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  1. I’m looking for a good stable cone 6 crawl for use with Mason stains. The crawls with Mag Carb and Nepheline Syenite tend to burn out some colours at cone 6. Thinking that some Frit 3124 substituted for some of the Feldspar might do it but any pointers would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Min For slip I am using sieved slip from the same clay body. I did think of a texture sprayer but can only find huge ones that cover big areas and my work is very small.
  3. Thank for the tip. I shall look forward to giving that method a go.
  4. Can anyone advise on how to create a rough surface texture with an airbrush or spray gun. I have tried a large nozzle and low pressure but it hardly creates any texture after 10 coats, letting each one dry in between. Any ideas. Ron Nagle creates textures like this this using an airbrush according the statements I have read. Any advice appreciated.
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