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  1. Here is a post from an AMACO engineer on this subject. and here is the thread it is from....Anyone Use Amaco Potters Choice Saturation Metallic Or Gold?
  2. Here is another Ferro chart from their web site. http://www.ferro.com pottery frits 2008.pdf
  3. I'm one of those lucky people who almost never get sick (fingers crossed), and have happy memories of making mud pies.
  4. From the album: some work

    Night light made with translucent porcelain I've been developing that fires almost to a glass. Fired items come out of the kiln with an appearance similar to fused glass, no glaze necessary. Because of slumping the clay works best with flat items or ones supported during firing.
  5. From what I remember that controller didn't have much memory, so had a limited number of ramps per program. I think candeling or a slow start had to be a separate program, but I could be wrong. A ramp of 204oC looked to fast to me so I never tried it, I haven’t experimented around much with different rates. After a 60min soak at about 80oC, I do the almost 150oC \ hr (300oF) to temp for bisque. There are so many different firing schedules out there from manufacturers and potters, I find it confusing.
  6. Here is a link to the manual, different kiln same manual though. Perfect Fire Operators Manual
  7. From the album: some work

    Slab and press mold construction. Translucent porcelain
  8. Excellent, I like the contrast with the foot ring.
  9. Thank you, I'm glad they look yummy, I only use pure can sugar in the recipe.
  10. From the album: some work

    Plates made from a cone 6 porcelain I've been developing that fires almost to a glass, has to be fired flat or in a mold. colored with Mason stains.
  11. I did a Google image search for climbing cats, I think this is what you are looking for, they are Camark cats made by Camark Pottery. Here is a blogger who did research on it....Those climbing cats
  12. Matt Oz

    Tree lamp day

    Thank you Frederik. I had a photo of a lit lamp, but it wasn't very good, so I posted a new one that's a bit better. One of these days I'm going to have to buy a newer camera.
  13. From the album: some work

    Slab and press mold construction. Translucent porcelain lamp shade.
  14. From the album: some work

    Slab and press mold construction. Translucent porcelain lampshade
  15. I see you have already made pieces every which way. Thanks for the info.
  16. With porcelain, has anyone tried a high fire bisque, than lower fire glaze. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about shrinkage, and have more support options for the glaze fire. I don't know about glaze fit though.
  17. I don't have a pugger, so I don't know how helpful this will be. I take clay that is a little stiff and wedge it with softer clay to get it workable, which I'm sure most potters do (on a side note: I noticed with the clay I use, it needs to set at least a few days or pieces made from it warp). I usually don’t have any problems doing this, but I noticed when I wedged stiffer clay with too soft sticky clay, it would not mix well, and doing this a few times produced a grainy feeling, very unplastic clay body. No amount of wedging or aging helped, the only thing that fixed it was mixing the
  18. Offcenter, I agree, it is difficult to show. I thought your video worked well, movement seems to help. I have not yet used Frost or Ice, but I have done many tests using the same New Zealand kaolin, and as far as I can tell using this clay body with NZ kaolin should be more translucent than them, but only because this clay is so highly fluxed and has lower clay content. It has to be fired in a form, or on something flat, and is actually glassy when mature. Thanks for your question. And thanks Trina
  19. From the album: some work

    Test Plate using experimental porcelain
  20. Oops my bad!. I find that leaving it on cools the kiln faster, but not by a lot.
  21. I also leave mine on with no problems. If everything is set up properly, you are supposed to be able to leave it on the whole time.
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