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  1. Thanks -- so Seattle Pottery, Sheffield Pottery, and Krueger Pottery appear to be on the list. (Just looking for places that ship -- you mention Chicago Pottery Supply, but only for local pickup.)
  2. Hi All -- Somewhere here I came across a post describing which businesses were still shipping clay, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I found myself out of nephylene syenite, which I need for my new favorite glaze, and thought I would share with the group that Bailey Pottery is still shipping (although it is hard to tell from their website -- if you wait long enough, a message scrolls by). Shipping isn't cheap, but what are you going to do... I couldn't decide which was the right forum to post this is in; feel free to move it if you see fit, but I thought perhaps others would like to
  3. Hi All, I threw a few cups yesterday, intending to trim them and turn them into mugs today. But I left them uncovered too long, and now the rims are very dry -- maybe not bone dry, but they've lightened in color, while the bases are approximately leather hard. (I threw on plaster bats, which absorb quite a bit of water, left the cups on them, and forgot to consider that it was a very dry day around here yesterday... Timing is everything...) Anyway, I could just trim them and call them cups, but I'd much prefer to put handles on them, and I like the handles to attach pretty close to
  4. Since we're talking trigger thumb again, I (as the original poster) may as well report in. The hand specialist I saw suggested that cortisone would just be a temporary fix -- 6 months at best -- so I didn't bother with that. He is a surgeon, so naturally advocated the surgery that you had so successfully. But I am surgery-averse, and went with the third option: I wore the custom made hand brace every night, not just for the 8 weeks he had suggested, but for about a year and a half... Also, I very quickly developed trigger thumb in my other hand as well, so I was wearing braces on both hand
  5. Somewhere here I read someone's suggestion that ware fresh from the kiln should be washed before using; is that so? I have always assumed that, having just been heated to beyond 2000 degrees Farenheit, it was as clean as it could ever be... I fire to cone 6, with a kiln vent running throughout the firing and for a number of hours after the kiln shuts off, in case that matters. Thanks in advance.
  6. For what it's worth, I think that's a really good idea. There are lots of creative, smart, and technically savvy people on this forum, and starting a website is cheap... Maybe someone wants to step up and take a stab at it? Get some sort of platform started and then invite people here to give it a try...
  7. I offer "Glaze Craze." The term "paint" your own pottery has always annoyed me -- I think most people are aware that pottery is generally glazed, not painted (even if you brush on the glaze, that's still not painting -- it's glazing). (Of course you can paint pottery, but few of us do, and you wouldn't then expect it to be functional.) I will add that those of us here know that "crazing" is a bad thing, but I don't think the general public will make that connection... Good luck!
  8. All right, I'll volunteer the obvious answer: You should set the prices so that if they sell, you'll be happier to have the money than the pieces. If they're precious to you, then set the prices high, and if you don't care for them much and want to be rid of them, set them low. I doubt anyone can tell you something more specific, but for what it's worth you might get more replies if you figure out how to include the pictures in your post, or at the very least make the links clickable (I had to cut and paste into my browser -- more trouble than you can expect most people to go through).
  9. Mosey -- Thanks for the well-thought-out, excellent advice. I'd love to see your website, if you don't mind sharing a link. (I checked the rules, they include: "In the body of a post, you may include a link to your own website, and other websites. However, the content of the post must not contain a "buy it" message." So it's permitted...) Thanks, and in any event congrats on establishing a thriving business.
  10. I'll add this tip, since I just learned it the hard way: Make sure the GG is not propped up on one of the bat pins. This morning, mine was. Every pot was apparently off center, and I destroyed 4 of them before I figured it out. (Finally I started to suspect that the GG was not centering them properly, and I loaded it up with a glass jar. When that, too, was way off, I was just about ready to take advantage of their 90 day money back guarantee...) Lesson learned!
  11. Benzine -- thanks. I was doing just as you say -- using my hands to get the pot in the center, with the GG as a guide, and only clamping it down when the pot was completely centered. My distortion happened during the trimming. But great advice. And Mark C., thank you, too -- I imagined it would get glopped up eventually; good to hear someone explain the maintenance clearly. Heading out of town on Thursday for a couple of weeks, so I won't have a chance to experiment/practice further for a while, and I'm going to try to avoid touching a computer while I'm away as a matter of good v
  12. Thanks for all the great advice. Lots to try; I will keep at it!
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