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  1. I just didn’t have enough glaze to do the interior. I might re-fire now with clear on the inside if I can get my hands on some!
  2. I glaze most of my cups and mugs like this with no issues at all so far. Even put them in the dishwasher and so far so good. My question is though, I made some bottles in this manner but did not glaze the inside. Only 3/4 of the outside. I used laguna 50 stoneware fired to cone 6. Is it still foodsafe to be used as say, an olive oil bottle? And will it be vitrified? I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find a straight answer
  3. Hey all, Shimpo is sending me a new wheel. They said there is certainly something wrong with the motor. Really looking forward to seeing how my centering is on the new one to find out if it really was the wheel all along or me still learning how to center properly.
  4. Hey all so just an update. I’ve been in contact with Clay King, who is in contact with Shimpo. I’ve sent Clay King the video as well as a recording of the wheel running without the wheel head or dust cover to show its not the wheel head but must be something internal. Waiting to hear back! Thanks again for all of your help, I’ll keep you guys posted.
  5. I am completely new to owning a wheel and certainly uneducated in installing anything on it. I do have a great teacher who works with her wheels all the time so I could hopefully get her help should I need it.
  6. I got in contact with Clay King today. I sent them the video and they are going to contact Shimpo and get back to me. Hopefully it’s an easy fix and I’ll be production throwing in no time
  7. Could it be an electric problem on my end? My house is old and I’m sure the wires are equally as old.
  8. Could it be an electric problem on my end? My house is old and I’m sure the wires are equally as old.
  9. here is a video of the wheel! (The clanking in the background is my heat so ignore that)
  10. Thank you so much to everyone who has replied to this! I can’t post a video today because the winds are absolutely crazy here in MA and the windows in my studio are constantly rattling. Too loud to show what I need you all to hear. Anyways I’ve been throwing all last night and today and seem to be having better results. I checked the wheel w a level and it is ever so slightly off, but thats because the floor is slightly off too. (I live in a very old house, studio is in the attic essentially) I do find that some of the bats I have are easier to work with than others, but they are all essentially brand new and that super dense cardboard type. Neil, that is really the only way I can describe what I’m feeling. Like the wheel is slightly ‘surging.’ As soon as the winds calm down here and there is some quiet in the studio I will post a video. I’m off to my weekly pottery class now and eager to get back on the wheel I learned on. If I run into the same problems then I guess it’s just me working the kinks out in my beginning stages. Thanks again for all of your quick responses. Happy to be part of this community.
  11. Thanks for your reply Johnny. I’m starting to get that feeling too. The reason I suspected it might be the wheel is because I’ve been doing pottery for about a year (only once a week classes though) and haven’t had this much trouble at class. But nonetheless it is certainly a learning process! I’m going to give the wheel a go pretty much all day tomorrow. If by the end of the day I’m still having issues I’m going to post a video as Mark suggested to see if anyone can trouble shoot. I know Shimpo is known for their quality as well, so I would be rather surprised if something was wrong with a brand new wheel.
  12. Thanks for your reply Marc. I will do that tomorrow when I have some time. I played with it a little more last night and found that if I wedged each lump of clay for 2-3 minutes that I was having a better result, but still not totally perfect. I’ll upload a video of the wheelhead tomorrow as well. Thanks!
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