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QotW: If a workshop were offered at a reasonable distance from you (after we are loose, of course), who would you want as the presenter?

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Hi folks, I have not seen any new topics in the QotW pool, but did receive an anonymous PM asking. . . . . 

If a workshop were offered at a reasonable distance from you (after we are loose, of course), who would you want as the presenter?

Maybe one question to ask would be do you go to workshops or demonstrations? Years ago I went to a John Glick workshop/demo at ART in Chicago. Terrible trip, wonderful demo! I was sick at the time with the flu, and broken a lens in my glasses. I rode the train to Chicago, got into the hotel late at night, and collapsed on the bed before dinner. Next morning, went to the conference feeling better. Sat through the day staying away from folks, totally enthralled doing sketches and writing down ideas, John Glick was fabulous. Next morning went to the art museum, then back on the train to home. I used ideas in my classroom the next few years, making forms of wood in the wood shop, and tried a lot of thrown variations of double plates and bowls along with extrusion ideas.

So I will ask, do you go to workshops/demonstrations, and QotW: If a workshop were offered at a reasonable distance from you (after we are loose, of course), who would you want as the presenter?




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Jerry Marshall, the guy turning out lids offa mound in the You Tube vid.

Bill Van Gilder, because his book, articles, vids and that ancient (1986) cbs interview were (still are) helpful and inspiring - it'd be worth the trip just to thank him;

Hsin-Chuen Lin, also because - his vids so helpful and inspiring and I'd like to just say thank you;

Bunzy Sherman, err, I'm happy to wait a very long time for that ...when I get to meet alla people I miss or never met;

ditto Warren, Ruth, Ziesel, and others.

Someone who is an expert thrower who (somehow, amazing, right?) also clearly recalls the learning process and has the incredible knack of teaching and communicating, oh, and toss in a biting and insightful sense of humor please. ...and I hope the presenter is both small and a woman, just to turn gender bias on its ear, and the big strong thing at the same time. 


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two whose postcards hang in my studio for inspiration are melissa greene, of maine's deer isle and carol gellner levin at the alexandria, va torpedo factory art center.

the fabulous horses of susan greenleaf, who was at the torpedo factory and teaches through their school.

another workshop with both of the colemans, tom and elaine from nevada.  never enough, 100 times would not be enough.

glenn woods, chicago and palm harbor, fl,  shapes, not the gorgeous crystalline glazes.  i'm agog every visit.

kim kirchman, teaches at st. petersburg  college, clearwater,  maybe i can learn to paint!   though i think it is hopeless.

lots of members here whose photos of their work make me drool.  POST MORE PHOTOS, PLEASE!

BTW if anyone wants to visit bill van gilder, come here and i will take you to his gorgeous studio just across the river.    well, if we go over the bridges in a car, it is about 10 miles or so.

lots more, love workshops, love pottery. love learning something new!

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Oddly enough: I would like to spend a day unseen in a corner, watching a newbie throw their first form, open their first kiln firing, or sell their first cup. The joy and excitement is contagious. Would have loved to spend a day with W.G. Lawrence (Phd@ Alfred) and pick his brain. Same for Orton Jr, Koppatchu, Horton, and a few others who laid the foundation on which modern pottery is built. 

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