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  1. thank you - Interesting I did the prayer stretch someone mentioned and I threw x2 cylinders yesterday and x3 today and my hands feel much better - I have started using warm water and also like the struggle with soft clay and having to work faster stops one being too fussy. I seem to do the fist exersise with out thinking about it already so thats good news too than you
  2. Hello Lin

    Thank you so much for sharing I have been doing the prayer one you mentioned, already my hands feel better 

    1. LinR


      You're welcome.  Whatever helps.  Lin

  3. Thank you, good idea, maybe the clay work just accelerated what was going to happen, glad to hear your hands are in good order
  4. Hello All I started to teach my self to throw May 2020 I started throwing x6 12oz cylinders a day for 6months then moved onto 1 lb of clay cylinders, keeping 1 each day as a record and reusing the other clay. My hands are strong but have become constantly stiff, hence I began to just throw 2 a day and now have given it a 3week break. There is still stiffness wondering is there are any stretches you would recommend, I think it comes from preparing the clay more than throwing. Any tips Thanks Foster -- by the way I am 59yrs
  5. Brillant-I see I have been trying to undo that part will try with more intent Thanks.
  6. As mentioned by Chilly is good to be able to swap legs as and when
  7. Hello I have been teaching myself to throw on a “treadle” wheel which is easy to throw and move with foot at the same time the sound is wonderful. Its a stand up wheel which is nice to do when used to sitting at the wheel. Mind you I am a beginner
  8. Thanks just not sure what holds it in place?
  9. good thinking did ! using the bike tyre like string?
  10. Hello and Help My kick wheel broke 2days ago hope it is clear from the images the cylinder I am holding is made of rubber and I can only imagine was glued to the rod- I could reglue it with and strong flexible glue but feel it would break again there is alot of movement at this point- does anyone know this type of wheel and have any ideas what I should do ? Thank you
  11. Great help thanks - watching videos they all seem to go anti clockwise - I shall go anticlockwise with my new Shimpo (lucky Me) and clockwise with the kick wheel but while pondering this the Kick wheel broke!!! I will be posting for help with that. very boring. A beginners thing - For some reason without thinking about it when I started I centered going anticlockwise and then pulled the cylinder going clockwise I wonder if this affects the structure of the clay . I will now throw anticlockwise for the next 6 months then revisit Thank you for your support
  12. Thank you I just want to get on the wheel but fear they might not take it back if I use it - here is what shimpo have said ? "This very well is most likely the belt. The wheels sit for a period of time before being delivered to customers who purchase the wheels after being made. This can create a “bump” in the belt from sitting in a specific position for a period of time. If you run it on high speed for a half hour/ 45 minutes it can take out this bump thump."
  13. Hello Callie I am actually right handed but being an artist I always find it interesting not to be too comforatable when working - however learning the basics of throwing is probably a different approach Thanks
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