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Ceramics Monthly May 2020

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Tooting my own horn here.  My little article on using a spreadsheet and storage carts for home studio organizational efficiency is the Quick Tip for the month! I received this from  the Acquisitions and Content Editor  "... after reading a post of yours on the Ceramic Arts Network Forum thread “Where do you keep it once you made it?” in which you described your spreadsheet and storage system for keeping track of inventory. This is such a concise, organized way of managing finished pottery, and we think readers would love to learn more. Would you be willing to write a short article on your method for Ceramics Monthly?" Cool, huh?  :D Thanks, Prez, for asking the question! 



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Read the article a couple of times, but did not connect. . . Sometimes online personas to actual names. . . duh. . I don't connect sorry to say.

Great article, and useful.




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