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  1. Is gertsley more important when putting the colorant on top of a glaze? It very much depends on the colourant and the glaze. You’d have to test it. If you don’t have gerstley to hand, use a frit or other flux that’s already an ingredient in the glaze you’re brushing over.
  2. @Wheel Have you tried reaching out to Skutt for the specs? You might be able to find replacement parts anywhere you find small motors and/or automotive parts.
  3. To further what @kristinanoelsaid about commercial glazes sticking better: they work better because they have gums and other brushing mediums in them so that they go on more smoothly. If you have some CMC gum, or glycerine or some extender that they sell at the paint store, adding a little of that to some of your dipping glaze may work better than trying to get an unaltered glaze to stick.
  4. If you do a wet cleanup and need the bucket water to settle out, hit it hard with some saturated epsom salt solution. You won’t be able to reclaim it as casting slip though.
  5. It’ll depend on your face shape, so if you have an opportunity to try them on, that’s the best bet. Your jaw shape, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose will determine what’s more comfortable. I personally find the fit point that gets overlooked in the moment but is critical, is how it rides on the back of your neck. so make sure the straps have the weight distributed as evenly as possible. I prefer the head strap that distributes the weight over the entire crown of your head instead of the one with just the single elastic. I got mine from Princess Auto, but that store isn’t everywher
  6. Hi and welcome! I’m going to move your post to the Studio and Making Work section so that it gets more eyes on it. While it wold be technically fireable, your shared studio situation is likely going to say no to paper mache in the kiln. It would likely require a special firing to allow all the organic matter plus the glues, and/or whatever is in that CelluClay to burn off properly. It would need a LOT of ventilation. I would suggest building an armature out of newspaper and masking tape that supports a hollow-built sculpture. Keep it rolled tapered, so that you create a centre-pull a
  7. Levelling it is going to be a bit of a job. Definitely take it back to the potter for an exchange, or get them to do the job.
  8. I’m not on that one, so I don’t know how much business stuff they discuss. Check with the mods, but it can’t hurt to spread the word. I found the reference on S#$% Overheard at Art Festivals. I put the same notification in a few Canadian craft groups I’m in that are more business oriented. A lot of people have been finding the option turned on, but there have been a small handful that said it wasn’t there yet. It could be a glitch, or it could be the apps not updating yet. Still a good thing to double check.
  9. For anyone who may have not used their Square app in a little while, the latest software update has introduced a new “feature.” For an additional 1.5%, they will transfer money to your bank account instantly, rather than waiting for the typical 1-2 business days for free. Which is well and good but if you don’t want to pay the fee and are fine with the slight transfer delay, you must now toggle this option OFF. Go into the POS app> More>Settings>Account>Transfers. The toggle for “Allow Instant Transfers” will be turned on automatically. Flip the switch, and you should be
  10. The salt is bound to affect thixotropy. You might be able to pull it off as a slip or a glaze. But as Neil says, it’ll probably be hard on the kiln.
  11. If you’re just siphoning the water off the top, you don’t have to loose any fines.
  12. I fully agree with you on the wheel hum. It’s never bothered me, and I’ve worked on a Brent for most of my time as a potter. I tried a Shimpo whisper at Medalta once, and it was a bit creepy in it’s silence, frankly. ASMR is kind of a specific recording that creates a physical sensation when listened to with headphones. It’s similar to frisson, but more on the back of your head and down your spine. The sounds that create this are things like the sounds clay makes at all stages. Or susurrations like whispering, bags crinkling, tools running over a wheel head, that kind of thing. Some peop
  13. Maybe it’s time to do a little math. How much is a 3 cu ft kiln (which is tiny, btw) in your area? Or maybe a 5. How much is electrical hookup? How does that amount of money compare to the amount you’re spending at this studio on monthly rent? How many pots do you have to sell to pay it off? How much time will you save by not having to travel back and forth? How much do you gain by controlling your own work? Having a ceramics community is well and good as long as that community is actually supportive and healthy. If this studio isn’t receptive to improving it’s OHS practices in this day
  14. Honestly, I don’t find the sound intrusive, and if I hadn’t had this request from someone who helped me out a bit, I wouldn’t be bothered. I have just been muting the original sound off the video because I’m just recording with my phone, and then adding in a voiceover. My apple headphones have been sufficient for the job up to this point. But I might just break down and get a $20 lavolier and pad the wheel’s undercarriage. I’ve got a bit of styrofoam insulation left from another project.
  15. I did something by accident, and I am now apparently a TickTok-er. I am kind of embarrassed. But when your video of a brush falling apart gets a million views in a week, it may be a sign to go with it.
  16. Hmm. I’ve got an old couch cushion I can maybe cut down as a temporary muffle on the outside of the flywheel cover. My studio is small and cold, so overheating shouldn’t be an issue for the duration of a couple of pots. I’ll play with it and see what I can come up with. It isn’t going to be a huge thing, I don’t think. Not worth sourcing extra equipment for.
  17. “A Potter’s Workbook” by Clary Illian is an excellent resource to get you thinking about form.You can apply the same principles to handbuilding. It can be expensive so do shop around for it, but “A Potter’s Dictionary” by Hamer and Hamer is a book I wish I’d bought a LOT sooner. Edited to add: any time you can take an in-person workshop, it’s usually worth it. You’ll get more from in person instruction than you can from books or videos.
  18. ASMR sounds are the important part, not my voice or narration. I’ve got a good phone voice, but it isn’t the right pitch for ASMR. Think the rustling of a plastic bag, or the squishy sounds clay makes. It’s all kind of quiet. I can film clay prep and get something there, but I had hoped to do one of coning and pulling a cylinder.
  19. @kristinanoel Yep! That’s a good working understanding for ceramic purposes. We run up against confusion with the scientific definitions because our ideal conditions lie in a spot where the chemical reaction isn’t exhausted. That’s why you have to use a light hand with either darvan or Epsom salts, because too much of either will do something undesirable. But it’s handy info if you need to siphon the water off your waste glaze bucket. Just overload it with epsom salt solution, and the slop will sink to the bottom of the bucket in just a few minutes.
  20. So I don’t know if anyone has any tips on how to minimize the rather distinct hum from a Brent C. It’s older, but in otherwise good shape, foot pedal still works, it doesn’t make any of the typical noises associated with wear, etc. Etc. I’ve been asked on social media if I could make some ASMR videos of clay being thrown on the wheel. It’s a pretty easy request to accommodate if I can reduce the hum from the motor.
  21. So a google search for Velva-glo lustre-ette turned up this gem. You want to scroll to pages 7-10. On page 7 at the bottom, it says DO NOT FIRE. They’re just paint. I’m assuming they’re for use on bisque, if my MIL’s descriptions of her old hobby is any indication.
  22. @rox54 Some things like iron will flux enough by themselves, but other colourants are more refractory and won’t stick without adding a little flux.
  23. As long as the numbers on the stain match, it should be the same thing. They do change colour in the glaze somewhat. Does anyone know if they add dye to stains so that it reads somewhat like the end colour? I think some underglaze companies do this.
  24. With terra sig, you’re discarding the large particles in any case, although usually you do it through siphoning off the lighter stuff. I don’t know who’s making glaze out of what to recommend against a 100 mesh screen, but I’ve never heard of one causing issues by removing necessary material from a glaze. The only complaints I’ve heard of is that it can take longer to push your materials through. No, you don’t have to throw it out.
  25. I feel like I might be in a unique position to reassure you a little bit. I hope. First though, no, it isn’t inevitable. I started in clay when I was 17. I am now 44. I have some pine pollen allergies that are giving me grief right now, but my lungs are otherwise healthy. I’m not 60 years in, but 27 is something. I also have my studio in my home, and I have a very strict studio shoes policy. My home seems to have no more dust than can be accounted for by the presence of 4 humans and a small, dorky dog. I do not possess an air purifier, and just mop regularly. So far, so good. Silico
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