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  1. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    Keep in mind she lives on an Island and does not have the same resources of land livers. Sounds like the burners are starved for air-open the flaps at least some next fire.
  2. Mark C.

    About slip casting

    (The only way to cast more than once a day from a mould, is to dry it. Drying needs air flow not heat. Put the mould in front of a fan.) This is true unless you live in the Sahara Desert
  3. More alumina is your best friend on this. It has the highest melt temp..50% alumina 25% calcined EPK and 25% regular EPK works great in my salt kiln and in any wood kiln. The only way is to test your idea-I think its going to not work well but let us know how it works-I would only use it on 1 shelve got see.
  4. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    I would not worry to much about the stack height . Venturi burners are supposed to burn at the tips. Not at the orifice (any chance the orifices are for natural gas??)Propane is alway smaller holes on the orficices. That old potter advice is spot on on the burners The bottom peep during reduction should have a small lick either constant or now and again. Anything over 12 hours is a problem I'm not a propane guy but if the tanks are freezing (to much gas draw from a single tank)its an easy fix with the water trickle . I'm thinking gas issue and the freezing is not about air temps but gas exit temps at tank. Can you get a two tank draw system-or lets see what others with propane are doing-Whats the kiln size again????in cubic feet-it was a small kiln like an 8 or 12 cubic?
  5. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    I do recall your kiln from the photos back awhile ago.I do not think its to much draft. My guess is the gas is freezing or supply line is not right from tank to kiln. You have long venturi burned I remember-just make sure the air flaps are open. Glaze fires take -8-12 hours for cone 10 . 8 hours seems about right for cone 6 Forget about the top peep-only check the bottom peep I would not take the chimney down. Could you give the cubic foot size of kin again? and what size is the flue exit? where is the damper in the chimney? If I recall this kiln has no chimney ?
  6. Mark C.

    Giffin grip

    never had this issue (Does anyone else that uses and likes the giffin grip have this issue? How do you solve it?) How can it get out of center?The sliders can only go equally to center?Is you taps that hold it to wheel head set up right? I use 2 of them every week
  7. After speaking to him last night-the Bailey has two different issues-one electrical -one broken chain. It does seem like repair may be the cheapest option but no one around to do this repair was an issue with the school. That shimpo looks like a poorly made knock off of a Petter Pugger-I have heard this from a few sources now that its made in china from looking at a Petter Pugger.-now its just hearsay but the barrel is not getting the air out.The vacuum is also in the lid which creates a host of issues. I would avoid shimpo pug mills just looking at the end product
  8. Mark C.

    Non EZ-Up Tents??

    (rent a tent for $375)-very overpriced idea
  9. Mark C.

    Giffin grip

    Its best to learn how to trim pots with wet clay blobs and tap centering. Its a skill that takes practice. I feel that a giffen is a tool for production potters like myself I can tap center and use clay to hold any pot down its a skill like throwing-learn it as you did throwing.
  10. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    This is where I hope you have digital pyrometer to see small changes in temps
  11. Min is onto it with retires-often the clay can bloat second time around and if the bloat the 1st time refrying will NEVER fix that . I put any refire in a cooler spot about 99% of the time.
  12. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    Gas kilns need air and gas going in and out. The damper controls the reduction. There is sweet spot where its reducing and also climbing -then with a little to much damper in it will stall. Same is true buy giving it to much gas. To much gas can also stall it as it does not get enough air to combust. Its either one or the other or both that can make for a stall. My kiln when adjusted right climbs slowly but it does climb.You failed to mention what cone you are hoping to get to? but I'm assuming 5 or 6?? I'm going to sleep now but have given you the two control factors- am assuming you have a good chimney to make for a draw or are using forced air as you did not say ? The last thing is if its propane make sure its not freezing at the tank and if it is trickle some water over tank and valve. good luck and let me/us know how this works out
  13. Mark C.

    Kiln still stalling

    open the damper a bit and let the kiln breathe
  14. Trailmix clay that sound goods for backpack trips as well.Sounds pretty tasty with some vanilla cream Matte poured over it-maybe roasted on a stick on the campfire.Gotta love Gorgie's for these hobbyist names that appeal to hunger.Maybe they they have a room of Madmen working for them???
  15. Adding water to a Peter Pugger is best done into the front of the chamber as stated in manual . I spoke to Jason tonight and his issue is that machine does not get all the air out of soft clay (which is weird as soft clay is the easiest to remove air from) The Bailey has given them grief on and off and also been fine for a spell.It now needs some new parts.

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