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  1. Yea. My plan is to set the kiln timer to start at night, my L&L has a built in function for this. So my worry was while it was heating up something might happen. I am always around when it is due to cut off. So I think this plan will work well. I am going to invest in the Nest alarm, just for my own calm head. Even though I know the chances are really low, another layer of safety for only 100$ definitely will help me sleep better.
  2. Awesome stuff. I mean I am 99.9% certain that everything is done right. I emailed my electrician the specs from L&L and I watched him wire it. Everything seemed to be exactly as stated. But yea, I think I would sleep better with the nest so that if something did happen I could get up and end the problem right away. I just wanted to be sure that this was still wise to do even with a nest alarm. So now that I have a few experts opinions going to get it and do it for sure. Thanks for help. My time will be much better spent now! WooHoo!
  3. Most of my firings I have done during the day when I am awake and can check on the kiln every hour or so in my garage, this requires me to be home all day, which sometimes I can handle, but I have been increasing how much I am firing lately and I am trying to get to a point where I am firing improvement/test loads 2-3 times a week. As you can imagine this starts to become a problem when I have places I have to go and things to do. So I was thinking about purchasing a Nest alarm, then setting my kiln to start at like 2AM in the morning, then I would sleep till like 8:00AM. That way half of the firing takes place while I am asleep. I am a bit nervous as obviously I don't want anything to happen while I am sleeping. I had an electrician who knew what he was doing install all my wiring and everything to the exact specs that L&L required, so I trust my setup. I also have my kiln 20'' from the wall and it sits on concrete, and everything around it is at least 20'' away from it. My cord doesn't touch the kiln. I check my cord connection every 10-15 firings to make sure no crud is building up on it. I also look at the breaker as well. I also have a vent kit. So far I haven't had any problems. But like I said I am planning to amp up my production and really rock and roll. I need a solution that allows me to use the earlier parts of the firing while I sleep. My idea was to get this Nest alarm and connect it to our iPads, then leave it beside me while I sleep. This way if it detects any CO2 or fire it will alert me and I can go put out the fire or what ever is going on. I am a super light sleeper so I have no worries about not hearing the alerts, from the Nest alarm. I have read lots of information about the types of fires that usually come from kilns and most of it has to do with wiring or the breaker melting. Would this nest alarm be sufficient to allow me to sleep and set my kiln to start at night and then finish while I am awake in the mornings? I was going to install the alarm right beside the breaker box and the plug in. So it would alert me as fast as possible. I am not asking for a guarantee, just an opinion from most of you experts out there. Obviously I value the safety of my family above my pottery, so if this isn't a good solution then I will just have to work around it.
  4. Congrats! Glad it all worked out for you. Now just figure out why it didn't shut off.
  5. Hope all goes well. No idea what will be inside. All kilns are so different, but a 15 minute hold at cone 6 takes my kiln nearly to cone 7. I would just pray the kiln isn't damaged. Best of luck.
  6. I made my own following Mea's guide on her website. I think my total cost was like 50ish dollars. Maybe give that a shot?
  7. Found inspiration in my dreams last night. Dreaming of pottery. Man o Man.

    1. Mysteria


      Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    2. Denice


      Haven't had a good pottery dream for a while.

    3. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      My only pottery dreams have consisted of me burning things down with kilns :D more worry than inspiration.

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  8. sometimes I wonder if I should make my mugs off the hump. I spent a lot of time weighing out 1 lb balls of clay. I usually start by weighing like 20-30 balls of clay for mugs. I dont really make the same shape right now anyways, just been exploring designs and ideas. maybe i should try this hump thing.
  9. If your smelling stuff, then your vent isn't working properly. That is 100% for sure. Unless you have some type of window crack, the seal is bad or something where it could be blowing back in. What John said about negative pressure is the key, if your vent is sucking enough, then nothing should go out of the kiln cracks because more is being sucked in with force than going out. I had to tweak my box several times before I got rid of any smells. I had it too low, then went too high, now its just right... Took me several firings to get it right.
  10. Okay, thats even better news. I wasn't sure, I just wanted to be certain. Thank you for information.
  11. What should I do with my 400G batch that I made previously? Do I just pour it into a waste bucket and dispose of it? Or do I put it into the 1000G bucket? It seems like putting it into the 1000G bucket would yield inconsistant results in the future?
  12. Looks amazing. Glaze in 3 hour increments with a 1 hour break in between lol = )
  13. I am a big nub, I just do what I read. I read somewhere that you make 400G batches for test. I dont even remember where. It seemed pretty easy. Take all the numbers multiply it by 4. Worked pretty well I guess. Making a 1500G Batch this weekend.
  14. My year of throwing mugs and making handles is going well so far. I think I like making mugs more than bowls. = )

    1. Mysteria


      That's great! Keep up the good work :)

    2. Crusty


      Mugs are my fav. good sellers to! I also found I like making pitchers and small creamers with a sugar bowl and lid... A lot of Coffee drinkers out there...


  15. I don't even wanna list all my health problems and I am 30. I have been going to the hospital every week for 7 straight years, since I was 23. The number one thing I do to keep myself happy and to keep others around me happy, is to understand that complaining about your pain helps no one. In fact, if anything it brings you down. You have to search for the great things that you get to do because your alive and the pain is just a reminder that you are alive. Each and every day you have to try hard not to complain. In fact the more you do this the more you will realize how strong you are and how people around you are pretty soft. It makes me giggle when people talk about their headache being so bad. So don't be pouty. Be thankful that your hands work good enough to write this post. Then be thankful that you got to spend 12 hours straight doing something you love. Do you know how many people get to do that? Not very many people. Kick back, take a break, and look at your masterpieces. Life is full of hard times, but the more you look at your hard times, the worse they become. ! Focus on the great things, not the bad things! <-- my two cents.
  16. I haven't. I don't even have any idea what to do yet. I am hoping it will come to me eventually.
  17. Sounds like I need to look into Insight in the future. Thanks John for quality help as always.
  18. Okay. So I understand now that I need to go to like 1000-1500 grams and just stay there for a while testing different shapes and things. Good to know. I will stay there for a while. Thanks everyone.
  19. So I have the mastering cone 6 glazes book, and he runs through those test that I am going to run my test pieces through each time I make a bigger batch. However he says the only true way to test is to send off to a lab. When do I send a cup off to a lab? Is that what everyone here does for a production glaze? I mean I think the glaze I am using has very mild ingredients, or at least according to John Britts book, he stated that his whites were much less toxic than other glazes. Did I read this incorrectly? I am not really sure what ingredient to test for leeching in this glaze recipe? Folk Art Guild White F4-Feldspar(Minspar 200) Spodumene Silica Kaolin Dolomite Gerstley Borate Red Iron Oxide Tin Oxide Bentonite SO MUCH TO LEARN! I feel overwhelmed sometimes. So thankful for all of you guys and gals helping me out along the way.
  20. I made a 400G batch my first batch, and I put it on vertical test tiles, and I also dipped a few bud vases into it so I could get a better look at the glaze. I have the bud vases sitting on their sides right now with lemon slices sitting on them. So far no change in color or texture. Next will be sitting them in some dish detergent. If all goes well I will be moving up to a 1000G test batch this next firing. Thanks for everyone's help. And yes! Ceramics is so much fun!
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