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Reclaim Tray / Pottery Plaster or Plaster of Paris?

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2 hours ago, Rick Wise said:

I would like to make a "reclaim bat", i.e. a tray on which I can lay wet clay/slip so that the water absorbs out of it for eventual re-use.  Should I use pottery plaster or plaster of paris?  And why?

Once upon a time, I had the same situation, how to reclaim clay and then dry the clay back to throwing moisture.  I used a set of large red clay flower pot plates, or a large flower pot sitting on a flower pot plate.  These remove water just like plaster, are not as heavy, and are cheap.  And no, the red did not contaminate the white (aka porcelain) reclaim.  


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I made a slab out of POP and one out of  #1 pottery plaster.   Someone gave me the POP,  I have always used #1,  it was one of those I need to use up this POP moments.  I decided to make a slab also the same size out of #1 plaster.   Clay on the POP took forever to absorb into the plaster and after several uses it started to crumble.   I also took longer to dry out.   If someone offered me a bag of POP I would kindly refuse it.   Denice


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