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  1. 9,600 watt solar system is up and running after 5 months of on and off agin work on it.If the suns out we are gettting prepaid power.24 400 watt panels

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    2. Denice


      Our garage has a flat roof that is slightly angled and is covered with black rubber,  I have tried to talk my husband into putting solar on it but to no avail.    Denice

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I did the entire job myself-I did get my neighbor to help with his power post hole digger back in April for about 20 minutes.This is a big ground array and can be expanded if need be as well. It covers 40 feet x 13.5 feet.I'll add a lithium battery in a few months as they are working on one that talks to my Sol-Arv inverter (solar generator)

      I am not sending power back to grid.Onlt home/studio consumption 

    4. Denice


      One thing that scared my husband was the panels being broken by hail.   We have hail about three times a year sometimes more.  They had a new panel that came in small blocks at the time and said we could replace the broken blocks  easily.  The panels were very expensive,  I read some where that they have shatter proof panels now.  Denice

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