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  1. Dragons think pop up shows are good!

    No pop up shows in our non urban ,non big city, non mid city sized area. Really only two or three outside summer shows and one winter inside show in the whole area. Our local farmers market which has 40 years of history does not let potters or non food items in it. There are few small art summer venues but they are small and not well attended. I think if you brought a Dragon it may help .
  2. Well the thread on show types got me thinking the various shows out there. I have done several types over my 40+ career Please add your own show types to the list Juried Fine art shows Juried shows-less than fine art Farmers markets Pop up shows (US) and Canada Local events put on my various folks like clubs and organizations County fairs-rodeos City events Trunk shows Private sale -like a studio sale or like my own xmas sale in a shopping center Studio Sales-varoius types-art tours-open studios
  3. Pyrometer Usage?

    You will be pleased knowing the digital temps as you fire-like going out of the buggy age to a car. Soon you will have several of them and wonder how you lived without one.
  4. Shipping season really?

    Packed up 8 place setting dinnerware set-3 piece and some extra stuff. Box was 45#s-pdouble boxed-shipping to southern California via UPS on Monday.(not a UPS holiday it turns out. I made this set at end of last year and just got around to getting back to customers after the busy holiday.This will be nice January check.
  5. Shipping season really?

    I try to keep quantity of sheet Styrofoam in stock I snap up whatever I can find-I also find it at the dump/recycle/transfer place-they keep a bin of just that.I like it in different thicknesses. I also try to keep that sheet soft foam Mea has in photo. I NEVER buy any packing materials -there is so much that gets tossed it easy to divert it. I have a few business's that I stop by -they save it for folks like me.I have a Costco shed for packing stuff and coolers for fishing to store it in.
  6. Shipping season really?

    Styrofoam is broken very easily, how about dropping them into a cardboard box-thats would be super strong. I bring home Santa Barbara frozen lobsters in that container system.
  7. Hump molds are just a bit more fussy than slump as with a slump the piece shrinks away and does not crack. With a hump it can crack as it shrinks. You have to be on it with hump molds to prevent that cracking-Dick has a good point on the edge catching.
  8. The mold needs to be bone dry-the clay should not be sticky wet. whats your climate and is that mold super dry?What is the studio temp? Are you in AZ or Maine?It all matters.
  9. Competing Styles

    Neil is right on this as most shows only allow one category to apply to. Stick to that and your life will work better in terms of sales for art shows. For home sales and farmers markets take whatever you want. For juried shows stick to one theme and product line.
  10. Last load of clay and dry materials today-this will feel good when done my helper bailed and I moved all 19 tons solo-I still can without hurting myself at my age.Clay is good for the body  right?

  11. Vitrification

    Are cone 6 clay and glazes though to get a good match that vitrifes and is leak proof? There seems to always me someone with leak issues in this temp range. This issue can happen at any temp range but there must be a post every few months on this issue at cone 6.
  12. Competing Styles

    I do not think it will hurt you. I have a reputation of getting out of show Quik. Less is better for me.I have a sign in booth thats put up with two clamps its just over 2x2 feet. My mental state is about 3 -3.30pm on Sunday, as soon as show slows down. I pack loose ends-all the small signs on each rack that nobody reads-I start packing my top shelve items)tall forms like canister sets soon all the top shelves are bare and no ones they where there. The more stuff I have the more I need to pack up. Packup is an art in itself-we have not ever covered this much here.If I get out before jeweler I'm right on track. Double booths are another thing. I do 3 of those per year as well.I need help on those doubles .
  13. I'm on my second run today already stocked 4,200 today and am going out now to unload that amount again. Only 168 boxes from truck to shed today . Only have two trips left. One each day thru Friday.Its not my arms but my wrist with the bones missing from surgery that gets sore. This was hump day with 3 of the 5 trips behind me. I move clay 12 times from clay purchase to selling on average.If you can do it in less moves I'm interested. Clay has kept me fit over my life just has diving has for my lungs. Its an unusual mix I realize. I am done today with the 5 tons of soft clay and just over 1 ton of stock porcelain. Still have dry materials and more stock clay to move.
  14. Competing Styles

    A few things I know is the people do not read signs-I keep two-one on each side of me on my booth sections(every section has this sign on it ) they say microwaveable,dishwasher safe. I cannot tell you how many hundred thousand times folks ask these questions and 98% never read the signs.People do not read -you have to tell them the sign is there-I just point at it-That may seem crass but you do this for 45 years and you may also start pointing to. Very few persons overall have ever asked how things are made-I do like the querries but they are rare indeed. I think people as Rosa says buy because they like it-not much more than that. With salt or wood pots I also have sign about the process but I have to tell them as they never read it. The process is not why they buy it. They buy it because they like it.I know this to be a fact for my work. design, color function and price points its why they buy.
  15. Just in case you wanted to know...

    It used to be ITC-now its my own proprietary mix for salt resist.I may market it some day when I get bored.

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