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Something is wrong with the new software that makes it impossible to post an avatar. 

I suggest to anyone who has an avatar to leave it alone until this issue is repaired. I have been trying for weeks now to get an avatar after trying to upgrade a new one.

I have had little feedback on this except from Bruce so I'm posting this notice here so you leave your avatar alone if you have one.

If anyone can get to the bottom go this please post it here so we know its fixed.

Mark C.

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Guest JBaymore

Bruce fed this feedback into the pipeline.  Admin is aware and is working with the software folks on this.





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Thank you!  I have been trying to set my avatar / profile picture for a few days now, with no luck.  I sent messages to a couple of administrators today, but haven't heard back.


So I am eager to try Judy_in_GA's advice:



Upload the pic you want to use as your avatar to your gallery.  Select that pic then under the options button, select set as photo.


but I can't seem to figure out how to upload a picture to my gallery.  If I choose "My Content" from my account page, then there is a link for "Gallery", but there is an empty table with "No information to show" there, and no way I can see to add a picture.  Any help would be appreciated...

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Beautiful -- thanks!  


For any others having this trouble, "My Gallery" isn't a choice from the account menu until after you've uploaded a photo...  But you can use the "Gallery" menu choice in the green header bar at the top of every page (where the chocies are "Ceramic Arts Daily", "Forums", "Members", and "Gallery", and then off to the right "View New Content").

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