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  1. The letering seems quite debossed, is that from a silk screen?
  2. Both amazing, I love the left one a little more!
  3. Didn't have a smashing day, patched up and reglazed many pots on the to do shelf, felt religious, had a lot of success in the refire.

  4. Wax not adhering would be that it is not hot enough.Dripping everywhere, have to shake it over the pan but the above comments are very relevant. Hot wax should be used in a well ventilated area.
  5. loaded kiln late last night, a dozen teacups were part of the load. Went into shed this am on way to work. ONE teacup stll on the outside!! How did this happen?

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    2. Babs


      Nice, no interruptions!

    3. Chilly


      You chould try fishing, they always have "one that got-away"

    4. Denice


      I have that happen to me way to often. Usually I had been carrying to much and had to set something down.

  6. Yesterday refir ed blistered pots..waiting, waiting. Ground blistered, flaky shelves.Prepared pots for glazing today. Frost on the ground this am but birds nesting.

  7. When it's not so pressing, have a try at a few ways. Good luck. Babs
  8. I don't think you need to add frit to an oxide you're using as a wash. Firing it on a bisque to set it for glazing seems an extra step and will, yes keep it in place during the glazing process but not during the glaze firing, this would depend on the nature of hte glaze. Some people merely spray a starch or soft drink onto the area to set it before glazing without the extra firing. On white bodies I prefer to put the oxide ono greenware as onto a bisque seems to colour the clay body. But if scouring any dry clay use appropriate safety measures.
  9. made some brushes from a variety of vegetation and milet broom, off to try them on outside of some earthenware bowls. think some will be a bit brittle. Hope the slip is the right consistency,usually defloc for even application.

  10. Why is that Babs? The only clay quarry I've seen, is from a video we watched in college. It was a Japanese village, where everyone had pretty much one job. The short, older lady, who wedged all the clay had forearms like tree trunks. And we all get our clay from that short older lady.... Nothing wrong with the clay so use it maaaan! Just cranky about the planet and mining issues, but hey there will always be more clay in a neat little bag for us, right? Expalnation, cold wet, windy and doing a crappy order I should, love that word, have said no to. Would have inserted angry face but they say if you smile seratonin is released
  11. And if you saw the quarries where clay is minesd, you'd be careful and recycle every particle!
  12. Well done Benzine!! great to see the finished piece.
  13. back to throwing exercises, and poss need a new thumb.. weakness and pain in second joint from tip.. battled today, tomorrow.. JB's exercises until!!!

  14. Sorry Min, didn't go to the thread you posted just remembered an article by Holly in a daily newsletter from CAD, had copied it before and so posted it. Lots of work and research evident in the article but some people really get into that even when there is a reliable commercial product. 33% Kaolin slip or not??
  15. Holly's Underglaze. Cone 04-10 Ferro Frit 3124 33.3% EPK Kaolin 33.3% Commercial Stain 33.3% Seive 80 mesh, ballmill 12 hrs. Add Sta Flo LAundry Starch till mix reaches yoghurt stage then sieve again. Goes mouldy but maybe vinegar will help this. Another binder may do the job of the starch. Some one may know the link. from a previous post This may be classified as a slip??? Perhaps the starch will work for you? Spray after you apply with soft drink??
  16. AS a haggis eater........ just remember to rinse them before use
  17. You can get a thermocouple which slides through a small apeture in your kiln wall, usually is one about mid kiln depth, which gives a temp reading form the area of kiln into which it protrudes. Orton does go down to that cone. With the thermocouple, you could use a higher cone and go by temp, but isn't giving a totally true picture, if you get what I mean.
  18. So the potter is being ripped off??
  19. Pugmill looked so beautifully clean, and somewhat corroded that I was lured into using it myself!!

    1. Chilly


      The temptations we face......

    2. Babs


      How weak we are! And loving it!

    3. Chilly
  20. Spent yesterday cleaning pugmill so that afriend can use it .. now it's so clean, well almost, feel it should be left that way as I won't be using it for a time and can't keep the clay left in pug wet. However it has been character building,.. Maybe I'll offer to wedge the clay instead..

    1. Biglou13


      Have friend clean pugmill, then clean again after finishing. If were that friend I'd offer to do so.

    2. Chilly
    3. Babs


      Yeh, means taking apart three heavy sections . I'm waiting for someone to envent "looks like clay, feels like clay but doesn't dry in a pugmill. you just feed it in after you've done your clay and it stays there till next time... anyone want to take that idea and work on it??

  21. Not a joke, how do you think yoghurt would work?
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