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  1. I’ve made a few plaster slabs for wedging but one broke because I didn’t let it cure long enough. I also had issues with plaster dust getting into the clay but I’m assuming that’s also because it wasn’t cured long enough or I didn’t sand it enough. Either way can’t beat plaster for reclaim! Makes the job so easy.
  2. Do you find you need to replace the plywood frequently due to peeling?
  3. Awesome thanks guys! If sanding it down doesn’t take care of it I’ll put a piece of solid wood on top or fill it w plaster.
  4. Hey all sorry for late reply. So I called Shimpo and the reason I couldn’t mount it was bc my splash pan has the flat back (it isn’t just round like a donut) so I won’t be able to mount the table until I get a plain round splash pan. Makes sense why I couldn’t figure it out!
  5. Searched around for similar posts and only found one. So I’ve been gifted a large wooden table with a particle board top that I’ve been using for wedging. As of late lots of little bits of the particle board are getting stuck to the clay when I’m rolling out for hand building. They aren’t deeply embedded but deep enough that I’d mess up my pieces if I tried to wash them out. I’m using a sandy buff stoneware from standard ceramic (509). These pieces are going to be a bit more rustic in look so I won’t mind if there are tiny divots after firing, but my main concerns are 1) Will it negatively affect the kiln at all (I use someone else’s) and 2) will it affect how the glaze takes (I can never attach a photo as it always says they are too large...any tips for that as well?) thanks friends!
  6. Will do! I’ll make a video of it once I figure it out and post the link
  7. I can’t figure out how to mount it without the splash pan and still be able to add the splash pan. I’m not ultra handy so I think I’ll just call Shimpo and see if they can explain how to do it
  8. Heres a link to the table. I purchased via clay king though https://www.bigceramicstore.com/shimpo-work-table-large-15-x-44.html?utm_campaign=google_shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Google&gclid=CjwKCAjwm4rqBRBUEiwAwaWjjL7aWlieRIA_06JF-a9yjk08VA-C7tB-jbC2ygf_pAyzQQbuGF_04RoCt1cQAvD_BwE
  9. Hey all. So when I bought my Shimpo wheel I also opted to get the large work table. I haven’t tried installing it until now and I can’t figure out how to do so without it either a)being in the way of the wheel handle or b)being in the way of the splash pan. The only thing I found online related to is it that is it supposed to be compatible with my splash pan (tan one with flat back piece to rest tools etc on) can anyone help me with this? I can’t seem to attach a picture...saying my file is too large.
  10. Hey all, Shimpo is sending me a new wheel. They said there is certainly something wrong with the motor. Really looking forward to seeing how my centering is on the new one to find out if it really was the wheel all along or me still learning how to center properly.
  11. Hey all so just an update. I’ve been in contact with Clay King, who is in contact with Shimpo. I’ve sent Clay King the video as well as a recording of the wheel running without the wheel head or dust cover to show its not the wheel head but must be something internal. Waiting to hear back! Thanks again for all of your help, I’ll keep you guys posted.
  12. I am completely new to owning a wheel and certainly uneducated in installing anything on it. I do have a great teacher who works with her wheels all the time so I could hopefully get her help should I need it.
  13. I got in contact with Clay King today. I sent them the video and they are going to contact Shimpo and get back to me. Hopefully it’s an easy fix and I’ll be production throwing in no time
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