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  1. 9,600 watt solar system is up and running after 5 months of on and off agin work on it.If the suns out we are gettting prepaid power.24 400 watt panels

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      They have much tougher panels now and the cost is is very low for a panel-I paid $195 for each 400 watt panel.

    3. Denice


      That is a  good price,  I think the small replacement blocks were a couple hundred apiece twelve years ago.  It would be nice to do something with all of the sun we get in Kansas.    Denice

    4. DirtRoads


      Exciting stuff here.  What brand solar panels do you have?   I've been looking at Renogy.     If you don't mind, share more specifics?  The big ground array 40x13 ... is that a shed?   What controller you use?  Where you house the batteries and controller?   AGM batteries?   Thanks.

      Looking at 4800 watts for $6500 system ... just looking ... no decision yet.  The 9600 sounds more useful.

      Waiting for the governor's office to get me this small grant.   They said after Christmas because I need time to put specifics in my proposal.  Also, the power company said they would send someone out ... in case I wanted to recycle excess power (like you doubt I would have any). Or just to advise, they have someone that has the experience, once I have an outline of exactly what I will buy.


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