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  1. I.m a motivated high funtioning individual I have been told.. It helps with a production pottery business as well I have found out.
  2. Back from big successful show and taking 12 days off to finish remodel -siding up on last wall-need to paint it soon before the weather changes. Hook up hot and cold water copper lines and waste lines for 1/2 bath and also hook up 3 forced air heat vents and trim out one closest and hang a wall hung toto toilet and hook up sink facuet and drian and supply lines-also drain line for mini split need installing -I should get this all done in next 12 days.then its back to gallery orders for fall-and a larger wholesale order as well.I only have one local private sale left this year at xmas
  3. It takes me more time to trim a bowl than throw a bowl. 100 is a great way to learn a form
  4. I like to use the paper as stated above and also weight the pile so warpage cannot happen in the dry process.
  5. Yes the car moves thru the tunnel kiln-many products are made that -kiln shelves included.
  6. If you do not belive in coppression try throwing lids off the hump without taping the centers-100% s cracks vs using a tool to tap/compress cneter after cutting off-100% no s cracks Water does not compress but think about water filling the micro voids between the clay particles-the more water the more space (more weaker when its drys off)More space between particles.
  7. I crash cooled a kiln in the very early 70s-cone 10 fire-the kiln was a catanary arch.After the cones fell I unbricked the door some. The kiln was cool in a few hours. All the pots came apart-the clay body could not take it. I did not kiln the kiln furniture but did shorten its life. Lesson was see where the limits are and now I know Not to do that again. Your lesson will also tell you the limits for your clay body.- My kiln then was hard brick and gas fired-The crash cooling is hard on everything
  8. (For the best results as far as having the slip fit the clay body, you should make the slip out of your clay body.) yes this is best if you want whiter use a porcelain clay that shrinks the same as your clay body (same or close shrinkage rate) and make that clay into a slip.
  9. I bet the underglaze is affecting the clear melt-as noted in above post-Test some other clears that work better melting with that underglaze.
  10. I run the vacuum while mixing or pugging -Thats the way the instructions say to do it. The idea is get the air bubbles out of clay and keep them out with either function. Its no big deal to run a vacumme in this machine so run it in all functions.
  11. On all my porcelain plates and I made 28 last week for a show this past weekend -after timming I put them foot down on a flat bat and dried them in the sun. I had one plate thgat died out of 28. I do not baby them -my guess is its a body or thionckness issues for you. I just never get s cracks these days. I cut them off with a wire as soon as they are thrown while still on the wheel
  12. Tell me about that shelve with the holes in it?? what temps does it take and wheres it from? what size is it as well? Mark
  13. In a normal production week all wet clay goes into peter pugger-all trimmings (usually 2-3 five gallon buckets goes into my weekly trash pick up can. (auto can loader on trash truck) I used to take it down the hill to our road concrete recycle plant but I stopped that as I got tired of hualing the buckets.I have zero clay or shard dump on our 1 acre property.I like a clean place relatively speaking-no clay or shards anywhere.I do dry out my settling clay vats in the sink system and throw away a clay box amlost weekly of wet goo as well from that system .
  14. Look for used puggers/mixers-start now and look for years it will pan out (no pun indended for your mining efforts)
  15. I used to dig clay and add things to it to make it work-what a hassel for crappy clay. I also used to reclaim all my trimmings-what a hassel-I started in clay in last year of high school(1971) I was full time in 1976- after graduation -drying my scrap in large plaster forms and wedging it all then pugging it at facilities at collage for trade like class tours of studio . I gave that all up in tyhe 80s and trew dred trimmings away-still do. I bought a second hand peter pugger in 2013 if I recall after hand/wrist surgery(PRC -3 bones removed) I wish I had done that 35 year earlier-and I could have If i chose to. I will add that making your own clay gives you insight to clays and the same is true making your own glazes. I like having atht background as a full timer when issues pop up yuou have the skills to guide you. Clay is cheap and making it costs more time than its worth money wise at least for me. Its a young mans fancy as its also a back killer-I reall that part well. With ceramics knowing as much as you can gives you a edge as the rest of your life you will add to it and never get it all-its about 3 lifetimes worth of stuff to learn
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