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    • Min

      Odd question but somewhat ceramics related, anybody spray their veg plants or fruit trees with calcined kaolin (mixed with water and soap) as an organic crop protectant?
      · 1 reply
    • John Frater  »  Bill Kielb

      Hi Bill, I'm new to the forum so am not sure I'm using everything correctly - like this message. I saw a post you participated in dated around 2019. It was about venting a gas kiln around 280,000 BTUs, the size b vent required, length of pipe, etc. The post mentioned that there were links at the bottom to some of the technical data. Those links don't seem to work for me, and I'm wondering if you could re post them?
      I'm panning to install a propane kiln, about 240,000 BTUs (similar to an Olympic 2327 style kiln.) I'm in Rochester, NY so I'm planning to build a shed around the kiln to protect it from rain and snow, about 5'X5' on a cement pad. The shed will enclose the kiln and have a large door on one side (about 3'X6') for ventilation. The roof will be metal with a simple angle (not an inverted "Vee" style). The kiln will be a top loader with a vent hood high enough above the kiln so I can open the top and not bump my head every time.
      Are there any other posts on the site about planning this type of installation? The original post I saw is below. Thanks in advance.
          making a vent hood for small gas kiln - Equipment Use and Repair - Ceramic Arts Daily Community
      · 1 reply
    • Hulk

      Was catching up on foot polishing, washing, and inspection this week, then took a few new pictures.
      I like this teapot. It pours well too!

      · 2 replies
    • SWalker

      A woman is selling this kiln for $750 I was wondering if that would be something worth buying or if that price a bit too high? 

      · 2 replies
    • pottery007

      Hi all, any and all questions posted by me will be related to an ongoing research I am currently conducting on the possible applications of biophilic design in creating sound generating pottery. I came across a captivating story on ancient sounds being recorded on pottery only to realize that it was all a hoax. Anyway, it led me to exploring other ways in which we could probably include mechanisms that could create sound through clay/ceramics/pottery. I am exploring an indirect implication of biophilic or natural elements such as the imitation of the sound of wind, water, bird sounds etc. through pottery all while figuring out if there is a niche for this.
      It would be extremely great if I get responses and any help of the sort would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
      · 0 replies
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