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  1. Hi, I also live in Canada , my kiln is in an unheated garage. I normally don’t fire when the temp is below -20s but I fire when the temp comes up I warm the kiln for about an hour until I feel that the pots will not get a chill as I load a board at a time. The garage is attached so not to bad running out to turn it up & check. When the timer trips the kiln off I turn the dials from high to medium and timer to 30 mins. & switch it back on to soak. I check again to be sure all worked as planned then leave it to cool overnight. Joy
  2. Hi, I use corn starch on both the clay or a stamp or a press mold. I apply it using a very soft fluffy brush. I’ve also found the left over pieces of clay wedge back to reuse. Joy
  3. Got a huge order of honey pots & mugs, just hope my back holds out as this may be the last large order I’m capable to make. Joy
  4. Plastic from flower shops works the same as dry cleaner bags. joy
  5. The wallpaper becomes an easily removable bat & no it doesn’t have to be rough I use smooth wallpaper some times it has a slight raised pattern like the marks on cloth. I slide it off the bat or wheel head after wiring off under the wallpaper. Once the pot is firm enough to flip you peel the wallpaper off the bottom. joy
  6. I’ve used wallpaper on my bats for years. You cut out circles the size you wish attach them to bats with water or slip. To remove you run your wire between bat & wallpaper to remove once the piece is firm enough you peel off the wallpaper. I pick up wallpaper ends from garage sales or wherever you can get it cheap. It can also be reused. Joy
  7. Hi, I just bought a digital scale after 40+ yrs. with a balance beam. I just add my ingredients till the readout is at my goal. joy
  8. I had a good look after they came out of the kiln, I previously said they were a D but on inspection they’re really ears joy
  9. My handles are wide D. I don’t backfill I use enough slip that it pools around the attached points. I wipe off excess. I occasionally put a thumb hold. Joy
  10. I clean after throwing to keep the dust down. If I sweep or rather drag the broom, I have a spray bottle in my hand to also keep the dust down I empty the trimming & clean up the floor after trimming, so I keep the studio as free from dust as I can. The studio is a small room in the basement. My sink & glaze area is in the furnace/laundry/hallway to the studio so any drips get wiped up immediately to keep my pup from licking them. I keep the studio washed up better than the rest of the house. I do clean the rest once in a while. Joy
  11. I cut out stencils from thick tablecloth vinyl & use iron oxide to stamp. I use a tub with folded jersey cloth for a pad to keep the amounts of oxide just right for a stamping foam brush the pad allows the oxide to fill the stamping tool but not too much. I stamp on top of a glazes as control of the oxide is essential, too little & the stamp fires faded too much & it is dark & messy. I periodically add water with a small squirt bottle for moisture. joy
  12. In the process of glazing my honeypots.


  13. I started with classes &books with weekend workshops &more of the same. Then experimenting . joy
  14. My mug preference is a good handle. I have small hands & arthritis, so my grip is poor therefore a thicker handle helps. I have about 4 mugs self made that I prefer,all different in shape & size. They are mostly ones I used for demo when I was teaching. I also like throwing ribs & dents on mugs & often hold under the handle. joy
  15. I have a vl whisper, can’t tell you the model right now but it’s about 7 yrs. old. I’ve thrown for over 40 yrs. & have arthritis so my strength has diminished somewhat but I still find the torque in the whisper much lower than the Skutt.
  16. Over 6oo grams, i find it just doesn’t have the drive. I used to have motorized kick eas wheels. You just don’t feel the strength in the shimpo as you center & throw there is no problem with the skutt. joy
  17. I have a vl whisper & bought a Skutt cause I was frustrated with the lack of torque on the shimpo & I don’t normally throw large pots. I throw mugs & other smaller pots. I do throw larger pots & am so happy with my Skutt that the shimpo is now my trimming wheel. joy
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