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  1. I have been around a few of them and they are blast to mess with.Just do not expect a full nine load. They are fun to play with.
  2. Mark C.

    Wholesaling to a Cafe

    Heres the deal-reastaruants buy cheap pottery from industry. I do not want to ever compete with that. If the cafe wants to pay what homemade pots are worth than I sell them the wares. Usually they do not want to.About 99% of the time the whole deal is a waste of time. Unless you are slip casting the wares then its a different deal but you did not give me those details.? You have to decide if your are selling cheaper by quantity like industry or not (serving ware is a non issue unless you are reputation building which you did not say? I make hand thrown wares and they cost more-the finial use or sale is somewhat irrelevent-I still have to make them by hand. If a customer wants 100 or just 2 dinner plates I sell Them at same price. You may be hungey for sales or making a name for yourself or just starting out but for me none of those points are true .My plates cost x and thats the deal. Again for wholesale I make about 1/3 off-I do not whole sale dinnerware only some chosen forms.
  3. Fish making day for Anacortes show in two weeks

  4. I have a friend who made spice jars for stores-slip cast-they sold all in the 70's-he got tired of that and threw away his masters 20 years later was approched to make or sell the whole deal again-he had tossed the masters so had nothing . I learned from him never to toss masters-that said I'm sitting on aroma therapy masters myself with zero plans of ever using them.
  5. Mark C.

    Wholesaling to a Cafe

    I personally would charge 1/3 off my normal selling price to the public for such a deal.. Meaning if that mug sold from me at an art show for 30$ I would sell it to cafe for 20$ or 1/3 off. This is not a true wholesale deal as they are the end user.
  6. Mark C.

    slab mat

    I use my slab roller table as my surface which is a large steel table with mdf as the surface-On that I use slab matts. For small work I put the slabs on paper covered wood squares-the paper wicks the moisture out. I used to before my electric slab roller use plaster slabs to roll work out.
  7. Mark C.

    Why make functional ware?

    I always keep my left mugs on the left side as well. The upside down cereal bowls are the hardest to make-you need a wide lip to hold the milk in when its upside down. Since we are talking about idiots here-I should add that the only two customers I refused service to where both men. They both got mad when I told them the could not buy any of my pottery (they would never have anyway). I'll take a few insults from the public but after a while I'll just pull the plug on someone who goes to far-done it twice in 45 years. Felt great about it. My wife did it once as well.
  8. One tip on molds -NEVER sell or get rid of the masters.No mater what you may think you will do with them.
  9. Mark C.

    Why make functional ware?

    The public is hard to deal with at times. Or at least thats my experience. Some do understand some not so much. Nothing like street fair to expose one to the general cluelessness of society. Its great to have great customers but sometimes you get the fact that we all came from cavemen society.I have more trouble with stupid men than women as a generalization at shows . The stupid man thing gets to me after a few of them say things that they really are not long from the caves mouth.
  10. Mark C.

    Why make functional ware?

    Hand made functional ware has a better ascetic to it than commercial wares-Your fellow who missed this point is not a deep thinker and has no feeling for ascetics. I started to make it because I like it ,now its more about making a living as others like it.
  11. If you have the chips use waterproof wood glue to glue them back in. It works well. I doubt you can save them if the chips are gone.
  12. Mark C.

    slab mat

    clay will stick to formica but its a washable tough surface for a table.put whatever you want on top of it.Canvas tabletops are dust collectors.
  13. Mark C.

    slab mat

    I think its poor choice for table cover-better choice is tyvlk hose wrap or like product-sponges easy-formica is maybe the best choice-cleans easy comes in large sheets-glue it down
  14. Harder clay usually throws taller cylinders-its a bit harder to center if you are new at that. Opening is the same.
  15. firing two cone 11 glaze fires on a hot day

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    2. Teala62


      That’s great! Hope it stays that way. 

    3. Denice


      The kilns feel so much hotter in the summer than the winter.  There is only a 20 or 30 degree difference in the room temp,  It doesn't seem like you should be able to notice it when your firing in the 2000 degree range.    Denice

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      my kilns are outside in large 30x40 covered roof area.open on two sides.


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