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  1. Damaged kiln cord

    If you are going to fire this now -keep an eye on it and replace it as soon as you can. The cord must have been pulled on some to make this damage.It is really unsafe from your discrption.But that is all we have to go by. 220 is not something to take lightly.
  2. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    Ok I will stop talking about the mini heat wave here as the trade winds have stopped blowing and it been really hot the past couple of days. The only way to sleep is under our fan. The low was in upper 70s.-most of this past 3 weeks it got down in the upper 60's(cold snap for here). My only question is why not have an NCECA in a better tropical climate like Hawaii once? I know it rotates around the country some east to west.
  3. What do you use to mix your glaze

    I use jiffy mixers in 4 sizes from super tiny to 5 gallon size in a cordless drill and a corded drill. I also use a blender for small mixes and trouble materials like zinc OX.
  4. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    salt fire unload today at 2 pm-wether looks like 80's sunny and hot as the trade winds have stalled.Its dewy sticky hot today.This is the 4th salt fire ever on this Island-we load another on Saturday and fire Sunday with my salt fire workshop wrapping up next week on the last unload . Have fun with the salt on the roads in the snow.Spring is just around the corner they say
  5. My guess is you did NOT dry the plaster out well before using it. You should never wire plaster and clay.Just looking at the plaster sticking to your pot bottom tells me it was not dry. Now dry the plaster out until it in bone dry. Pots dry fast on dry plaster and can pop right off in day and without ant plaster residue on them.
  6. For a small extra fee you can get the jacket and full pit crew with chase car.
  7. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    NCECA vs Molokai? OK I'm staying on Island and salt firing another week and a 1/2. Salt workshop next Saturday .Not flying to PA this year. I will be snorkeling at Kalaupapa on Monday Chris- nice earrings
  8. Clay Cat Litter

    No it will not work-Thats my hunch from my life in clay experience. You can add kitty litter to REAL clay slip slip-but that also needs testing and really has no gain as I can see. You can test it and tell us the results.I think we would or at least I would be amazed if it did work. I could ask my cat but he passed away two years ago.
  9. Salt Kiln Conversion

    Today we glazed about two loads ,dried the kiln at 800 degrees for awhile(candled) then loaded the kiln got the lid on it. I still need to add the damper and marry the stack of bricks (chimney ) to metal stack in am. Tomorrow we fire this design. to cone 10 .The shelves are 20x15 and 20x 16 and I used 4 shelves . The pots in photo that are glazed and waded are on the lower two shelves and floor to be loaded.I got more than 1/2 of them in this first load . I will be away during g unload mid week so I will not have photos of kiln unload-sorry. I will have photos next week of land two if it goes as planned. I have never done this design and am working with what I have.I am hoping for a miracle on MOLOKAI
  10. salt kiln glaze day at Molokai Art Center-starts at 2pm-then I load kiln.

  11. This is my shtick and some will apply to you and some will not. Hopefully you can take one thing away to add to your way of doing shows. I seem to work without a list or a safety net, or a very short list. Since I have my cargo van dedicated to shows it’s always got pottery in it. The list for me begins at the last show I did – usually the last show day I make a list of what’s needed for next show from looking at what sold. The next day I make another list of what that show sold in terms of best sellers and how many spoon rests and sponge holders sold. It’s a separate key on my cash register. From the first list I make sure the van has plenty of those items. I look at the best sellers list of that show for the year before and add in plenty extra to cover those items. This is a simple system, but has evolved to work well for me as I only do the same shows over and over. My key to success is to never run out. Meaning, have lots of back stock. Especially in the small items I learned long ago doing one show well is better than 3 crappy shows due to lack of inventory. It’s a lesson that I have followed in all my pottery outlets as well. Know what you can output and stick to that well and do not overextend yourself. You will be rewarded for this discipline. Back to the van - the racks are in it, and due to various setup sizes and locations, whether a double or single booth, I have to add some longer racks or shorter ones. I keep two canopies in the top space case so I always have those ready as well as a polypropylene rug and my pedestals and sales table stay in van as well. I keep the side panels out and add them depending on booth size for each show. I add paper rolls also depending on last year’s sales at that show and make sure I have extra.I check that I have my paper roller. I go through my bag box before every show and add the bag three sizes I use and make sure my other stuff like inverter and charged battery jumper are in van. Van always has things like stakes and hammer, show umbrellas, and ropes of various sizes. Spare batteries and a light are always in van. Van also always has my canopy weights and clamps as well as shims. I always have boxes of stock made and finished at the studio, so I am only making what I’m low on at the studio. I blend show and outlet needs into production. I hate last minute making so I have learned to avoid that, and tend to be done packing pottery days before the drive day. My wife makes items like cooked chicken which is frozen and I take my lunches in an electric refrigerator that fits between the seats in van. I pack a small cooler to take lunch to show each day. I usually take the electric cooler to hotel room and keep it going as it also has frozen bottles of water to keep it extra cold in warm climates. My wife also puts together carrots and celery and snacks for me for the show. This is something that makes it a little easier as I do the traveling shows without her. I gas up the van, and get my money pouch ready with change (bills) and checkbook. The day before I leave, I pack my cloths bag - lots of my shows involve a 5-7 day trip (which includes a three-day or two-day show so I always pack a towel and swimsuit and usually never use them. I make sure I have my iPad and square for credit card sales and they are charged and my bag box has a charger to get power from jumper battery. I pack a headlamp and shoes for all weather. I’m leaving some details out but it’s late.
  12. Pottery wheel on wheels

    Get a taller seat -and do not cut the wheel legs down.
  13. I suggest putting it the truck bed as that suspension is 1000% better than any trailer (I own 4 trailers) If you must do that do what everyones above has said-the u-hual truck has better suspension than any trailer as well. trailers bounce-that all do so kilns do not like bouncing. How about taking the sections apart and pack them separately for bouncing .
  14. I had a large roll sent to Molokai of 15 gauge from Krueger ceramics to due my salt kiln button work. They sent it flat rate and was very fast which is never the case in Molokai. I cannot seem to to find the paperwork but I thought it was good deal-but the quantity was over 50 feet.sorry about the underlining heavy thumb.I think they sold heavier stock as well. Maybe its an Alibaba search and have it sent from abroad.
  15. Salt Kiln Conversion

    Finished the kiln yesterday .I put in a 8 hr day but got it done for Saturday . Glazing and Sunday fire. Th plan is this weekend and if we have enough pots next weekend same schedule. I'm making do here with what I have. The stack is about 20 inch of piled soft brick with a damper on lid-this gets installed after loading pots in kiln and on top of lid. Then its 10 feet of sheet metal the top ,5 feet is aluminum 8 inch diameter metal pipe to bottom 6 feet is single wall 7 inch galvanized stove pipe jammed inside old rusted 8 inch single wall pipe .A art center member had to fly this new pipe over from Oahu with her .(nothing like this on this Island) This will get eaten up fast-maybe two fires ?-I coated the inside with the usual 50% alumina Hydrate and EPK which is the standard wash on shelves and most kiln parts -except fiber. The brick pile is the damper -not much but it works. The stack counting the inside and loose bricks and metal is about 13-14 feet tall. I'll take some shots on load in day. The space is only 15x20 shelves-about 30 inch tall.. I gave a salt lecture to small class along with my friend who runs the center yesterday about salt (12 adult students) I have spent much of the past two weeks making this and now ready for other things-We are taking a few days off. The unusual part for me is I will be gone when this kiln gets unloaded as Sunday is the fire and We fly down to the Leper colony (Kalaupapa) for 4 days volunteering with the National Park service Early Monday morn. We come back topside Thursday afternoon and it will be unloaded.Never in my ceramic life have I missed a kiln I fired to unload-its an unwritten code for potters but I'm ok with it as its the schedule I was dealt.It will make the next fire a bit harder as that knowledge will be lost for me.I asked for some photos. Mark

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