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  1. ( I can make something I really love, and I never make another because why do it again? What is next? One of the reasons I decided I would probably never be a production potter.) The reason is to bring that same joy you felt to other humans who use that something special pot you made. They then want the next item you make and on and on so it builds. No matter what you make the Chinese did it better a thousand years ago so it goes. I just got a few e-mails from customers explaining how they feel about the pots I sent them and the joy they bring-thats the reason to make some more mugs right there.at least for me. Can I ever make a better mug after 30,000 mugs or 50,000 well I guess theoretically yes but why try-the reason is the customer for me. Now back to porcelains I do not think they are that different or harder to manage but its not as easy as stonewares for begins to get the hang of. With stone ware you can make any mistakes and end up with a pot like use to much water to center and throw-with porcelains this is just not as forgiving. Thats really the only reason I suggested stoneware. My biggest flaw is thinking back in beginners experience as I'm not a teacher an in my professional life really do not interface with beginners that much so its harder to recall being a biginner. I have taught a little as volunteering over the years and I tend to try to keep it simple. Porcelain for most is a later in clay deal as its less forgiving in most areas . In real life I know the limits of clays and have tested them. They are now what I was taught but there are limits. One of the reasons I like porcelain is its dry capabilities and the way glazes look on the surfaces-the other reasons is the strength and non -chip nature of the clay has its so dense.I can throw a pot in the am trim in the nom and fire it that night if the solar conditions(sun) is just right(summertime). Its never been about cost for me as thats so little overall as clay is cheap. Doc if you are still reading this thread get some Daves Porcelain (laguna) as it throw super easy or some Coleman Porcelain(ardvark) and give it a try.
  2. I think adding a few clay types to a barrel of water and hoping for good end results in slip casting with some darvan and water may be a little optimistic . I suggest testing your body out in smaller quantity 1st to see if will work.The reason you supply store has no Porcelain and stoneware mix is its very un-orthodox. Again I suggest trying a small amount 1st. Why do you want this two kinds of clays together? The other question is about bonsai pots which usually are small to begin with ,is this giant one for some special reason ? or everything bigger in Texas?
  3. Brent CXC wheel problem with fuse?

    Just for your future reference -the rectifier is that 1 inch square box like thing in your photo of the back of your control board. Its in the left hand upper corner in front of the transformer with about 4-5 wires coming from it.You can always buy this seperately from Brent if it ever got out again . Go to know they took care of you.
  4. Why not underfire clay

    Just a note or consider it a tip.I have seen it myself in many others situations . When working with a low fire body and another higher temp body its a matter of time when the low temp body end up in the high temp kiln and it can be a big costly mess.Glazes running onto shelves and elements not to mention the deformed body slumping . So take precautions as you can NEVER be TO careful in this situation. I just want you to know you are playing with fire-no pun intended .
  5. Ideal studio setup

    A working potter thinks about work flow-clay coming into studio pots leaving on the other side. do a search on Amin page`as we have covered this more than once.
  6. I guess I'm confused -is this a slip mold where you plan on pouring in liquid clay slip? Dump out when the wall thickness is right ? or a slump or hump mold where you lay a slab of clay into or over it? Since you spoke about a drill mixer I thought this was a slip mold but now I'm not so sure?
  7. Glasslike Crystals in Wet Glaze - What the...?

    You could put them in warm water in a junk blender and in 2-4 minutes they are liquid again. My shop blender works well for this.Look for them at thrift shops.
  8. Plaster sold at the Depot is not mold making plaster. The plaster you want is called #1 pottery plaster -is sold at ceramics suppliers and is in 50# bags not 25# bags. You will find a huge difference in mold performance by using the wrong plaster.Use only new fresh plaster as it collects moisture quickly after its opened. I now realize since all this is new to you you should really make some small molds and see whats involved as Neil suggested. When it comes to say a 75# mols filled with say another 50#s of slip working something out at that point is called a disaster . Make a small mold 1st learn to make slip and learn to slip cast all of these processes take time to learn. You will need slip tools as well to make your own slip or to adjust bought slip after its used.
  9. Never done a show on Woodly Island show or have even heard of one? I did the 4th of July show in Eureka 1972 or 3? until 1996 it was always on 2,nd street downtown.The only other Eureka show I did was the inside one at xmas time called The Humboldt Artisan fair. 1980-1992. Then I switched to Tempe Az show on same weekend (1st weekend in December) for the next 24 years-Retired from that show in 2016. The Eureka art market was always softer than other areas.
  10. You will find a mold that big will have its own issues due to weight.Neil summed it up well in above post. Molds that large are problematic due to size and weight . Start small and work up. Same way with knowledge and experience. One tip I can add if you do make a mold that big is sandwich it between to large round pieces of plywood that roll -that way you can drain it easier.
  11. I mailed over 7 large flat rate boxes (18.95 $each)with assortment of goodies for job inside each box . One Box of solid 12x12 cut mullite kiln shelves cut to fit box-added a 1/8 wood bottom to stiffen-boxed weighed 54#s one box cut up hard bricks-I cut new stock for stilts and bag was on my wet diamonds saw-also added a wood bottom to box -weight 56#s Two pugs of clay one Daves Porcelain and the other HABC stoneware for salt fire-box weight 52#s A few boxes of finished bowls for fund raiser.a box of bisques salt pots-all smalls 2 boxes of tools drills cutters- high fired buttons about 50 of them, Dust masks gloves drill bits (12inch long).good cutters,etc I also shipped over from retail sources a box of 1 inch x 24 inch x 25 foot long roll of high temp 8# fiber (amazon prime) and a large roll of nichrome wire (it may have been kanthal if I recall) from a ceramic supplier. That stuff has landed already. The deal is all things go by air so mail is really the only way-yes they do UPS airfreight and Fed ex but it costs more as its inter-Island hop. Amazon lost on the fiber shipping as it was a huge box that weighed 35#s-thank you for prime shipping.
  12. Home made wheel that actually works.

    Good job. I'm guessing you made it as one would build a car-because they wanted to. I have thrown on knob controlled wheels and for me the foot pedal is far easier.
  13. PQotW: Week 41

    #3 #2 #1 question 4 -answers below #2 #3
  14. snowed last night-winter wonderland here this morning.Very rare for us indeed-into the 20's tonight

    1. Denice


      We got a ice storm overnight,  it thundered and lightning and rain a quarter inch of ice.   My son is visiting from Palau and is freezing.  Denice

    2. Benzine


      We should have snow on the ground, and a week ago, we did.  Most of it melted over the weekend, and woke up to thunderstorms this morning. 

      Last year at this time, it was in the 60s and 70s!

    3. Denice


      We had another ice storm last night,  we only had two cold nights last year.  It is suppose to be in the high 50's next week.   I only worked in my studio yesterday for a couple of hours, it was to cold and my heater wasn't cutting it.   Denice

  15. Shopping for My First Kiln

    As noted by another poster if the 1st electrican is to high on the quote just keep getting birds until the right one (honest) comes along.

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