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  1. I have a 124f Crucible Kiln manufactured by Seattle Pottery but know nothing of how it fires, I contacted Seattle Pottery and it seems like they may not be able to dig up information about this older version of this model for me (to the great credit of their customer service, they have been obliging in trying to help). Ive fired kiln sitter kilns before, but the mechanism on this looks different and I can’t tell if it is missing something. The stumper is there isn’t a box outside of the feed tube of what I believe it the thermocouple, and it almost looks like the cone support is outside, but there is also a thumb screw? It also has a single operation dial unlike the company’s current version of the kiln. No idea on the age. Basically I am hoping someone has one or knows someone who does and can clue me in, because I am hesitant to just “plug and play” without any background info!
  2. Is the regulator a nessasary part, I see they sell them with and without?
  3. The rough foot thing seems moot to me: if you are concerned for the surface of your furniture, you should be using coasters, placemats or trays regardless of how smooth or rough the pottery is to protect the surfaces from heat, moisture and staining. Even though a lot of my parents furniture was litterally found in allies (or otherwise rough antiques), there was always a couple of coasters where ever someone might place a cup...and woe be the soul who didn't use them!
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