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  1. Mark C.

    slab mat

    I think its poor choice for table cover-better choice is tyvlk hose wrap or like product-sponges easy-formica is maybe the best choice-cleans easy comes in large sheets-glue it down
  2. Harder clay usually throws taller cylinders-its a bit harder to center if you are new at that. Opening is the same.
  3. fireing two cone 11 glaze fires on a hot day

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      none right around us.No smoke here as well.

    3. Teala62


      That’s great! Hope it stays that way. 

    4. Denice


      The kilns feel so much hotter in the summer than the winter.  There is only a 20 or 30 degree difference in the room temp,  It doesn't seem like you should be able to notice it when your firing in the 2000 degree range.    Denice

  4. Mark C.

    Natural clay

    I added my location to that statement as location is key to what temp range it can be. Wish We had high fire clay naturally around here,
  5. Mark C.

    Thoughts on Pricing

    Callies point on have enough stock for good display is a key point-so make sure that happens.
  6. Mark C.

    Spooze Question

    bisque fix made by Amaco works the best on cracks as long as they are not to big.
  7. Mark C.

    Steaming Electric Kiln

    yes fire it which will dry it out-leave a upper spy plug out to let steam out. very normal to have water in bricks on long unused kiln.
  8. Mark C.

    Natural clay

    Most found natural clays around here (nor Cal) are lower firing and testing is the only way to find that temp range. I would start at cone 06-low fire and work up. I have done what you are doing in collage and its a ton of work figure out what temp-its all trial and error.I developed a cone 10 body finally with that clay but I have to add lots of ingredients to make it not flux at lower temps. Good luck.
  9. Mark C.

    Dry firing on a new kiln

    Postal potter-you can search this subject on the main page as so many have had this issue with premade wash. You can use it in your garden as soil amendments or make some lines on your grass for croquet court. Make your own wash-always and then we well not have to tell you to grind it off after its fired and fuzed to your shelves and cracking and falling off and stuck on.In ceramics there are lots of rabbit holes to fall into-this is one-cheap pre made wash made from poor ingredients. I have never seen a quality premed wash-I have been give many a brand from folks over the decades-its all junk .
  10. Mark C.

    Dry firing on a new kiln

    1st let me say before you fire any washed shelves and posts-was the wash pre-made bought for a store? If the answer is yes wash that stuff off and make your own wash-Pre-made wash will cause you issues down the road. wash formule-1/2 alumina hydrate 1/4 epk 1/4 calcined(bisgued) or glowmax which is bought bisques epk mix this to cream constituency . Premade wash is cheap junk and we have seen it do more damage than good on this board when folks complain when it cracks and falls off into the glaze wares. Once you fire this poor quality wash its stuck on so wash it off with water than dry the shelves and posts and make your own wash and apply it. As to firing the furniture(shelves and posts ) yes it best to stack this up like its loaded with wares and then fire.
  11. Mark C.


    If you need any Brent question answered just shot me a pm as I have done just about all things to Brent wheels. I have 6 of them currently .Its a sickness.
  12. Mark C.


    You can find the how to very easy here on most Brent wheel issues. https://www.amaco.com/equipment_how_tos look at the pedal adjustment on right hand side of this page .
  13. Mark C.

    Thoughts on Pricing

    Q: Does the term wholesale cover lots of half a dozen items or less? Is this the potter's code word for buying instead of consignment? It usually means they are buying your product outright-not consignment-as to quantity that will be up to you and the buyer.Usually you set a minimum amount of goods-entirely up to you. Selling them outright or wholesale is better than consignment especially in the small amount your are talking about.They will double the buying price most likely.You could off to buy them back in say 6 months if they do not sell-that way its a no brainer for them.Better than keeping track of any sales every month.
  14. Mark C.

    Thoughts on Pricing

    I live at ground zero in the dope business-that being Humboldt county. That said I am in the pottery business and have kept out of the other pot business. I'm zero help on pricing pipes but will add that many threads have been from pipe makers over the past years-pricing was never covered.The fed cracked down here a few years ago before legalization and fined many pipe maker/shops.Put them out of business. My suggestion is look whats out there -heck in Oregon there is a shop selling this stuff every mile. Should be easy to see price points. I would work the high end as the low end is most likely covered well by low hanging fruits.
  15. Glaze day as well as load two glaze kilns.35 cubic car kiln and 12 cubic updraft. Lunch break now .


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