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  1. My opinion here, stuff like that is smart, not cheating. You're going for a look that is similar to the plaque that represents the town. When people look at the pots they will instantly think of that plaque, and probably hopefully it will warm their sweet hearts into forking over cold cash for your pot. = )
  2. Thanks. I am doing a bisque tonight of my recent bowls that I originally posted, good ole Georgia heat with a nice hot breeze into my pottery shelves drys my pots so fast. I am going to glaze them probably Wednesday and fire that night. So I might be able to post my pictures here on Friday. Adjusted my vent intake a little more so I am hoping my glazes come out prettier.
  3. Yea, he was basically the best I could find on youtube that had clear video, went slow enough and explained his method. His style also helped as my fingers would cramp really bad due to health issues when I first started. I could probably use my fingers now, but I feel like I have more control using his style. Thanks for the kind words. I will let you know when I get to a 10# bowl. I haven't tried one that big yet!
  4. I had to look that up. Man that stuff is amazingly cool. How long does it take to fire pots in there? A week?
  5. " Still working on the town name pieces, getting the lettering right is so tricky that I'm contemplating cheating on that small aspect. " Again I am just beginner, but I don't understand the cheating concept here. Use any tools possible to get the job done in my opinion. It's like trying to write a blog and saying its cheating using a keyboard instead of a typewriter. I like how you feel about your pots being out there and being used. I also hope to feel like that very soon. There is just something neat about knowing random people are eating out of the work you put a lot of time and thought into.
  6. I haven't tried that yet. I watched a lot of people do it on youtube, but I haven't tried it. When I first started I took the same approach I do to everything I try to do in life. I pick one thing and try as hard as I can to figure that out the best I can then move to the next thing when I feel I am happy enough with looking at it. I have been basically throwing nothing but bowls for 6 months. I am about to move on to cylinders. Maybe after that I will try the hump. Edit: I should clarify I have thrown lots of other shapes, vases, mugs and lidded jars, but none of them are very good. But I do have a rather large amount of bowls I need to throw away. HAHAHA
  7. "Did you watch a lot of Hsinchuen Lin?" Yes I did watch quite a bit of his videos. I modeled my throwing style sorta off his. I found it was the best for my hands. I have chronic graft vs host scleroderma, and when I first started throwing I couldn't use my fingers that much, but the thumb and the palm of my hand I could use. However recently my hands have been getting much better and I have started using my fingers a lot more. I guess it is hard to look at peoples throwing position and say what they are doing wrong, because we all do throw different. Either way I noticed some of my mistakes, so it was good for me anyways. I think I will start recording my sessions and watching them. Thanks for the help. I did rush my centering probably. I was nervous haha.
  8. Okay, here we go. I came home and threw 1 bowl before this. I recorded that one, but I put the camera over my right shoulder and basically blocked my hands the entire time. So I had to throw a 2nd bowl. This is that video. Sorry that my head gets in the way several times. One thing I did notice is that I take my rib off the pot to fast and throw the rim off a tiny bit. I also didn't slow my wheel down in the beginning parts of opening. I was a bit nervous with no one watching. Crazy how knowing people are going to look at every mistake you make and point it out, makes you make mistakes. haha. Thanks again for everyone's help. I hope this is helpful in trying to help me. I am going to start throwing those 12'' cylinders that Chris was talking about next. Edit: Here are the cross section pictures of that bowl. I cut it after. I didn't think about doing it during the video. When I go under the bowl and pull the wire up it really seems to warp the pot, but you get the idea. Looking at the cross section I think I could have pulled the bottom parts of that wall some more. Maybe one more good pull.
  9. "What sells at farmers' market besides pigs & mugs?" My wife goes to the farmer's market in my area a lot. No one sells pots there, but people do sell things that would go well in pots, like honey for honey jars, or apples and oranges for a fruit bowl. I haven't attempted to sell anything yet, but my wife always wonders why no one sells honey jars or other things that go along with what they are selling. My guess is they might not sell. She told me that when I start selling stuff I should try to sell some honey jars to the honey bee people. Which is something you might try. Maybe find something someone is selling and ask them if they would be interested in consignment at their booth. I am not really sure, but just a quick idea. Best of luck to you.
  10. @Benzine: That's fantastic. I will have to use that one in the future. Thanks for kind words. My personal favorite pots are the ones with the super small feet. I just like the way they float I guess.
  11. @Highbridge: thanks for your critique. I definitely went for a small foot on that bowl. I should post some others with more standard feet. I just picked that one up. I hope it isn't too small and slumps as pres has pointed out. I will know soon. Plan to bisque, glaze and fire this stuff this week. I have already started incorporating the thicker rim in my work. My last pull now when I am finishing the shape I take a little clay all the way up to the last bit then leave it, tricky to do but seem to be getting the hang of it. I definitely am still working on the thickness on the bottom of my pots. Sometimes I am trimming a foot on a repeat bowl and I am like, wow I don't have nearly enough clay to keep the same style of foot as the bowl before it. I guess I need to use my needle tool more to check. @Patsu: thanks for your kind words. I definitely am going for a very clean look. I will post pictures of my bowls glaze by the end of the week/weekend probably. I don't work directly from the clay bag. I take the clay out of the bag and cut it into 3 pieces. I then spiral wedge those 3 pieces then cut off weighted amounts based on what I am making. I then shape those into balls. I know I could just cut the clay from the bag and throw it, but ive found the clay to be more fluid(is this the right word?) if I wedge it first. I basically do a lot of wedging, but hey, I like doing it. It's a nice workout for my arms/legs. I don't get much exercise and it gives my back a chance to stand up. Sometimes If I am making a bigger piece I won't wedge the clay first because I want it to be stiffer. Maybe I am wasting time, but I find satisfaction in practicing the skill of wedging anyways. I have a video coming soon, I didn't get a chance to finish it because I had to stop to go wipe my son's toosh in the middle of throwing lol. right in the middle of opening the bowl . "DADDY COME WIPE MY BUTT PLEASE I POOPED." Ah the joys of life.
  12. I took 4 classes 3 hours each and then self taught myself from there. I personally think you spend about 1 hour practicing centered until they are almost frustrated, then have them open their best centered piece and make something. Then center something for them and have them open it. They will notice the difference and be like AHHHHHH. That motivated me at least.
  13. @Pres I will record myself tomorrow, and upload a video and share it. I do know I probably make too many pulls, but I will let you all be the judge. The clay I am using in those pictures is Highwaters speckled brownstone and red rock. The wet clay was speckled brownstone and the trimmed bowl was red rock. I haven't fired either yet. I am trying them out this coming up week in the kiln. I have been using 112 and my bowls have been ok so far, no real slumpage, but maybe I have just been lucky, or haven't been skilled enough to notice. The problem I have been having with 112 is pinholing, but I fixed a lot of that with the homemade vent kit that I built based on John B recommendations to solve pinholing. However after throwing with these new highwater clays I never plan on going back to 112 again. The highwater clays throw sooooo much smoother imo. Thanks for the kind words. I didn't think about thickening the rims, I know a lot of people roll a rim, I might try that on my next bowls. I will get that video up shortly.
  14. Okay, here is some of my work from today 2 bowls, and a trimmed bowl that is bone dry. bowl + midsection it lost a lot of the form of the walls when I cut it, but you get the general idea of the thickness. 12 inch bowl on bat i didn't cut this one cause my wife declared she wanted it. soooo..... ill make another big one later and post it after it dries enough to cut without it just falling apart. trimmed bowl This is some of my most recent stuff. Again I have only been throwing for 6 months self taught. Please rip me apart because I want all the advice I can get. I take criticism and apply it. Thanks!!!!!
  15. @ Chris: Thanks I haven't tried that with cylinders yet. I have been chopping my bowls in half after I throw them and then some after I trim them. I will post some pictures next time, thanks for the tip. I guess I will spend all day throwing cylinders tomorrow. What weight of clay do you start with for a 12 inch cylinder with appropriate thickness for the walls? @ Pots by Char. I will post some pictures soon. As far as the shipping goes, I just didn't think you could get a feel for the bowl, the shape, the thickness and weight from a picture. I don't mind sending it for some hands on advice. I will maybe film myself throwing as well and maybe post some pictures of the cylinders and bowls I threw. Thanks for these tips I will apply them to my regiment. I am still interested in sending out a few bowls if anyone is willing.
  16. To keep all this in one thread instead of spamming the mentor forum I am just going to update this thread so to keep it all in one place: 11/24/2014 Critique my mug handles : Jump to post: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/6653-critique-my-work-anyone-round-2-mugs/?p=70661 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post Critique my Bowl I am not sure if this is the right place to put this post or not. Here we go. I have been potting for about 6 months now. I am basically self taught. I watch a lot of videos and took four 3 hour classes. Most of my training comes from throwing 4-5 hours a day in my garage. I am a stay at home dad battling Chronic GVHD so I have plenty of time to practice. I want to send a bowl to someone or a few people who are interested in a bowl of my next firing, and then I would like for you to break it open or do what ever you want with it to tell me what I need to improve on. I have been working on throwing a good bowl, smooth bottom, nice walls, and good feet for a while and I am wondering if I am making any progress. If you like the bowl you can keep it, blow it up or trash it I don't care. I just want to know your quick thoughts on my work. Do what ever you have to do to examine it. Is this a viable thing to ask of someone? I don't want to put anyone off, but I just don't know anyone who I can take the bowl to and get an honest opinion about how bad or good it is, and what I need to improve on. If your interested in helping me please PM me or reply here. I would truly appreciate it. I want to become a great potter one day! Thanks Joseph Rosenblatt
  17. I just tested. It didn't seem to pull a lot, but a little amount went in when the box was closed the nearly entire way. Maybe my kiln is sealed tighter than I thought. EDIT: I went back and lit some paper so that the smoke would last longer. I went around the kiln till I found a place where it went in for sure. I found that once I moved the collection box anywhere past halfway it stops sucking in. So I left it at the point right where it starts sucking the smoke in. Thanks for your help.
  18. Neil, thanks. I didn't drill a hole in the lid because there is plenty of room around the lid for air to get in. I will do this right now, thanks for tip.
  19. I center at increasing speeds. I start the centering process by smacking the clay inwards as it spins slowly with the palms of my hand, then as i increase speed to center. I rarely get to max speed. Usually 2/3 speed when I am centered.
  20. I just bought 25 lbs of highwater's spec brownstone to try out, it's literally sitting there waiting to be thrown tomorrow = ). I bought 25 lbs of it, little loafters and red rock. Gonna try all 3. The Speckled Brownstone feels way softer than standard 112 so I am hoping it will be much more enjoyable to throw.
  21. That is Amaco's Celebration Glaze. It is called Clementine. http://www.amaco.com/shop/product-533-celebration-high-fire-cone-5-6-glazes-lead-free.html I love the color. It looks so much better on my bmix bowls because the glaze isn't pinholed. I am hoping I can get it to look that good on 112. I must note the speckles in picture are not from the glaze but from the clay body: Standards 112 tan spec. I have to warn you the glaze is expensive. Its like 23$ for a pint. However I am making my wife bowls for our kitchen with it, so its a deal!
  22. Well I built my vent kit for $180 partially homemade. I read the manual for the L&L one and kinda did the same thing but with what fits my situation. I bought the L&L box that goes on the bottom, then bought an inline fan instead of the squirrel box fan. I mounted the fan on 2x10 on the floor then ran venting out the garage door. I pull it back in when its not running. I drilled the 1/4 inch hole in the bottom of the kiln and checked it with the fan on, it definitely is sucking air down. I am pretty excited, going to do a bisque firing tomorrow and then a glaze firing right after. I will update with details and hopefully no pin holes! Does anyone have any recommendations on how much to leave the L&L vent box hole open. I read in the manual it says start at 1/2 and adjust. My fan is a little bit stronger than the fan that comes with the L&L kit, so I think I am gonna start with 1/2-3/4 open. I don't wan't to suck to much air out of the kiln right? Fun stuff!
  23. This is a good idea. I will have to go pick up a cheap stylus.
  24. I found this: http://www.hotkilns.com/sites/default/files/pdf/ventsure-instruct.pdf. My brother is a welder, so I am just gonna fabricate this basically myself for much cheaper. Thanks for all your help John and others. Can't wait to figure this out. I just need to fabricate a box for the bottom based off the ventsure diagram and I found the same type of blower if not the exact one. It has the exact same specs: http://www.northlanddistrib.com/Dayton-PSC-Blower-115V-1TDP7_p_907.html Wooo! I will post results here after I finish building this thing this week.
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