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  1. Works by Jeff and Lisa Ross of Piedmont Pottery
  2. I used one of these for years. Perfectly adequate for non-esoteric firing schedules. The 2 or 3 thermocouple options are only useful if you have 2 or 3 zones that you are controlling separately. I saved my old AF3000 when I got new kilns with Genesis controllers and rewired the power transformer to 115V and changed the output socket to run an ancient Cress kiln that had only a kiln sitter and runs off 115V. Still working great.
  3. While I agree that ^6 clay fired to ^04 would certainly not be functional, I'm not as sure about ^10 fired to ^6. ^04 to ^6 is a difference of 287F, while ^6 to ^10 is only 113F. Also, many nominal ^10 clay bodies will mature adequately over a range of temps. With a well-fitting glaze, leakage should not be a problem. That being said, you really have to test with your glazes and clay bodies in your kiln if you're concerned about functionality.
  4. I'm getting ready to purchase an extruder for the studio. I've been looking at the TA Metalworks extruder, but not sure if I need to go for the stainless steel option, or if I could paint the inside of the barrel and the plunger with something like a spray epoxy paint to inhibit corrosion. Has anyone done this, and if so, how well did it work? I work almost exclusively white stoneware and porcelain. Also, does anyone have experience with the TA Metalworks extruder, and if so, how do you like it? Thanks, Jeff Ross Piedmont Pottery, Inc.
  5. You can also add about 1% minspar 200 to the EPK/calcined EPK/alumina hydrate mix to have it adhere better without flaking.
  6. Actually, cobalt oxide has more cobalt per unit mass than cobalt carbonate. You need roughly 1.5 times as much carbonate as you would oxide for the same amount of cobalt. Neither the carbonate or oxide are soluble in water.
  7. I use these transfer sheets frequently, and they work well with the right toner cartridges. Many HP black and white laser printers use toner cartridges, and as Callie said, MSDS info is available online for the cartridges. One of the ones I'm using is an HP MFP M29W. When looking at the MSDS you wont necessarily see iron or iron oxide listed, e.g., you may see magnetite listed. Do not be tempted to use non OEM toner cartridges unless you can find an MSDS for them. Most of the less expensive generic toner cartridges use carbon and polymers for the toner, which will simply burn off in the
  8. You might want to look at some of the works by Nina Hole, who used to fire quite large sculptural pieces in fiber kilns built around the pieces. You might also want to consider using a lower maturing temperature porcelain, if you're set on porcelain.
  9. I have 3 VL-Whispers and one old Brent B in my studio, I really like the VLs. My oldest is over 15 years old and my newest is just about 1 year old. I've found them to be extremely reliable, and I love how quiet they are compared to the Brents. The lower noise level is especially nice when classes are going and all the wheels are in use at once. Also nice that the wheel turns freely with the motor stopped. The Vl-Whisper may not have has much torque as some of the others, but it can easily center 25 pounds. I have had to order a replacement controller board a number of years ago. It
  10. Congrats CatusPots! Although my wife and I have been making pottery for over 42 years, we've both worked full time, selling our work at farmer's markets, craft fairs, juried shows, online, etc. , on weekends and using vacation days. I retired a year and a half ago to focus on pottery full time. We've now opened a brick and mortar store as of about 2 months ago. We are operating as a combined gallery/gift shop/studio featuring our pottery and jewelry, as well as work by other artists. We are offering classes in pottery making and photography, and we also have slip-cast bisque ware for
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