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  1. Mark C.

    Most used sieve size?

    I have two Talisman sieves-with a set of all the screens. I also have one of their mini screens in an 80 for test batches as well as many 12 inch metal rings and a few plastic/brass screens-I mostly only use the Talismans with 80 mesh in them-my original is made from aluminum before they went to plastic. I have wore out two sets of bushings and many sets of brushes-I keep spares of course.I visited the Talisman shop/factory when I was in New Zealand in the 90's and bought a slew of parts back then. I could not do what bi do in the same time frame without this tool.Thge other key to using one is having a flexible short hose on your washout sink to clean this tool-my is silicone rubber 3/4 inch hose on the long pipe above my special wash out sink in studio.It a joy to wash it up with the right setup.
  2. No commercials -only CDs I have so no junk tunes. Must have tunes I have a radio but it used less than .005% of time
  3. Mark C.

    Most used sieve size?

    I own them all-30-40-50-60-80-100-120 I now only use my 80 mesh-80 is all you really need.
  4. Mark C.

    How much propane will I use

    I use 4 of the MR100s and 4 Mr75s on my large car kiln(8 total)-they work fine (natural gas not propane) The long centuries like ransoms are super nice burners but the are costly .
  5. Mark C.

    How much propane will I use

    When I fill my propane tanks they sell it in gallons?Not pounds so is #s a tank size due to weight? or am I missing something
  6. 1# Pottery plaster is much better than POP-that you will find is to soft.I would cast it 4-5 inches thick.You can also use casting plaster sold at a building supply-just make it 5 inch thick.Mine is 45 years old out old casting plaster and 5 inch thick. I should mention I always ove kill just about everything
  7. Mark C.

    Help to identify

    The humogous box of small plate setter pins. I have some of these from past buyouts of stuff. I make an item in my glaze fire to check by putting one of them next to it a recall note.They are cone 10 quality .
  8. Mark C.

    How much propane will I use

    Those burners are true venturi burners and are better than Postal potters Ward MR100s-I use 8 of those as well(MR100s). Your burners are more efficient and you should be fine with 100 gallons(not 100#s) I assume thats what you meant gallons not pounds. If your tank freezes run a triple of water over it to keep it thawed. Just make sure that the burners office are the ones for Propane vs Nature gas-Those would be the smaller holes. I think in UK propane is most common anyway????
  9. Mark C.

    What are your favourite business tools?

    I find this info interesting but since I do consider myself a visual artist it does not apply to me. The numbers seem about right for visual artists as mostly 2 D work is hard road these days. I consider myself a Functional Potter making utilitarian items for household use-not a visual artist That said the start of this career was so long ago its really moot point. The real info is whats worked the best over time. For 19 years I had a studio sale and mailing list twice a year(1,000) mailing list-sales where ok -it built up my local client list. Doing local shows also was key at the same time. During the start up I did some consignment galleries/shops. I quit that studio sale thing in 1993 and focused on fairs and kept the consignment shops as well. Fairs took off out of state for me in the next 10 years and the ones I had done consecutively for 20 plus years really got great. My customer base expanded as I show up every year and new clients became more old ones.I kept the consignment shops as well.2 streams of income-checks every month and sales at shows. At least 12 shows per year for decades.Time when by and I downsized shows and took on a little wholesale . Yada yada yada -now its about 1/3 consignment 1/3 whole sale 1/3 shows. some consignment shops folded and I never took new ones on.I have taken more wholesale but no new shows-I can not recall my last new show-its been over 20 years at least. I have written a few posts on all this before so its old ground for me.The 1st decade was starving . Then it slowly got good and now its great. I pick and choose and downsize as I want. The best thing I have done is sell my pottery for reasonable prices so people can buy and use my products-They keep returning for more or replacements . The other is to do the same shows over and over.I thought I had saturated my local markets until I expanded into 3 supermarkets and realized that that space was nit covered at all.Everyone buys food which means it can be pottery as well that works with food.
  10. Summer must be here as the board is slow  with less posts these days

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. glazenerd


      This forum is probably the largest repository of information on every aspect of all things ceramics. I suspect people are doing searches in lieu of asking questions. Of the 28,000 plus members, less than 100 post on a regular basis.

    3. DirtRoads


      Yes.  I got 2 responses on my productivity question from people who have never posted here.    They actually went to my website.  One of them has 28 employees.    I have another forum member that's on my Face Book and chats occasionally, who used to post here.  I guess some people don't post on forums. 

    4. glazenerd


      Same here. I get more questions in my PM or direct email, than I do in the forum. Not exactly sure why, but I suspect most members do. Would imagine Mark gets alot of them given his production history.

  11. Mark C.

    Employees vs Productivity

    I think the bamboo Asian toothpicks rock-They work better last longer.They have been at it so much longer as well.
  12. Asa Neil says the screws hold the metal to the metal and not to the brick. Yes the screws chew up the brick as they are a bit to long and thats just a side effect.They are really just holding the handlers to the metal band and the band to itself.
  13. Thank you for your years put in here. Mark
  14. Mark C.

    Gas Kiln Completed

    Cap is fine-just keep water off soft brick-no need to ground the kiln Remind me how you made the roof-is it a flat top with compression holding the bricks?
  15. Mark C.

    Canopy for art shows

    Neil I have some boat bunk scraps that work great -they do not hold water-I'll mail a chunk and you can cut your own from them. PM me your address.

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