store the pieces before and after glazing, as well as after firing. Typically we had people come back 4 days after painting to pick up their pieces. We had to fire the kiln everyday or twice a day, that would be a lot of work for just one person but I guess it depends on the size of the business you want to set up. Also what kind of pieces would people paint on? That is again some extra space you will need.
  6. Yes, I have visited Bizen, Arita and Kanazawa (even though there I saw only pieces in shops, couldn't go to studios). Next stop is Kyoto and the Raku pottery. Too bad for the air quality regulations but I guess that's also a chance to explore other processes. Thank you so much for sharing so much John, I had a feeling you would pitch in on this topic ^^
  7. I think whether they are more interesting is a personal appraisal and I think it depends what you are after. It all comes down to a very different philosophy of making and processes but they both have good and bad points. I wonder if people in Japan who do electric firing still use these local handmade recipes for their glazes or if they have switched to more standardised glazes. I mean, while what you said might be true of traditional japanese ware, I don't know if this is still accurate in the modern ceramics landscape of Japan
  8. @alexanderwilds I used to work with a potter who only did single firings. We would spray the glaze en dry pieces and never had any issues. Isn't applying the glaze on a leather hard piece tricker? I feel like the piece would just fall apart from too much humidity once glazed...
  9. Have you ever had customers changing their minds after seeing the price of the shipping? I'm not surprised it'd cost that much though. Hope you get to enjoy NZ someday
  10. I really like the colours and the softness on this one
  11. @Joseph F, can you sign using a pencil? I mean one with oxides, or something that will resist the firing? That way you don't have to leave a mark on the clay, it's only on the surface
  12. @S. Dean Thank you so much for sharing, I had no idea they were done this way. Found this video filmed at Stoke On Trent that shows the whole process. I wonder though, what do they use for ink? I was very surprised to see they could just wash the paper under water without the ink running off
  13. That's a really good idea, thanks for sharing!
  14. Wow I had no idea about the engraving technique, I will do a bit of research on that
  15. I hope you find time to explore more these new shapes, keep up posted along your journey
  16. 1 - I have no idea 2 - 1 3 - 3 (wanting to create an electric arc sounds really scary to me, I'd probably run away worrying it would explode in my face) 4 - 4
  17. They're both really nice! How big are they once fired? I like the proportions of the first one
  18. Yes so I figured it out , the thing is in the notification settings, I checked "do not notify me". And this works on any new thread I participate in. It didn't change the settings for previous threads but from now on doesn't automatically send email updates. These settings can also be updated on a case by case basis in the "content I follow" section
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    All those pieces are handbuilt, either through coiling or pinching, no wheel was used
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