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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Rectangle plates crack in half.   
    Refires gotta go slow, especially for flat pieces as they don't heat very evenly. Since your clay shouldn't deform in the 05 decal firing, you may want to put them up on stilts so they heat and cool more evenly. You could use pieces of kiln shelf or little clay wads as stilts.
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Flocculating a glaze   
    I love Floetrol! But not in my glazes. Although I've never tried it in a glaze. Maybe it's amazing! It does wonders for paint, though.
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    Russ reacted to Bill Kielb in Underglazes should be applied when?   
    It can. Often I would spray glazes to reduce the chance it will. Brushing glazes on can cause this to be not as crisp as you might like.
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    Russ reacted to Babs in Is this crawling?   
    Try a soak at end of firing to see if the glaze heals.
    Slow rise at end of firing
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    Russ reacted to Min in Gray glaze - what to add to base other than a stain?   
    I'ld add nickel to the list of colourants to test. 
    Have a look through the Mason Reference Guide at what oxides are in their stains, 2 of the 3 grays have nickel as do a couple of the blacks. Chrome could be useful too, just need a tiny bit of it, too much and you'll likely get the ugliest green you've ever seen.
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    Russ reacted to GEP in Wheel bats hurting my arms   
    It looks like the splashpan rim is level with the wheelhead. Can you add some cushioning to the splash pan, so the spots where your arms rest are elevated a little more? Maybe some foam blocks? That might keep your forearms from touching the wheelhead.
    I sometimes lose parts of my fingernails, and sometimes get sore knuckles, but I've never had my forearms touch the wheel head. 
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    Russ reacted to JohnnyK in Used equipment web sites   
    What's facebook?
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Need Advice Quickly About Cold Weather/kiln Operation   
    For manual kilns you do not need to heat it up. However you may want to put a space heater there to make loading less awful.
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in First Studio Equipment Suggestions   
    I prefer the built in splash pan on the Skutt wheels. It's heavier and more solid than the removeable. The 1/3hp model will be sufficient for just about anything you do unless you center really big pieces of clay, like over 25 pounds at a time. If you get the built in pan, get the shaft extension so you can use big bats. You can fit a 15" bat without the extension. I've never used a Bailey wheel, but I own 11 Skutt wheels and love them. I will say I haven't really ever heard anything bad about the Bailey wheels, though. Skutt wheels have the most torque, a lot more than a Shimpo Whisper.
    Get the kiln you'll need in 5 years, not the kiln you need now. Do no get an 18" wide kiln. You can barely fit a dinner plate, can't fit a serving bowl, and there's a lot more wasted space in narrow diameters. Get a least a 23" wide kiln, and consider a 28" wide by 18" tall model if you don't make really tall things. I make fat 12 pound lidded jars and they'll fit in an 18" tall kiln just fine. Due to your height, you'll want to stick with an 18" tall or 22" tall model.
    Sounds like you're going about this the right way, thinking about the future. Your wheel and kiln should both last 30 years with proper care, so invest well now.
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Secondhand pottery wheel   
    DO NOT buy the cheap wheels on Amazon. They're a joke, and may only work for a few minutes before breaking.
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Reclaiming two different cone clays   
    It's rare that a cone 5 clay con't actually go to cone 6. The only real exceptions I've seen are a couple of black clay bodies that like to bloat at 6. But I've never seen a white or brown body that maxes out at 5. Chances are once you blend them it'll go to cone 6 just fine.
    @Denice When blending bodies it doesn't matter if they have the same shrinkage rate, because you're totally blending them into a new body. One of the best blends is half porcelain and half stoneware.
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    Russ reacted to Chilly in Why not underfire clay   
    Try it.  Only way you'll believe.  As @Sorcerysays, the glaze won't apply easily on high-fired clay.
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    Russ reacted to Min in Why not underfire clay   
    For functional pots I wouldn't use ^6 clay fired only to ^04 anymore than I would use ^10 clay fired to ^6. 
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    Russ reacted to Sorcery in Glazing the handle of a recently purchased mug   
    That looks like a "decorative" piece.
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Salt fire recipes Albany and cobalt   
    Sorry to be picky, but it's actually a reaction of the sodium vapor with the silica and alumina in the clay. Silica itself will not be affected by the sodium vapor. Gotta have all 3.
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    Russ reacted to Hulk in Flying by the seat of my pants   
    If th' underside of the leaf and the part it covers does not require glazing, then fire away - being careful that there's no bit of glaze between'm; else, use the oft recommended alumina (or alumina wax) between to reduce/eliminate any sticking of clay.
    If underneath the leaf and the covered portion is to be glazed, then fired separately will be necessary, eh? My guess is the leaf won't lose shape, perhaps prop it up with a little cone of clay, and don't glaze the inside of the stopper.
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    Russ reacted to Min in Pugmill needed for full time potter?   
    Has anyone ever heard someone say they had regrets about buying a pugger?
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    Russ reacted to GEP in Pugmill needed for full time potter?   
    I got my pugmill second hand for $1200. In 13 years I’ve reclaimed roughly 500 lbs of trimmings per year, or 6500 lbs. At .40 per lb, the pugmill has yielded $2600, or more than double it’s cost. Ok, ok, I know it’s had to find a used pugmill, and I got very lucky. But at the time, I was fully prepared to buy a new Bailey pugmill for $2500, so it still would have paid off.
    The savings on body wear and tear are hard to measure. Wedging is not the only savings. Throwing causes lots of wear and tear too.  When buying new clay, I can’t control how hard or soft it will be. But my reclaim can be made nice and soft. I usually pug together new clay with reclaimed, which means my throwing clay is always nice and soft. This means i can throw more pots per day (good for profit) and I can work as a potter for more years. 
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    Russ reacted to neilestrick in Skutt legend wheel does not lock   
    The wheel head does not lock so it won't turn/spin, it locks onto the shaft so it won't lift off.
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    Russ reacted to Hulk in Skutt legend wheel does not lock   
    Hi Patters!
    Your wheel head isn't engaging the pin?
    Are you able to lift the wheel head off? If it's stuck on thar, try plugging the cord in and give it a whirl; if the head lifts off, lookit in the place where the shaft engages the wheel head - underneath - what's going on?
    The wheel head has a slot, like the shaft extension depicted below (expertly drawn arrow) - the wheel head should mate up with the taper, and the pin.
    Does the motor turn when you turn the wheel head? The belt, pulleys, motor brushes and bearings all sigh and sing (make distinctive sounds).
    Be sure to coat the mating surfaces with anti-sieze.
    Hope you like your new wheel! Please post back on your progress...

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    Russ reacted to Bill Kielb in Kiln Wash Recipes   
    Agreed - my experience, zircon based washes are way better. Most folks don’t even think about their old wash recipe after using A decent zircon product. Lee’s is zircon based I believe.
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    Russ reacted to Mark C. in Kiln Wash Recipes   
    I love milled zircon-I use  some of it in my propriety salt wash formula
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    Russ reacted to Bill Kielb in Kiln Wash Recipes   
    The Lees is so solid I can wash both sides and simply flip shelves as necessary to keep them straight. Wash stays on tight. Pricey though but great in a studio.
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    Russ got a reaction from Bill Kielb in Kiln Wash Recipes   
    Ive started using this last year. Its a zircon based wash. I dont think ill ever go back to the alumina hydrate/epk wash
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    Russ reacted to GEP in Beginners Wheel   
    Because it's bigger and holds a LOT of trimmings. If this is your first wheel that is just for you and not shared with anyone else, you are in for a treat. You don't have to clean it!
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