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  1. The Bailey has chain drive on one side only-large 1/2 to 5/8th inch wide chain.I did not remove chain guard so I could see was only a peek I would favor steel rollers over soft aluminum which is super soft. I know a potter who built an electric one with cables-its always going thru cables.
  2. Not sure I belive that story. I have seen Brents sit for decades then work for more decades.An 8 year old shimpo is a NEW wheel still. You sure its not the hamster inside is aged out and cannot spin the running cage fast anymore??I think thats a better story if they are making this stuff up. Or maybe the electricity is old electricity and has lost it pep. I learned long ago that some stories do not hold water.
  3. I did some rough math on how many mugs a year that leave the studio. Its over 3,000 per year. I acuattly think that number may be low. You do that for few decades and handles just flow. Mugs are one of my best sellers. Thats why I make handles and sizes for all users. I will add only the small 3/4# may be one finger mugs.Like small expresso ones. I sell mugs at all my outlets and some really move product and a fast clip.Most potters my age have long ago given up on making lots of mugs.
  4. I translated your link to English -that shelve with the holes does not say what temperature it goes to? Always decide what shelve size you want and build the kiln around those dimensions. What temperature do you plan on firing to?
  5. My electric Bailey is chain driven-very reliable . Cables stretch over time.Just design a chain tensioner and it will be trouble free. Never spent time looking at how its made-it works I'll take a look at it today and report back
  6. I make two and three finger handles for average size mugs. Since I make 7 sizes and styles it more complex. Say on a two # mug that is usually 4 finger handle. Mug size will determine the esthetics of most handles. My customers like a mix of handle sizes so thats what i give them.I make mugs for other people not myself.
  7. I bought a ton back then (Gerstly borate )and am swimming in it for my life.The shipping will be alot $I would think about the formulation with other ingredients.
  8. Wet porcelain can spin in the pug mill no idea in what that number is moisture wise i can pug pretty soft clay with my PPugger
  9. Did you say you were planning a dive trip to Bali?  I don't dive any more, but my long time fishing buddy just got back from there.  He also recently sold the most beautiful boat on the west coast, so I am without a ride.  Check one of the picture he sent from Bali and guess what it is.

    P3190089 (2)_resized.JPG

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I have seen cuttlefish ink but not a photo of it-never would have guessed

    3. CactusPots


      So you fish off shore Nor Cal?  I guess you got all the albacore we used to get 30 years ago.  San Diego.  The last few have been epic bluefin, but without me.  Too old and beat up for that kind of back alley brawl.  Got my butt handed to me by one a while ago and do in fact know what they can do.

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I have caught  Albacore  past past 23 seasons-from Montery to Middle Oregon. some years starigh out from from Eureka

  10. Darvan can help read this 1st https://digitalfire.com/4sight/education/understanding_the_deflocculation_process_in_slip_casting_213.html
  11. You can see the differeance at Digital fire.com-somewaht minor I just looked them up You will notice minor changes but if your test pieces work I would jusat use the material-they are both fine kaolins The big story is ceramics is to pay attention-it happens to us all sooner or later. I just toosed out 1/3 of a kiln load with a glaze mistake-the pots and the glaze and started over. In ceramics all the details matter-so always double check everything I would avoid the soda ash as it can damage the plaster over time.You could also make another batch with the grolleg and dilute your other batch.I doubt you will notice much difference with the two batches. Mixing up two kinds of kaolins is no big deal really How many gallons is your batch size?? work off a materials list next time you go to the store-hand them a list with it written out. Instead of removing water add a little more material to batch to thicken Getting the specific gravity right and using dry molds is the most important part. Darvan is your best choice over soda ash
  12. Yes on what Min says-get the glaze the way you want it (thick or thin) then add a small amout of made up snot(magma)You will see whay I call it snot soon enough It all depeends on what size glaze buctet you are using as to how much to use-I often have 25 gallon or 10 gallons and also 5 gallons as well as well as 1/2 gallon buckets. The thing is this stuff is powerful-Use just a little . maybe a teaspoon in 5 gallons-the other variable is how much settling YOUR glaze Has? so there are no hard and fast rules .Floating rocks take more than lighter materials. Glad you learned not everything on the web is right like in stock items. If you can add the snot into a small amout of hot water it will mix very easy. Cold bucket of glaze require lots of power mixing.
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