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    Raku, Barrel and saggar firing. Looking for a pottery surface that creates a "mysterious presence" which the viewer can experience.
  1. Hello- I'm looking for a low fire beaded/crawling type of glaze. This glaze will be raku fired and pretty much a base that can accept any variety of colorants. Anyone care to share something on this order? Thanks for any help!
  2. Chad Jerzak

    Barrel Fired Pots

    Pots which were barrel fired. All work was burnished and sprayed with Terra Sigillata, then fired with mixed hardwoods in a steel barrel along with color carbonates, salts and other organic materials.
  3. Chad Jerzak


    Raku pots I've created.
  4. Yes the slip sure does well. I use a low fire white earthenware slip and burnish it. I am trying, however, to eliminate this step of the process in just having a white body that works for all the processes I currently do. One clay that does it all!
  5. Cool! Funny thing, I was just looking at DPS website today and saw that body on their list of clays. Wonder if they ever ship quantity up to the cities for a group of potters? Might make obtaining some a bit easier. I just don't seem to get down to SF much at all. Might have to make a road trip. I have heard good things about their raku clay. Is the Chad's bod a really white firing body? I do like that name for a clay BTW!
  6. Hello everyone, looking to make the big purchase between either a new Skutt 1227-3, or the comparable L&L easy fire. Like the looks of the element holders on the easy fire. Have always used skutt and have an old 1027-3 from the 80's. Still fires well! Looking for the size upgrade mostly. Planning on really only firing to bisque temps. What to buy? Looking for opinions on either kiln. Price difference is not huge-skutt looks to be cheaper by about 400.00 from the online ceramic supply. What would be the equivalent Paragon kiln? Thanks for any and all advice!
  7. Cool- thanks might have to try it out. I'm hoping to get a recipe eventually that I can have custom mixed by my supplier. I just might have to research something out and go for broke when I find a white body. Wait that' s a bad thing to say when speaking about raku! My goal it to find a body that throws well, good thermal shock and white as snow. I get tired of covering everything with slip even though it gives me what I want-just adds time. Thanks for all replies. Anyone who has a recipe for a clay that might work like this, it's greatly appreciated! Happy new year!
  8. I'd almost always rather be creating pots

  9. Hi- thanks for the reply! Low tooth as in not very course. As you are probably aware- Sometimes raku clays have a tendency to be very groggy and not as fine for the ease of burnishing. This grog is also Tough on trimming tools and more difficult when carving designs at the leathrhard stage. I guess high fire in the respect that I could bring it up to cone 6-10 if it were necessary. Raku clay has to remain not-vitrified from what I understand. Thanks- interested to see what you have!
  10. The most important part of this clay body would be the whiteness and ability to take thermal shock. I've done some things with porcelain and have determined that it's not well suited to alternative firing for many reasons in addition to being wildly expensive. It's nice and white however! Anyone with a good WHITE raku body recipe that is fairly inexpensive to make out there? My local clay supplier makes a decent raku clay, but it's not as white as I need. Their clay also has the occasional lime contamination which shows up months later as white pop outs on the raw black clay. Nice, huh? As of now, I've been covering my forms made from raku clay with 2-3 coats of white slip when leathrhard, then burnishing them. This works well, but adds time and some extra steps in the process. I work with naked raku and barrel firing, and am looking for a do it all clay that fits the bill for alternative firing; white, low tooth, great thermal shock, easy burnishing, fabulous for throwing. It must exist!
  11. Hello- looking for a white clay body that basically does it all in terms of alternative firing techniques. This body would be great for raku. Fire pure white, burnishes well for pit firing with little tooth. High firing with exceptional thermal shock properties and takes glazes/sigillata well. It would be used for raku, saggar and pit firing and could be high fired if one would wish. AND, it would throw excellent and can be used for hand build projects as well. Does this exist? If so, looking for recipes or recommended bodies that fit this description. Ideas and advice greatly appreciated!
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