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  1. you can do it with a metal tine and 6 layers of toilet paper around the piece. Match the size of the can to fit the piece if possible. Bisque the piece to Cone 08. Don't fire much hotter than 950F.
  2. I use cobalt sulphate for the base and calcium chloride flakes for the dots.
  3. I use ball clay terra sig. I use a process I learned in Italy from Paola Parenetti. https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/daily/firing-techniques/raku-firing/super-quick-terra-sig-and-horsehair-and-feather-raku/
  4. https://alclayvirtual2021.com/?fbclid=IwAR20mRtcfayzzFnbw-BCQ4igFfyvySAgYPrRStbDyzqNX4ZqdR0sqq9LlOg 7 presenters will give a zoom prerecorded presentation and then be available for live Q and A.
  5. Marc Ward plumbed my burners. 2 tanks per burner. I fire with 2 burners on my large raku kiln. The two tanks share one regulator. No freezing. Inset my regular at 5 lbs pressure maximum. I added a photo I think in the next post. Marcia
  6. experiments in alternative firing techniques, foil saggar firing, Obvara firing, ceramic saggar firing
  7. From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    obvara fired porcelain w/ a sodium silicate crackle surface
  8. I had good sales too. I posted online sales twice and sold out.. I had to ship to both coasts but the sales were great. Marcia
  9. Thanks Pres. Just got it in the mail last week. Its is fun to look at a new pot every month and nice to be included. . Marcia
  10. One of my other teachers, Paula Winokur used porcelain on a large scale but she added Molochite to it. That is a porcelain grog. https://sculpturemagazine.art/paula-winokur-formative-landscapes/
  11. I throw porcelain and I use Coleman's Porcelain from Aardvark. It is a ^10 porcelain but I use it for alternative firing processes. For ^6 porcelain I have been using Lindsay's, Archie Bray Porcelain for ^6 and recently I tried Plainsmen ^6 Ice. It is expensive but I may have to get more because it is translucent and I love carving it. I learned large hand building from Bill Daley when I was in college. He built many large scale commissions using brickyard clay. World of difference from porcelain. He also fired his work at the brick yard on their conveyor kilns. To work very large the c
  12. Hi Marko! Are you using the raku kiln? Nice to see your name out there. Its been a while. Hope you are staying safe down in Texas. I need to shovel snow to get to the kiln shed up here in Montana.
  13. Ball clay and a few drops of Darvon 7. The measurements in the video are off. It is a 591 ml bottle filled 3/4 of the way so it is really a 1/2 liter. for a full liter use 500 grams for 1/2 liter use 250 grams of clay I use copper carb. and salt mixture on a bed of sawdust I add seaweed bits and orange peels wedged in between the wall and pots Raise the pieces out of the combustibles on a piece of kiln shelf or brick. Saggars are not barrel firings and don't need all the combustibles. How are you firing the saggars?
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