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Old Wax Resist Question

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So I bought a quart of a beige colored wax resist about 10 years ago from my local supplier (Portland Pottery in Braintree, Massachusetts); I am just about out (didn't use it for years but it has recently become indispensable...) and of course they no longer sell it and nobody there can tell me what it was (they sold it an unmarked plastic bottle).  I am pretty sure that it is not water soluble, like most wax resists seem to be (at least, I can't wash it off my brushes); I apply it over glazes (to keep the next glaze from sticking), and I like that it is not runny -- it doesn't drip (I fling it on with a brush...).  

So: Anybody have a guess as to what it might be?  If not, a suggestion for a good replacement?

Many thanks.

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I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about the Aftosa wax, other than possibly about the price, or the fact you have to mail order it in some areas.

If it’s not doing the job for whatever reason, the only alternative I could think of that won’t freeze would be soy wax. It melts at a MUCH lower temperature than paraffin or beeswax, so flinging it with a tool shouldn’t be a burn risk the way the other 2 would. I wouldn’t use a brush with any melted products, or at least not ones you want to use for other purposes. 

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