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Week 36

  1. The author recommends building your own dry clay mixer using a _____________ with the standard reinforcement ribs. This should be an unused container as some materials stored may have been quite toxic or flamable.

    1. trash can

    2. wooden barrel

    3. steel drum

    4. plastic can

  2. The author has plans for a welded steel frame kick wheel, a ________________ kick wheel, and a DC-powered kick wheel.

    1. wooden frame

    2. steel pipe

    3. table mounted

    4. automotive rear axle

  3. A catenary arch kiln using ________________ , clay and water, may be cast and fired in pieces. It should not be allowed to be outside as the insulation will absorb water, becoming more crumbly. This type of kiln is only suitable for earthenware and raku.

    1. plaster

    2. vermiculite

    3. cement

    4. course sand

  4. The author warns about using a car kiln as a ________________ kiln as eventually the wheels and rails will freeze up due to _____________ damage.

    1. reduction

    2. raku

    3. oxidation

    4. salt


This weeks questions come from Building Pottery Equipment, Roger Harvey and Sylvia and John Kolb, c 1975, 1978 Watson Guptill Publications, NY NY


Note from Pres: This book has been in my library for many years, one that I often thought to use, but realized I would rather buy equipment if I could than to expend my labor and time on building my own. Good book though for those looking to cut corners.

Answers: All of the questions and answers are directly from the text.

  1. 3. steel drum

  2. 2. steel pipe

  3. 2. vermiculite

  4. 4. salt


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3, 1, 2, 4      Question 3 was a little tricky but have mixed Vermiculite in clay and fired it up to C6.  It is a little powdery at that stage but it didn't pick out easily.  Denice

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