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  1. Reducing thermal conductivity

    Handles work best for HOT fluids-its a fact-all the other solutions for me are lesser. Yes handles are More work and cost more etc but they work the best. The silicone sleeve is a good compromise but its all a compromise without a handle for HOT stuff.
  2. learning to post photos

    Ya you are back-and your photos work
  3. My list of things that do not work-hers a short one. Since I just did a show that included tons of newbies this will be easy now to recall all that I have seen last week Bad attitude -never works-always hurts your sales reading in your booth over talking or sales pitch-pots sell themselves huge weights on canopies- or no weights -usually encroachs on neighbors space, or no weights are a safety issue for wind in outdoor venues Not aware of others-wether its customers or fellow vendors Do not eat fair food-I never eat fair food as sooner or later you will get sick (the mayonaise went bad-meat undercooked or whatever) and I mean sick-my neighbor last weekend ate fair food and was toast for 1.5 days while her husband manned the booth. I always take my lunches and snacks and have them at booth so not to interrupt sales. I cannot afford to be sick at show. car broke -rent another-Get to show no matter what Be professional-nothing worse than unprepared neighbor asking for a saw or hammer or weights-think all the small stuff out weeks before the show You should never need a saw or hammer at show. Build your booth at home 1st not at a show 1st-know what you are doing-if you do not bring someone who does know for you Do not ask other artistes for change-bring plenty (this is a before show thought along with many others) I carry a money bag with change in rear compartment-1$ 5$ and 10$s keep your booth simple and quick to setup and take down Think about wind (outside shows or lights inside shows)-weights and stakes Work with folks as to load in and out with your vehicle .We are all in it together . Try not to be a as----- and think of others Do not stay with friends while doing a show-Mea already said why well enough Keep a good attitude even though all your neighbors appear to be buy and sell crap-this is a hard one Try and not ask which part of China this stuff is from? ok its a joke but I just had this experience with some import booth next to me.I refrained asking this for two whole days.
  4. I have demo'ed on the whispers and they are super quiet. I threw small stuff and trimmed small stuff . I never threw more than 4#s so I cannot answer your how much is to much but there was a thread years ago on this where John Baymore stated this factor.
  5. I suggest staying away from speedball stuff-just to low end to bother with in my view.
  6. Managing your time

    Since most of my sales come from non internet sales and zero from social media I do not spend time in sales mode on the net.I do get email contacts that turn into orders so I check e-mail a few times every day as well. I tend to check this board every day a few times (before studio time or at much or evenings) to see if any info I have in my knowledge base have may help others. I keep all electronic devices (my iPad to phone or computer or laptop ) out of clay studio. I would kill it to quickly with liquid and dust. My thoughts are work in studio -work in studio or work in studio. ANY SPARE TIME I SUGGEST WORKING IN STUDIO when you are starting out. Along with a heavy dose of working in studio-which for me ends with a line of production work that turns into money. The work in studio is not working on the net ,its making work to sell.This requires many steps and lots of time .I do think the persons these days starting out should use the net tools to get traction (noticed) but do not get caught up in spending much time at this as making quality work is way more important that say a blog. Time management is a key to making the studio work out in terms of a living. As a production potter one learns to spend ones tine wisely . for me sales are based on my brand name (studio name) and years at work turning out quality products and dealing with people directly not the the net via e-mail. Sure after 40 years I get orders from returning customers via the net but its a small potatoes deal compared to all the real income sources for me which are not net related . If you are a hobbist than spending time at whatever really does not matter including social media-but as a production potter with an existing market my time is best used doing the production. I have spent my time being in front of the public with work either at shows or galleries or shops or now markets (mugs) No matter how you approach this it will take time to get known-noways some net exposure will be part of this. My customers for the most part are not 20-30 year olds so Instagram and twitter are not my tools as they are not needed for me.
  7. We have close relatives who are evacuated now and do not know whether they still have a house standing.Its very bad scene now as the fires move around with the big winds.

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      Be safe! Hope all is not lost.

    2. Denice


      I have seen the photo on TV they are devastating, people are digging through ashes and then the poor wineries.  Kansas had fires like this earlier this summer,  killing thousands of livestock animals.   It was caused by drought and poor management of land.  We have a invasive cedar tree here that needs to be kept cleared off the land.  They fill the property in no time and  go up like roman candle fireworks when they catch on fire.  They are trying to get landowners to clear them,  I haven't seen any of that happening.   Denice

    3. Benzine


      My thoughts are with all those affected by these fires.  

      I couldn't believe how quickly the fires took hold.  They seemed to come out of nowhere, but of course this could just be because the news didn't initially cover it.

  8. Mixing glazes again.

    I tend to mix and use next day as particles get wetter and glaze can thicken overnight.That said I have used glazes the same day mixed many hundreds of times as well.
  9. PQotW: Week 28

    Ok I'm caving you need the scale for answer #4 so my answer for #4 is #3 since that book was done in 87-
  10. Updating kilns

    Wall mount controller-call Skutt for plug and controller details for sure. Also talk to them about volts/amps/plugs
  11. Extruder recommendations

    The Brent yoke system is a draw back for sure-I just prefer the Brent cap system so I modified my Scott creek buy wielding the Brent taps onto the steel Scott Creek barrel and put a Brent cap on that. I also have a full Brent unit-we use them both every week The Bailey is also a great extruder as President mentioned.
  12. Can I save this mug?

    The better question is -Should I save this mug? that answer is easy -no.
  13. Extruder recommendations

    Use the search function as this has been covered many times-I myself like the Brent cap system-they cost more.For hobbyists you can get a lesser brand.Scott Creeks are nice . I have one thats been modified to accept a Brent Cap-I use two extruders every week.
  14. Can I save this mug?

    I would toss them and start over.