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  1. Heading to San Antonio to teach a workshop. Warmer weather down there.



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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      not many here would understand that!

      Is that C or F?


    3. terrim8


      C but the wind chill dropped it down another 10 degrees of course :(

    4. terrim8


      but on our last day of -20 I tried out the wood skis and they're fast! I had to re-camber them with a clothes steamer and wooden blocks, get pine tar on them then polar kick wax as glide wax! So different that modern xc skis!!!

  2. Admire your work, Kristen. Welcome to the forum. Great article in CM. I need to review my costs to do workshops Haven't raised the rate in years Much food for thought there Neil also has an article in the recent issue on transporting work Good article, Neil! Marcia
  3. Another consideration may be the type pf weekend workshop. For example . 35 years ago, Ruday Autio who was very famous, had a minimum of $1000 per day for demo only. He was a wonderful entertainer while he worked and could easily fill a room of 50-100 attendees. Aside from compensation, does anyone have opinions on demo only type of workshops compared to hands on? I have done both. When I taught for Potter Council events it was usually 4-5 artists demonstrating. Individual sessions held 30-50 people and were repetitive so one could try to schedule all the demos over 2 days. I usually do hands on when teaching alternative firing processes because people bring work to fire. Just interested to hear people's opinions. Marcia
  4. I get a variety of teaching fees. usually I get travel, lodging and food . I am encouraged to bring pieces for sale to help enhance my fees. Get $500/day for a 2 day workshop. If that is too difficult for a struggling group, I can negotiate. I am about to teach a workshop in San Antonio and have been prepping for it for two weeks, wrote a very specific handout so they bring pieces ready to fire in 4 different processes. For a week long class it can also be 1000 for the week. It really depends on what the workshop entails, food and lodging, etc. Marcia
  5. I try not to keep it around but I do stock pile in my finished work basement where my photo setup is located. I have about 5 galleries that I keep stocked. I am having a show with a wood turner next December so I keep a piece for that every so often. The wood turners pots look so much like my clay pots I had to take a close look at one after thinking it looked like mine from across the room.The wood turner came to see me demonstrating last summer at Art in the Beartooth because he saw that our work looks alike. It was an interesting experience. Marcia
  6. I have considered buying Liquid Quatz for my soluble salts pots because I always worry someone will want to pout flowers in them. They claim liquid quartz is food safe and there is a restaurant using saggar fired ware with liquid quartz for their tableware. Which makes me think it would be interesting to fire it and see what it does. I am not sure you can cover Liquid Quartz with a glaze and fire it. You might be able to fire it without a new glaze. Do a test on a raku piece sealed with liquid quartz and see what happens. It could be a glaze, Marcia
  7. I use to use a cup warming coil way back in the 70's Now I fill up a gallon of hot water every morning to take into the studio My studio is close to the kitchen and recently reinsulated the attic and installed a gas shop heater. Last year we had record cold 42 days consecutive days below zero with 72 houses , mine included, losing access to city water because the city pipes froze. I use warm water for throwing and in my cleaning bucket. Marcia
  8. I recently had a problem posting from a new iPad and the forum didn't recognize me as a member. I was already signed in on my laptop. Gave up. I was trying to do this late at night so was on my iPad.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/809416166163809/ this one is Jan 10 the one in Brooklyn, NY Jan 24-26. ^6 Mid range glaze https://johnbrittpottery.com/cone-6-glaze-testing-3-day-hands-on-brooklyn-ny/ Free online course https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=John Britt&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  10. I would like to have read that rant. Having taught in higher ed. I had a list posted on "How to get an "A" in the class. Develop critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity were on the list. Students came to class asking " how do I get an "A", That should tell you what challenges are in teaching. Bottom line is the GPA. Grade Point Average. I retired almost 20 years ago. I hung that list in my classroom during my last 2 years. I taught in 2 more universities after retiring but GPA was always the goal. Not learning. I love teaching workshops. People come to learn something I am offering. That is much more gratifying than "what do I have to do to get an A." Interesting thread.
  11. staying updated on master Classes I posted John Britt's course on Events here. You could follow several FB pages like "ceramics courses workshops worldwide" or follow those people who offer what you are looking for. Read magazines. Ceramic Monthly's April issue list summer workshops. Marcia
  12. I taught University ceramics for 29 years. I agree with Mea (GEP) that it may not be the right choice. If you can find educational training without incurring lifetime debt, great. I would recommend you follow youtubes by the likes of John Britt. Great teacher. Take a workshop from someone offering techniques you want to learn. Ceramics is a life long endeavor for many. It can keep you searching and researching for your entire life. Very gratifying. Best wishes to you.
  13. I believe it is caused by soluble salts in fluxes as Fred pointed out. Solubles migrate on their own. Marcia
  14. My Faux celadons recipe Posted this recipe years ago Selsor Faux Celedon ^6 Oxidation Whiting 18.5 Neph Syen 25.8 EPK 18.8 Silica 31.1 Gerstley B 4.6 total. 98.8 Copper carb 0.3 Mason #6600 Black 0.02
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    These are visuals references for topics from the forums.
  16. I use Liam's method. If it is in a 5 gallon bucket, I use hot water, soak it and as soon as soft enough, I use a jiffy mixer bit on my drill, and grind it up. When I moved back to Montana from Texas a few years ago, I tried to dry up all my glazes before putting them on a truck. Marcia
  17. Pres, first what makes me think "I love this" is usually a good comfortable handle and the texture of a glaze. BUT your comment about keeping bugs out o honey reminded me of a honey pot I saw in a old museum in Pontevedra, Spain. There was a ridge in the shoulder of the pot for water creating a mote . It kept ants out o the honey because they wouldn't cross the water barrier. I thought it was brilliant. I loved the ingenuity of the pot. Marcia
  18. The old original slab mats had no texture on one side. After 15 years or so they got a little brittle. The new ones have a texture that I don't like but are much smoother than anything else. I use them for my large slabs for raku. Marcia
  19. I have had my 30" Bailey slab roller for 17 years.I had one of their first ones in the late 1980s. Then a wider home made one in the late 1990s. The duel rollers work the best IMO. Enjoy your new power tool. Marcia
  20. Upcoming workshop in San Antonio at Roadrunner Ceramics Supply on Jan. 18-19, 2019 Limited to 16 attendees.
  21. I would have said possible stress when trimming. Clay remembers. If the lip is thin compared to the weight of the body, it could have stressed the lip. Marcia
  22. 1 degree F today. Plan to decorate slabs today since they are due at the gallery on Sat. Need to snow blow the path to the kiln shed to unload to unload the kiln.



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